Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mainstreet Market Triple Coupon Event

*Note this is from last week*

I am so sorry I never got to post my final breakdown from my MainStreet Market Triple coupon event last week. *MainStreet Market used to be Marsh* I won’t go into full detail about what coupons I used , just because the sales are over with but if you have any questions feel free to ask!

After four different trips to two different stores here is my final breakdown.



(5) Hormel Compleats Kids

(4) Ritz Crackerfuls

(6) Red Gold Tomato Paste

(3) Red Gold Tomato Sauce

(2) Fiber Plus Cereal

(2) Perdue Chicken Nuggets

(1)Gerber Cereal Bar

(1) Country Crock

(7) Kraft Deli Big Slices

(3)Dole Fruit Bites

(5) international delight Creamers

(1) Nutella

(3)Dole Fruit crisps

(2) Coffeemate

(2)Wishbone Dressing

(1) Dunhan Hines Glaze

(2)L.A Looks Gel

(1)Minute Maid Juice

(2) Oreida Fries

(2) Kc Barbeque Sauce

(1) Tidy Cat

(4) Red Baron French Bread

(2) Rubbermaid Produce Savers

(1) Miracle Maize Cornbread mix

(1) Gerber fruit splash

(2) Buddig 12 oz

(1) Puffs

(1) Oscar Meyer Carving Board

(3) Purex Detergent

(2) Aunt Millies Buns

(1) Purex measuring cup

(!) Degree Deodorant

(1) Reynold Wrap

(2) Pringles



My final total was a little hard to come up with since I had several items on different receipts that was my mom’s but I had to put them in my order but roughly my final total is…….

Before Coupons and Store Sales $245

After: $27 !  


I am very happy with this because several items were without coupons and I finally found a place that sells my daughters chicken nuggets! I really hope they do this again but I think they got hit harder then they imagined. Also I found out on my last trip that they were not following policy and allowing more then two identical coupons (I saw the mustard lady…. Noone needs 45 mustards…)

Just my take on it but Mustard goes on sale often, if you have a big family yes four or five is acceptable but really 45? Sales cycle around so we should stock up just eough until that next sale Smile

*Some things are not pictured , mainly I just forgot on one trip Smile


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