Thursday, September 30, 2010

~You say its your birthday!?!~

With this being my birthday week, I thought I would put together a list of the freebies I get for my Birthday! I may add to this list as more come in.

IHOP----Get a free rooty tooty fruity meal *Or any of equal or lesser value* Sign Up HERE

Red Robin---Get a Free burger * Sign Up HERE

Noodles and Company---Get a Free bowl of Noodles* Sign up HERE

Brueggers Bagels-----Get a free cookie* Sign Up HERE

~Sunday's Coupons~

We can expect three coupon inserts this week. Red Plum, General Mills and Smartsource.  Here are a few of my favorite picks of the week. Check out Sunday Coupon Preview for the full list :)

Red Plum
Dove Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant and/ or Body Mist Save $.75/1(10/31)
Dove Beauty Bar 6-bar pack  Save $.75/1 (10/31)
Dove Body Wash 10oz Save $1/1 (10/31)
Nivea Lip Care 0.17oz-0.35oz Save $1/1 (11/3)
Nivea Lip Care 0.17oz-0.35oz Save $2/2 (11/3)
Tic Tac One Single Pack or multipack Save $1/1 (12/3)

General Mills
Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper Home Cooked Skillet Meals Save $.75/3 (11/27)
Yoplait Yogurt Cups Save $.40/6 (11/27)
Yoplait Yogurt Cups Save $.50/8 (11/27)

Campbell’s Condensed Healthy Kids Soups Save $.40/2 (12/15)
Campbell’s Condensed Varieties, excludes Chicken Noodle & Tomato Save $.40/2 (12/15)
Energizer Brand Batteries or Flashlight Save $1.00/1 (12/31)
Mentos Gum, 15pc bottle Save $1.00/1 (11/30)
Ronzoni Garden Delight, box Save $1.00/1 (1/31/11)
Schick Hydro 3 Razor Save $4.00/1 (11/14)
Schick Hydro 5 Razor Save $4.00/1 (11/14)
Schick Hydro Shave Gel Save $1.00/1 (11/14)
Speed Stick or Lady’s Speed Stick Antiperspirant/Deodorant Save $.50/1 (10/23)

A couple deals coming up....
Nivea Lip Products will be some sale at Walgreens next week for $1.00 After coupon=FREE!
Schick Hydro 3 and 5 will be on sale at CVS for $7.99 get $4.00 Extra Care Bucks after coupon and ECBS=FREE!

Possible Deals:
Ronzoni Pasta often goes on sale for $1.00 at Kroger so that will make for FREE pasta after coupon.
Tic Tac Single packs are $1.09 at my Kroger, after coupon=$.09 !
Reportedly Kroger has Energizer flashlights for right around $1.00, I have yet to find these but if you do this makes for FREE flashlight!

~Walgreens 8x10 FREE Collage~

Walgreens is offering a FREE 8x10 Collage Photo. Use Code FBCOLL to get yours :)    They offer these every couple of months, I have been able to get one for each month since Lily was born :)

~My Apologies!~

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry I haven't posted in two weeks. Life is getting hectic around here and I haven't had time to be doing any deals , I haven't even bought a Sunday paper in two weeks. I hope things will get back to normal here real soon. The wedding is in two weeks and Lily's first birthday party the week after that. After all that is done I should be able to get back to a regular schedule :) I hope you all will wait for me lol :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Meijer had a really great two day sale yesterday and today.  Here is what I got , Sorry no picture we was shopping all day and wanted to get the stuff in the fridge asap. 

(9) Kraft Cheese 8 ounce Blocks *Sale $ 1.67 Each
(1) Kraft Cheese Singles               *Sale $1.67
Total: $16.70   Received : $5.00 On your next order Coupon
Used: (2) $5.00 off 5 Kraft Cheese HERE
Paid Out Of Pocket  $6.67

 Next Order
(4) Bagel Bites * Sale $1.50 each
(2) Totino Pizza Rolls *Sale $.99 Each
(1) Jenny O Ground Turkey *Sale $2.50
(1) Ritz Crackers          *Sale $2.00
(1) Gerber Juice *$2.19
(1) Infant Tights *Clearance $1.19
(1) Meijer Oyster Crackers $1.59
(1)Thermal Tote *$2.29

Total: $19.74

Used: $5.00 Coupon from 1st order.
   (2) $1.00 Off One Bagel Bites ( SS 06/13/10 )
   (1) $1.50 Off Two Bagel Bites ( SS 06/13/10 )
   (1) $.40 Off Two Totinos Pizza Rolls (SS 08/08/10 )
   (1) $.55 Jenny O Turkey (Peelie found on package)
Total After Coupons: $ 9.24

I only bought the tote because I knew we would be away from home for awhile and was concerned about our frozen foods. Also bought the juice because I forgot to bring any with us :( Without them my grand total would have been under ten dollars :)

~Great CVS Trip!~

I almost forgot I had $7.00 more Extra Care Bucks expiring today!  So I did a quick overview of the ad (the ad that starts Sunday since my store starts early) Grabbed some coupons and ran over to CVS.It worked out even better then I had planned!  

(2)Right Guard *$2.29
(1) Schick Hydro *Raincheck $8.97
(1) Schick Hydro Shave Gel *$2.79
(1) Birthday Card  * $2.59

$5.00 Schick Hydro Razor (SS 08/08/10)
$3.00 Off Two Right Guard HERE
$3.99 FREE Schick Hydro Gel (Peelie found on the razor)
$7.00 Extra Care Bucks Expiring today

Total : $1.18!
Received $10.80 ECBS !!  
($2.00 for  each Right Guard, $4.00 From Schick Hydro Razor Raincheck, $1.80 Schick Gel , $1.00 Green Bag tag)

The Cashier put the regular price in for the FREE Schick Gel Coupon, didnt notice it until I was home. I also Already had one of these coupons from a previous purchase and there was one on the razor so now I have another one!

Friday, September 17, 2010

~CVS ~

I had some Extra Care Bucks expiring this week so here is what I picked up :0

Tylenol Precise $5.99
Brach's Autumn Mix $.99
Nivea For Men $4.99
Skinimate Shave Gel $3.99
Garnier Herbashine $5.50

Used Coupons: 
$2.00 Tylenol Precise (CVS Coupon HERE)
$2.00 Tylenol Precise (SS 09/12/10 )
$.75 Skintimate ( SS 08/01/10 )
$3.00 Garnier Herbashine HERE
$1.00 Nivea for Men (RP 08/29/10 )
$7.00 Extra Care Bucks Expiring.

Total: $2.80

Received: $ 10.98 in Extra Care Bucks

Nivea for men  $4.99
Tylenol Precise $5.99
Johnson & Johnson $2.99
Garnier Herbashine $5.50
Vaseline Clinical Lotion *Clearance $2.00
Cosmetic Sponges  *Clearance $.25

$1.00 Nivea for Men (RP 08/29/10 )
$3.00 Herbashine (HERE)
$2.00 Tylenol Precise(CVS Coupon HERE)
$2.00 Tylenol Precise(SS 09/12/10)
$1.00 Johnson & Johnson (RP 09/12/10)
$8.00 Extra Care Bucks Expiring

Total : $ 2.88
Received: $6.99 Extra Care Bucks


I made a trip to Kroger  to pick up some free cat food and picked up a few good deals while I was there!  The Free cat food Coupons I bought 20 of them on Ebay for i think $1.00 they expired this week so I made a few trips to use all the coupons. 

(2) Better Oats Strawberry n Cream Oatmeal $1.25 Each
(2) Diet Dr Pepper  $.88 Each
(2) Quaker Oatmeal $1.98 Each
(5) Purina One Cat Food $1.00 Each
(2) No Nonsense Men's Socks $2.49
(1) No Nonsense Woman's Socks $2.49

(2)$.75 Better Oats HERE
(1)$1.00 Quaker Oatmeal (no longer available )
(1)$1.00 Quaker Oatmeal (RP 09/12/10 )
(5)FREE Purina Cat Food (Expired Now)
(3) $1.00 No Nonsense (Peelies On Packages)
$1.00 Dr Pepper (Kroger Home Mailer)
$.50 Dr Pepper (Ecoupon HERE)
$.50 Quaker Oatmeal (Ecoupon HERE)

Tax: $.92
Total: $ 7.55

~Reminder~ It's Mega Swagbucks Day!!!~

Its Friday so that means it's Mega Swagbuck Day again!
~What is Swagbucks? Check out my previous post to get the dish on Swagbucks.
~What is Mega SwagBucks Day ?  Every Friday The odds of winning higher value Swagbucks is greater! Upwards of 400,000 Swagbucks are won on Fridays!

Join SwagBucks and start winning and redeeming for GREAT prizes like me! I Just redeemed for three $5 Amazon gift cards!

~Sunday's Coupons~

We should have two inserts this Sunday. Red Plum and SmartSource.  Here are a few of my favorites this week. Check out Sunday Coupon Preview for the full preview!

Red Plum

Listerine Zero Mouthwash 500ml+ Save $2/1 (3/31/11)
Quaker Chewy Granola Bars Save $1/2 (11/13)
Temptations treats for cats 2.1oz – 3oz pouch B2G1F to Save $2.19 (10/31)


Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra Refill – BOGO up to $5.29 value (10/31)
Campbell’s Healthy Harvest Condensed Soups Save $.50/2 (10/31)
Campbell’s Select Harvest Healthy Request soups Save $.50/2 (10/31)
Campbell’s Chunky Healhty Request soups Save $.50/2 (10/31)

 I won't be making a special trip to buy a paper this week, nothing to exciting for me!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

~Smuckers Free Uncrustables!~

Smuckers is giving away 400 Coupons everyday for FREE Smucker's Uncrustables.  Everyday until 10-13-2010 . I missed the last two days but I have plenty of time.One per household! 

~You Could Win FREE Toaster Strudel!~

Pillsbury has a new instant win game , you could win a month's worth of Toaster Strudel!  Click HERE to play . I won four boxes!

Monday, September 13, 2010

~Free Cottonelle Fresh Moist Wipes!~

Get fresh with a friend!  *From the Cottonelle website*

Give a tub. Get a tub.*

Share with a friend your love of Cottonelle Fresh® Flushable Moist Wipes and you’ll each get a free tub* with a free Cottonelle EasyReach™ hanger*. We’ll send your friend a FreshMail message, and instructions on how to get a coupon.
All that’s left to do is give us your info, and those Cottonelle Fresh® Flushable Moist Wipes are all yours. 

Click HERE to share with a friend and get a free tub!    

~Free Sample Quaker Life Soft Baked Squares~

Walmart is offering a free sample of Quaker Life Soft Baked Squares. Choose from Cinnamon Roll Raisin Pecan or Banana Walnut Bread. I picked the Banana Walnut Bread but they both sound good!   Click HERE to grab yours :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~FREE Graco Lite Up Clippers~

Sign Up for Graco's Newsletter and they will send you a pair Lite Up clippers!  I believe this is for expecting mothers, but I put what was my due date with Lily and It went through so hopefully I get them. After All I was pregnant before!

~Free Guitar Pickholder and Picks~

Here is a rare freebie! My brother will love this one. Click HERE to request your Free Guitar Pick holder and 5 Black Picks. Hope this one really comes, would make a nice stocking stuffer.  :) 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~VocalPoint Free Samples~

Are you a member of VocalPoint?  VocalPoint sends out great samples and usually with great coupons!  Right now they are offering a Free Sample of Kashi GoLean Crisp     and a free sample of Ultra Downy April Fresh. 
Click HERE to go request yours. If your not a member Sign Up and see if you qualify !

~Last minute CVS trip~

My fiance had a $5 off  $30 email coupon that expired yesterday. It took me awhile to figure out a deal good enough for me to go but at the last minute I did. I had some Extra Care Bucks expiring next week, I thought I would go ahead and use them to take advantage of the diaper deal.

Huggies Box Size 3 Diapers  * $20.00
Johnson & Johnson Cornstarch *$2.50
Johnson &Johnson Lotion         *$2.50
Huggies Travel Wipes              *$2.00
(4)SoBe*Buy One Get One Free* $1.59 
         Used Coupons :
$2.50 Huggies Diapers  (HERE)
$1.00 J&J Powder 
$1.00 J&J Lotion
(2)SoBe  Buy One Get One Free (HERE)
$4.00 off when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes CRT (red coupon machine)
$7.99 Extra Care Bucks
$4.00 ExtraCare Bucks
$5 off $30 Email coupon

Tax: $1.64
Total $3.00
Saved : $39.77
Earned $10.00 Extra Care Bucks for buying $20 in participating baby products.
This came out to be over a $1.00 less then what I figured and still don't know how but oh well!  

~Aunt Millie's Printable Coupons~

I came across some GREAT coupons!  Aunt Millie's Bread products go on sale at Meijer often , so I would definitely print these coupons to score some cheap or even FREE bread. The best part ?! These coupons don't expire until 1/31/2011 !  Print Print Print

Sunday, September 5, 2010

~SnapFish FREE Shipping!~

I LOVE Snapfish, I have been using them for years . I always receive very high quality photos. Right now through September 11th  use code FREELDSHIP  to receive free shipping ! 

~Pasta Anyone?~

I had to make a run into Kroger for some hot dogs and picked up some more deals. Here are my FREE or almost free items.

(4) Garden Delight Rotini  $1.00 Each
(2) Smart Taste Angel Hair $1.00 Each
(1) Garden Delight Fettuccine $1.00 Each
(4) Healthy Harvest Thin Spaghetti $1.00 Each
(1) Healthy Harvest Egg Noodles   $1.00 Each
(2) Gum Crayola 2 Pk. Toothbrushes  $1.00 Each

Used Coupons:
(5) $.50 Garden Delight Peelies  (found on the packages!)
(3) $1.00/2 Ronzoni  (HERE)
(1) $.55 Ronzoni  (HERE)
(2) $.55 Gum Accessory (RP 08/08/10 )

I paid $3.00 for everything in the picture. Savings of $11.00.

~Sunday's Coupons~

There will be no coupons in the paper this week due to the holiday!

Friday, September 3, 2010

~Winding down~

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend, Im going to try and take a break and relax a little this weekend. Sometimes things just get the best of me and I get down on myself. Even with all the amazing blessings I have all around me its still easy for me to become overwhelmed. So I hope you all enjoy time with your family and  "see" you all next weekend! Here are my last trips of the week  :)


When you sign up for Kohl's Sales Alerts via email they will send you a $5 Coupon good on anything! Sign Up HERE ! You can also buy some on Ebay . I bought two $5.00 Coupons (Must use these at different times.) for $.11.  Here is what I picked up. Now keep in mind it is supposed to be one per household. I checked out then when to the other side of store and checked out again.

Carters Monkey 12 Month Sleeper   *Reg $20.00  *Clearance $6.00
 Used: $5.00 Coupon
Paid : $ 1.07

Carter's Twinkle Toes  18 Month      *Reg $20.00  *Clearance $6.00
Infant Capri's 18 Month                    *Reg $10.00  *Clearance $2.00
Used : $5.00 Coupon                   
Paid : $3.20

Total: $4.27   Saved : $45.73!


(3) Purina One  SmartBlends Cat Food   $1.00 Each
(4) Reach Flossers $1.00 Each
(2) Reach Floss   $1.00 Each
Ronzoni Garden Delight Pasta  $1.00
BeechNut Lets Grow Strawberry Nibbles $2.89

Used Coupons: 
(2) $1.00 Reach Floss (Peelies found on floss!)
(3) $.50  Reach Floss (SS 08/01/10 ) Doubled
(1) $1.00 Reach Floss (Catalina)
(2) $1.00 Purina Cat food Any Size (Samples)
(1)FREE Lets Grow Item (Beechnut homemailer)
(1) $.75 Ronzoli Garden Delight Pasta (HERE)

Tax : $.49
Out Of Pocket : $.49!!!  Saved $ 18.82    Savings of 100% !!


(3) CVS Paper Towels  *SALE $.33 Each
(1) Crest Pro health Toothpaste *Sale $3.97 get $2.50 Extra Care Bucks
(1) Lays BBQ Chips   *$.99

$5.00 ExtraCare Bucks
$.75 Crest Toothpaste (P&G 08/29/10)
Tax: $.06
Received $2.50 Extra Care Buck
Saved: $9.58

I only went today because my extra care Bucks were expiring, Im glad I did though because we needed paper towels I may have to go back later tonight especially since I found a CRT coupon from last week $1.00 on two Cvs brand Paper towels. I only got the chips to get my total higher so I could use my extra care bucks but now that I think of it I should have gotten more paper towels.

All in All a GREAT shopping day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

~Great Kroger Trip~

Ran into Kroger's to grab some pop and found some really great deals.

(2) Big K Pop  * $2.19
Saltines            * $1.29
(2) Campbells Soup  * $1.50 each
(2) Reach Flossers    * $1.00 Each
(4) Reach Floss         * $1.00 Each
(6) Ronzoni Smart Taste Spaghetti* $1.00 Each
(2) Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Spaghetti * $1.00 Each
Gum Toothbrush       *$1.24

Used Coupons :
(4) $1.00 Reach Floss (Peelie found on the packages!)
(2) $.50 Reach Flossers (Doubled)
(1) $.75 Gum Toothbrush
(2) $.55 Ronzoni  (No longer available)
(3) $1.00/2 Ronzoni SmartTaste (HERE)
 $1.00 Kroger On your next order Coupon

Tax: $.67
Total Out Of Pocket $12.58


~Rare Walgreens Trip~

I very rarely go to Walgreens anymore just because things never work out quite the way I would like. Here is yet another example of why I love CVS  . 

Charmin Basic * $2.99 with in ad coupon
Listerine Zero  * $2.99
Purina One      * $1.99
(2) Walgreens Plastic Cutlery * $.50 Each with In ad coupon
(2) Caption Crunch Treasures * $1.00 Each 

Used Coupons :
               $1.00 Charmin (P&G Coupon Booklet)
               $2.00 Purina One Cat Food  
               $2.00 Listerine Zero
               $1.00/2 Captain Crunch
               $2.00 Register Reward
Tax: $ .58
Total Out of Pocket : $3.56
Received $1.00 register reward for Listerine.
I had a $3 Register Reward I had wanted to use but apparently I was $.02 short of being allowed to use it.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~Free Sample *Shout Color Catcher* ~

Click HERE to request your free Shout Color Catcher . You can also print a $.55 coupon after you submit. I have been wanting to try these, now I can free!

Thanks DealSeekingMom !