Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~ Free Cacique Panty From Lane Bryant! ~

Click HERE to print a coupon for a free Cacique Panty from Lane Bryant.   *Good at Cacique, Lane Bryant or Lane Bryant Outlet. I wish i had a Lane Bryant closer to me,  You can locate a store close to you HERE  :)

Jamie  :)

~ Cvs Trip ~

Here is my CVS trip today, I was really excited about the diapers  :)

Huggies Natural Care Baby Wipes   * $2.50
Pampers Cruisers                             * $8.49
Pantene Nature Fusion                      * $2.50
U by Kotex                                     * $4.99
Playskool Diapers size 3                 *$3.75
Playskool Diapers size 4                 * $3.75
(3) Nivea Body wash                      * $5.99

$1.00 U by Kotex CVS Coupon
$1.00 U by Kotex Coupon
$.50 Huggies Baby Wipes Coupon
$2.00 Huggies Baby Wipes Coupon (from scanning my CVS card)
(2) $2.00 Nivea Coupons
Buy one get one free Nivea Coupon
$2.00 Pampers Coupon
$3.00 Pampers Cvs Coupon
$5.00 of $40 CVS coupon
$5.00 Extra Care Bucks 

Paid $5.54 on gift card  plus  $11.46 out of pocket

I received $1.00 Extra Care Buck for buying pampers (which means I paid $2.49 for pampers :)  )
$5.00 Extra Care Bucks for Nivea (I paid  $2.98 for three body washes )
$1.00 Extra Care Bucks for Kotex (I paid $1.99 )

I love being able to stack coupons!  :)

I paid $.07 cents a diaper! 

Playskool Diapers 75 % off!

I had never used or heard of Playskool diapers until today, I ran into CVS to get some other stuff I had plans to get and came across Playskool Diapers on clearance  75 % off     $3.75 ,  these are the big mega packs (52 diapers)  I am thinking of going and grabbing some more!   :)

Lily is wearing them now and they seem to be working great, fit good and no leaks!


~ Review ~

Ebeanstalk is a website dedicated to selecting great baby toys and toddler toys.  They rely on the opinions and feedback of bloggers and moms around the country to continue selecting great toys to sell.  Their team of child experts also helps them pick out learning toys to make sure your child get the most out of his or her play time!

I took some time to explore and I gotta say I really enjoyed navigating the site.  It was super easy to find age appropriate toys for my daughter. The site is very well organized , with a sidebar categorized by age and gender.Also each toy has the recommended age right there on the description!

The toys look to be of very high quality, and good value.  I can't wait for Lily to enjoy one. Take a look for yourself,  I personally would love to buy the Learn 'n Fun sorter.  What catches your eye?

Plain Links:
baby toys
toddler toys
learning toys

Sunday, April 18, 2010

~CVS Deals of the week~

Here are my  CVS deals for the week. I dont see anything extra Special this week.  Whats on your shopping list? * Thanks to Iheartcvs  for the preview.

Extra Care Buck Deals
     *Extra Care Bucks are basically like coupons.  CVS runs promotions each week -Buy this item get this many extra care bucks- These will print at the end of your receipt protect these like you would cash. *
*The sale price is in red, and the coupons you can use are in blue. :)  Happy Shopping!

Pampers- Baby Dry,Swaddlers,Cruisers 48-96 count
          ~ $21.99  get $5.00 Extra Bucks
 - $1.00 Pampers Cruisers Coupon (P&G Mail in Rebate Booklet)
- $1.50 Pampers   (P&G 4-04-10)
- $2.00 Pampers (RP 3-14-10)

Thermacare Neck To Arm Wrap  1 count
          ~$2.49  get $2.49 Extra Bucks
- $1.00  HERE

Advil 50 ct
          ~ $3.99 get $1.00 Extra Bucks
- $2.00 Advil Product (RP 1-31-10)

Green Bag Tag
          ~ $.99 get $.99 Extra Bucks

Ban Roll On
         ~ $4.99 get $2.00 Extra Bucks
- $.75 Ban Coupon HERE
` $.40 Ban Coupon  (SS 4-18-10)

Colgate Pro Clinical
        ~ $3.99 Get $2.00 Extra Bucks
- $1.00 Pro Clinical (4-11-10)
`$1.00  Pro Clinical HERE

Colgate Total Advanced or Enamel Strength
         ~$2.99  get $2.00 Extra Bucks
- $.75 Colgate  HERE
`$1.00 Colgate Total (All You  April 2010 )

Edge Infused 7 oz , Schick Hydro 8.4 oz
         ~ $2.79 get $1.80 Extra Bucks

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 blade razor
        ~ $8.97 get  $6.00 Extra Bucks

Hallmark Cards
       ~Spend $15 get $3 Extra Bucks

Revlon  Cosmetics or beauty tools
      ~ Spend $10 get $3 Extra Bucks
-$3.00 ColorBlast Lipstick HERE

Nivea and Eucerin
      ~Spend $15 get $5 Extra Bucks
`$2.00 Nivea body wash
`$2.00 Nivea Women's body wash (All You April)
`$2.00 Nivea men's Body wash (All You March)
`$1.00 Nivea Men's body wash RP 04/11/10)

Covergirl Volume Exact or Lash Exact
      ~ $5.99 get $4.00 Extra Bucks
  `$1.00  Covergirl product (P&G 03/07/10)

U by Kotex
     ~ $4.99 get $1.00 Extra Buck
`$1.00 CVS U by kotex    HERE       *stack with man coupon*
`$1.00 U by kotex (ALL YOU Apr '10)
$1.00 Kotex  coupons (SS 04/18/10)

Bumble Bee Tuna  $.49

Gatorade of G2      $.77

Crest Pro Health with scope 4.2 oz                  $1.88
Whitening Expressions 4.6-6.2 oz
Extra Whitening 5.8-6.2 oz
-$.75 Crest toothpaste (P&G 03/07/10)
-$1.00 on two Crest Toothpaste (P&G 04/04/10)

Cascade Gel or Powder 4.5 oz    $2.99
- $.50 Cascade Product (P&G 04/04/10)
-$.25 Cascade Product  (P&G 03/07/10)

Lysol    2/$5
All Purpose 28-32 oz,  Toilet Cleaner 24 oz,Neutra Air 10 oz, disinfecting wipes 35 count
- Various Coupons HERE

Rimmel Cosmetics  Buy one get one free
-$1.00 Rimmel Mascara (RP 03/14/10)
-$1.00  Rimmel Product (RP 04/18/10)
-$1.00 Rimmel Product (RP 03/14/10)
-FREE Rimmel Product (All You April )

Dove Invisble Solid  2.6 oz  Buy one get one free
- $.75 Dove Deodorant (RP 03/28/10)


Friday, April 16, 2010

~CVS Clearance and Such~

CVS has their Easter stuff along with some other stuff on clearance 90 % off!   I went and got some good Extra Care Buck deals and picked up some clearance too. We went to two stores since the first didnt have any Puffs. 

1st Store:
John Freida Moisture Shampoo  * SALE $5.00
John Freida Moisture Conditioner * SALE $5.00
John Freida Root Serum                     *SALE $5.00
Dial  Body Wash                                     *SALE $5.49
Seven Up 20 oz                                        *$1.49
CVS Hand Sanitizer Wipes                *$.99

(3) $2.50 John Freida Coupons  HERE
(1) $1.00 Dial Coupon HERE
(1) $1.00 7-UP  Coupon  (no longer available)
(1)$1.00 CVS Skin Care 

$5.00 Extra Care Bucks

Total: $8.58  ($1.11 Tax)

$5.00 Extra Care Buck (Buy $15 worth Of John Freida)
$4.50 Extra Care Buck (Buy Dial Body Wash)

*I keep forgetting to take my Green Bag in with me :(      


2nd Store 

LED Lantern  *CLEARANCE $.99
(5) Scouring Pads    *CLEARANCE $.09
(6) Puffs Plus Tissues *Sale *$.99
(1) Charmin Extra Soft 16 Double Rolls *Sale $9.99
(1)Charmin Extra Strong  16 Double Rolls *Sale $9.99
(1)CVS Paper Towel          *$1.29
(1) CVS Hand Sanitizer  Wipes *$.99 
(1)CVS Reusable Bag       *$.99

          $4.00 off $20 Cvs Email Coupon
          $.50  off reusable bag CVS Email coupon
          $1.00 CVS Paper Product 
          $1.00 CVS Skin Care Item
          (5) $.50 Puffs Coupons from Vocalpoint
          $1.00 Puffs Coupon from VocalPoint 
          $.25 Charmin Coupon (P&G )
          $1.00 Charmin Coupon (P&G Rebate coupon booklet)
          $7.50 Extra Care Bucks

Total:  $13.42  ($1.54 Tax)

Received : $10 Extra Care Bucks (Buy $25 in P&G )

I also received some really good coupons at the end of my receipt, including $2.00 off Huggies Baby Wipes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

~Kmart Breakdown~

I did a breakdown of my Kmart week and here's how it looks. I think I did pretty damn good!

Kmart Double Deals

(6) Revlon Tweezers
(3) Gillette Body Wash
(8)Tampax Pearls
(2) Suave Deodorant
(1) Reynolds wrap
(1) Pedigree Dentastik
(5)All Laundry Detergent
(3) All Baby Laundry Detergent
(1) Sure Deodroant
(1) Friskies Party Mix
(4)Carpet Fresh
(1) Winnie The Pooh Outfit
(2) Soft Scrub Total Bathroom
(1) Lysol
(8Dove Deodorant
(15) Cans Friskies
(1) La Cross Eyebrow shapers
(1) Lacross emery board
(1) Endust Free
(1) Soft Scrub Total Kitchen
(1) Spot Shot
(3) Goodlife Cat food
(1) Aussie Shampoo
(2) Visine Allergy
(2) Reach Floss

Total Cost before coupon:  $ 226.36
Total Cost After Coupons:  $31.41
Total put on gift card: $25.00  (got this for doing a focus group)
Total out of Pocket : $6.41  Minus a $1 My mom owed me = $5.41 ! 

That's A savings of : 97.7  % !

~Final Kmart Trip ~

I made my last Kmart trip last night and I gotta say I am glad I wont be going back there for a LONG time.  I was very surprised I didnt have any trouble until the last day.   I went to get in line and of course they had a very long line , they announced "Kmart shoppers if you have 10 items or less you can check out at the Jewerly counter."So I head on over to there,  I had forgotten my rewards card so I asked her to use my phone number, she scans my items and then my coupons and here's the rest of the story
Young Cashier : "Your total is $9.08"
Me: "Oh, Thats not right. Did my coupons double?"
Older Cashier "Double? "
Me: "Yes, its double coupon week"
Older Cashier " I thought it was just a day"
Me: Laugh "No I have been coming all week"
Young Cashier: "Yea they doubled"
Me "Did they all double because it should only be a $1 something"
Older Cashier "Are they on sale?  It wont double if its on sale"
Me: Laugh again..."The  Deodorant is on sale but the others is not , but either way I have been doing this all week" 
Old Cashier" Oh it wont double if its on sale"
Young Cashier "I dont know why it didn't let me see "
Me:  "Can you jsut void it out and I will go to the customer service"
Old Cashier :"Its not going to double if its on sale"
Me: "Ma am Even so if that was true the rest is not on sale, they should have doubled. I have been doing this all week. Can you just void it out and I will go to customer service"
Young Cashier : "Sure"
Older Cashier : "Its not going to double"
This went on for another 10 mins, while the younger cashier was trying to void it out. 
So I walk over to the service desk and of course they double...... 

(2) Allergy Visine  *$3.99 
(1)Dove Deodroant *$3.79
(2) Reach Dental Floss *$1.49

  (2)  $2.00 Visine Coupons
(2)  $1.00 Reach Coupons
(1) $2.00 Dove Coupon

Total Paid Out Of Pocket : $1.33

Saturday, April 10, 2010

~Almost forgot this trip~

I forgot to post my other trip thursday!   :)   

(2)Revlon Tweezers *$1.99
(1) Gillette Body Wash *$4.00
(1) Tampax Pearls     *$4.59
(1)Recycled Reynolds Foil * $2.99
(1) Suave Deodorant   *$1.99

(1) $1.00 Revlon Coupon (I had two but she said I couldnt use it ...?)
(1) $2.00 Gillette Coupon (P&G 3-7-10)
(1) $2.00 Tampax Coupon (P&G 3-7-10)
(1)$1.25 Suave HERE
(1)$1.25 Reynolds Coupon HERE

Paid with Gift Card : $2.70

~Kmart ~

Friday's Kmart Trips  :)

1st Trip

(1) Tampax Pearl Compact To Go   * $4.59
(2) Tampax Pearl                             *$4.59
(1)  Pedigree Dentastik                    *$4.29
(1) All Laundry Detergent                *$4.00

(3) $2.00 Tampax Coupons from various Samples
(1)$2.00 All Laundry Coupon  (RP 3-7-10)
(1)$2.00 Pedigree Coupon (All You Magazine)

Paid Out Of Pocket : $2.85      *The Tampax Pearl To Go and Dentastik I bought for my mom so she paid me a $1 for them.

2nd Trip

(2) Revlon Tweezers  *$1.99 Buy one get one 50% off
(1) Sure Deodorant    *$2.79
(2) Carpet Fresh         *$2.29
(1) Friskies Party Mix  *$1.99
(1) Winnie the Pooh Outfit   * Clearance $1.99   Originally $19.99!

(2) $1.00 Revlon Coupon (Smartsource 3-7-10) One was not doubled
(2) $1.00 Carpet Fresh   (Smartsource 2-7-10)
(1) $1.50 Sure Deodorant Coupon (Smartsource 2-28-10)
(1) $1.00 Friskies Party Mix   No longer available HERE

Paid With gift card : $2.49  plus $1.09 Cash

*Sorry No Pictures  :( 

Get Paid for doing surveys :)

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Thursday, April 8, 2010


My trip to Walgreens wasn't as good as it should have been. I got distracted at checkout and ended up being $.17 short of being able to use my register reward I had planned on using :(  

~Ultra Tuff Kitchen Garbage bags *$2.99 with in ad coupon
~(2) Frixion Pens   *$1.19 each
~(1) Frixion Highlighters *$1.19
~Walgreens sandwich bags  *$.99 with in ad coupon

         Tuff In ad Coupon
         Sandwich bags In Ad Coupon
        $3.00  Frixion Pens/Highlighter    (Walgreens April Coupon Booklet)

Paid Out Of Pocket : $3.83

*The Frixion Pens have a Mail in Rebate on the back of the packages so for buying three I will get a $4.50 rebate. So this turned into a moneymaker but not as good as I had hoped. *

~O' Kmart how I love thee~

Not really, I actually don't care much for the store, but I really love double coupons. 

(2) Tampax Pearl      *$4.59 each
(2) Soft Scrub Total  *$2.99 each
(1) Lysol Cling          *$2.29

        (2) $2.00 Tampax Pearl  (P&G 3-7-10)
        (2) $1.50 Soft Scrub       (RP  3-7-10) 
        (1)$1.00 Lysol  

Paid with Gift Card : $2.09
88% savings  :)

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~Another Kmart Round~

You are probably wondering how and why I go shopping so often , well this is part of my job. I save us as much money as possible, I do this by stockpiling items when they are cheap or free. Kmart just happens to be within 3 minutes of the house, and Walgreens and CVS are even closer then that.  If I didn't live so close I would never be able to do what I do. We are half way through Double Coupon Week and I am already tired of going. I still have some really good coupons to use, and $8 left on my gift card  so I will keep on going , you don't  come across deals like this everyday. 

(2) Dove Ultimate Deodorant  * $3.79 each
(2) Revlon Tweezers               *$1.99   Buy one get one 50% off 
(1) Suave Deodorant              * $1.99
(1) Tampax Pearls                  * $4.59

(2) Dove Ultimate Coupons HERE
(2) Revlon $1 coupons (Smartsource 3-7-10) (One was NOT doubled)
(1) Suave $1.25  HERE
(1)$2 Tampax Coupon  (P&G 3-7-10)

Paid with Gift Card :  $1.22  ($.64 tax)

~Spring Cleaning Stock up Day~

We went ahead and did our Kmart trip early today (we may go back later too )  My out of pocket was a lot more then I was hoping for but I HAD to get cat food today. I have heard numerous reports that Kmart is actually doubling 6 coupons instead of 5, well Apparently that is NOT true. At least at my store they didnt, and all she did was scan it. I knew that was a possibility so I deliberately put the cat food coupon last so I only lost out on a dollar.   We stopped by CVS on the way home, I didnt plan to go so I didnt have my green bag tag or my extra care bucks with me.
Kmart :)  
(15) Cans Friskies Cat Food  * $.40 each
(1)  Tampax Pearl                  * $4.59
(1) Soft Scrub                        * $2.99
(1) Spot Shot Stain Remover  *$4.29
(1) Endust Free                      *$3.29
(1) Lacross Emery Boards      *$1.49
(1) Lacross Eyebrow shapers  *$2.99

$2/$4 La Cross Beauty Tool   (All You Apr '10)
$2/1 Select Spot Shot Products (All You April '10) 
$1/1 Select Soft Scrub Total Cleaners (All You April '10)
$1.50/1 Endust Free (All You April '10)
$2 Tampax Pearl   (P&G 3-7-10)
$1/15  Friskies Cans   (RP 2-7-10)   NOT DOUBLED

Paid with Gift Card:  $9.83

$25.64 worth of stuff = 62 % savings

(2) CVS Paper Towels:  $1.29 each
(2) CVS Cocoa Butter Skin lotion   $.99 each

(2) $1.00 CVS brand paper product
(2) $1.00 CVS brand skin care item 

Paid : $.60

I got all of these coupons for scanning my Extra Care Card at the scanner in store We are stocked up on paper towels but as long as I keep getting the coupons, I will keep buying them!    :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

~A Few Trips~

  Boy is it ever hot here in Cincinnati!  Isn't it still April!  Unbelievable . We made a few trips today and here is what we got.  I should mention I used my sister's Shop your way rewards Card on one of our Kmart trips, I figured she can't use it, we might as well !  I am giving her some of my items. I also took back the Shampoo they didnt charge me for yesterday and they looked at me like I was crazy!  

(2) CVS brand Paper Towels  * $1.29  each
       Used:  (2)  $ CVS brand paper product
Paid Out of Pocket : $.62

(3)   Gatorade G2 *$1.08
       Used : (3)  $.50 Coupon   (doubled)
Paid Out Of Pocket: $.24 

                                                                           1st  Kmart
(1)  Goodlife Recipe Cat Food  *$5.69
(2)  All Laundry                         *$4.00 each
(2)  Dove Deodorant                  *$3.79 each
       Used : $2.00  Goodlife Coupon
              (2) $2.00 All Laundry Coupon
             (2) $2.00 Dove Deodorant
Paid With A Gift Card : $2.45 

                                                                          2nd Kmart
(2) GoodLife Recipe Cat Food  *$5.69 each
(2) Gillette Body Wash               *$4.00 each
(1) Carpet Fresh                         *$2.59
        Used: (2)  $2.00  Gillette  Coupon
                  (2)  $2.00  Goodlife Recipe Coupons
                   (1)  $!.50 Carpet Fresh Coupon
Paid With Gift Card: $ 4.22

I love Double Coupons!    $50.00 worth of merchandise for $7.53 !

Monday, April 5, 2010

~Kmart Super Double Coupon Event~

Kmart is having there super double coupon event now through 4-10-10 .  I am well prepared this time and am very excited for it!  Now they have some new rules and it may run it for some people, but since I live just a minute or two away its still worth it to me.  

*There is a limit to 5 coupons (doubled coupons) per day
           I was told at Customer service to give the coupons I wanted doubled to the cashier first because only the first 5 are doubled.   

*Does Not include Store and Pharmacy coupons

*You must use Shop Your Way Rewards Card  ~ This is how they tie how many coupons you use a day.

*Manufacturers coupons  $2 and under are doubled,   up to $4.

*Thanks to I heart Coupon Deals and Deal Seeking Mom   for Match ups !

My Sunday Trip  :0

I got 3 All Free And Clear Laundry Detergent  and 2 All Baby Laundry Detergent   for $.65 !!!!!! 
All is on sale $4 and I had $2 coupons, making them all free! Sorry I put it all away before taking a picture.

Today's Trip

(2)Dove Ultimate Deodorant  $3.79
(2) Aussie Shampoo and Conditioner  $3.99
(1) Carpet Fresh         $2.49

(2)  $2.00 Dove Coupon HERE
(2)  $2.00 Aussie Coupon  (Not sure where I got these)
(1)  $1.50 Carpet Fresh   HERE 

All I paid was the Tax!      $.49 out of pocket.

When I was checking out she said  I couldnt use the one coupon because my total was only $.49  I thought maybe i miscalculated or something but
After I got home I realized she only charged me for 1 shampoo/conditioner.  I will take it back later, as it is way to hot here to mess with it now.

~CVS :) ~

Our Trip to CVS yesterday wasn't the best deal but still got some cheap body wash and shampoo.  Here is what we got:

*(2) Nature Fusion Pantene  Shampoo/Conditioner   *$2.99 Sale
*(2) Nivea Woman's Body Wash  *$5.99
*(1) Nivea Men Body Wash         *$4.99
*(1) Cincinnati Enquirer                 *$1.75
*(1) Stride Gum                             *$.99

          $2.00 Nivea Men  Coupon -All You Magazine
      (2) $2.00 Nivea Body Wash  HERE
      (2) $2.00 Pantene    -Vocalpoint 
           $1.00 Extra Care Buck
           $5 off $25 CVS Email Coupon

Subtotal:  $9.67
Tax:        $1.21
Total:       $10.88
Gift Card  $2.52
Total Out Of Pocket:  $8.36

Received :
$2.00 Pantene Extra Care Buck  
$5.00 Nivea Extra Care Buck

Nivea Deal is Buy $15 get $5 ECB
Pantene is Buy 1 at $2.99 get a $1 ECB  Limit of 3 per household.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

~Happy Easter ~

Happy Easter everyone! 

 Couponing doesnt stop for holidays!  I ran over to CVS this morning and grabbed some things. Also dont forget  its super double coupon week at Kmart!  I stopped by there and will post my dealings later or tomorrow!   Everyone enjoy your family time!    :)

This is my Lily's 1st Easter and I think it went great!  

Thursday, April 1, 2010

~CVS :) ~

~I am finally getting a hang of this drugstore game. Here is my trip tonight.  :)

Huggies Size 2  *  Reg $11.99   Sale $8.99
Huggies Size 3  *  Reg $11.99   Sale $8.99
Sweet Tarts      *  Reg $2.50     Sale $2.00
Playtex Dropins * Reg $5.49     Clearance $2.75
(2) Sanitizer       *Reg $1.49      Clearance $.37
(2) Starburst      *Reg $.89
(2) Boxed Robes *Reg $14.99 Clearance $1.49

$5 off $25 CVS email coupon
$1.00 Playtex Coupon found in box
(2) $3.00 Huggie coupons HERE
Buy one get one free Starburst Coupon 
$2.00 off $10 Baby CVS coupon

Paid With :
$6.00 Extra Care Buck
$1.00 Extra Care Buck

Subtotal:  $6.34
Tax : $1.14
Total $7.74  Paid with a gift card

Received: $5.00 Extra Care Bucks  for Huggies
                $5.00 Extra Care Buck for my winter spending

Regular Price Total : $66.71
Sale/Clearance total:  $28.27

Savings of:  $58.97       88%