Monday, May 31, 2010

*Huggies Diapers Clearance*

Huggies Mega Packs are on clearance at some Cvs Stores for $8.99 which is 50% off! Pair that with the $3.00 coupon available here makes for a great deal!
 I saw a few other items on clearance too,
~Johnson & Johnson Baby wash,
~ Pampers wipes, 
~Pampers newborn Diapers,
~ Huggies Lotion, 
~Pacifiers, Teether Rings

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~Last couple of days~

to take advantage of the Nivea Deal at CVS . The month long deals ends on the 29th, buy $15.00 worth and get $5.00 Extracare bucks . Even if you have done this deal before, you may still be able to do it again. The limit was raised to 5. I stopped by today to take advantage of the Old Spice Money maker I told you about last week, so I grabbed my Nivea while I was there. I also picked up some Pretzel M&M's because they are just so good!  The first store I went to was out of Old Spice so I went to my other store for it.
Nivea is on sale Save $1.00 off regular prices.My store also offers to donate a bag of peanuts to the troops, so I donated a bag .

1st store:  

(4) Nivea for Men Body Wash      * $3.99 Each 

  Bag of Peanuts *$.99

            (4) $3.00 Nivea For Men Body Wash    (Red Plum 5-2-10)

Total: $5.99  ($1.04 Tax)
Received $5.00 Extra Care Bucks

2nd Store

(2) Old Spice Mens Bodywash   *$4.00 each
(2) M&M's Pretzel                      *$.48 each

       $4.00 Buy one get one free Old Spice Bodywash ( P&G 05/02/10)
        $1.00 off two Old Spice Body Wash ( P&G 5-2-10 )
Total:  $ 4.48

Received $8.00 ExtraCare bucks

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~Upcoming Old Spice Money Maker~

Next week at CVS Old Spice  and Gillette Body Wash are on sale for $4.00  and you get $4.00 Extra Care Bucks !  This is a good deal within itself but add the fact its a limit of 2 per card and its a  possible money maker!   The P&G insert in the 5-2-10 paper had a Buy one get one free coupon in it.   Here's the scenario

Buy two Old Spice Body washes  $4.00 each = $8.00
Use :  Buy one get one free coupon = - $4.00
Pay $4.00 out of pocket  Receive  $8.00 in Extra Care Bucks

There was also a Gillette B1G1 coupon in the same paper, so if you prefer Gillette you can do the same deal with it :) 

Monday, May 17, 2010

~Good Deals from Last Week~

Unfortunately I didn't see these until the sale was almost over , so I wasn't able to give you all the head's up. :(  Kroger had a special P&G promotion buy $4 participating products and receive $4 off instantly . Here is what we got , this was 2 stores and 3 different transactions.

Keebler Wheatables  *Sale $1.99 
(2) Sunday Papers              $1.25 each
(3) Purina Cat food             $1.79 each
(4) Gillette Body Wash       $3.99 each *P&G product*

            $4 off for the P&G promotion 
            $3.99  Buy one get one free Gillette Body Wash   (5/2 P&G)
            $3.99 Buy one get one free  Gillette Body Wash   (5/2 P&G)
            $4.00 Off two Gillette  (5/2 P&G)
            $1.79 FREE Purina kitten chow  (5/2 SS)
            $1.79 FREE Purina kitten chow  (5/2 SS)
            $1.79 FREE Purina Kitten chow (5/2 SS)
            $1.50 Keebler Wheatables       HERE

Tax $1.13

Total out of pocket : $4.10

Next Store:

(3) Diet Mountain Dew 12 packs   $3.33 each
(4) Old Spice Deodorant               $3.50 each *P&G Product*

            $4 off for P&G Promotion
            $1.00 Off for buying 3 Pepsi Products
            $3.50 Old Spice Buy one get one free (P&G 5/2)
            $3.50 Old Spice Buy one get one free (P&G 5/2)
            $3.00 Old Spice buy two   Ecoupon HERE 

Tax : $1.23

Total Out of Pocket: $10.22

(2) Big K 12 Packs                 *$1.67 each
(2) Oscar Meyer Hot dogs      *$2.50 each
(4) Gillette Body wash             *$3.99 each
Dove men sponge                   *$3.99
Body Sponge                          *$1.00

                      $4 off for P&G Promotion
                      $4 off 2 Gillette Body wash (P&G 5/2)
                      $3.99 Buy one get one free Gillette (P&G 5/2)
                      $3.99 Buy one get one free Gillette (P&G 5/2)
                      $4 (Have no idea what happened here, I think the cashier scanned the coupon twice?)
                      $1.00 Oscar Meyer HERE 

Tax: $1.32

Total out of pocket : $9.63

We got a total of  $79.09 worth of merchandise for $ 23.95 !   Considering we got the Pop and hot dogs we normally would get anyway we did really good!   Savings of  70 %

*a few things are not pictured , we put things away then remembered to take pictures lol

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few weeks ago I reviewed so graciously sent Lily   Felix Fire Truck  . Lily absolutely LOVES this toy!  Felix's soft padded "body" makes this so safe for her so I don't worry about her getting hurt.  Just a click of a switch and the lights flash intriguing my little girl. Pull the hose and the truck rumbles. Lily is almost crawling and once she is I Know this toy will be played with even more!   Lily really enjoys pushing Felix around, and I really enjoy knowing she is safe. 

Ebeanstalk is a toy website dedicated to selecting the best toys by age and kids toys.  The in-home feedback of bloggers and moms like me around the country help to make sure ebeanstalk continues to provide the best educational toys for your child.  Check it out for yourself!

Plain Links:
toys by age
kids toys
educational toys

Monday, May 10, 2010

~A Few Free Samples~

                                        Walmart has a few really nice free samples.

                                       Go HERE to get a free sample of Secret Clinical. 
 HERE to get a free sample of Dove Ultimate.
  HERE for a sample of Old Spice Body Wash
                                     HERE for a sample of John Frieda 
                                    HERE for Parent's Choice Formula

Saturday, May 8, 2010

~Sunday Coupons~

Tomorrow's Paper is not very exciting for me, but there are a couple nice ones. There will only be one insert, Smartsource . Keep in mind some coupons are regional.  :) Here are a few of my favorites.  Check out
Sunday Coupon Preview  to see what else is in the paper. 

Glade Sense & Spray Starter Kit Save $4.00/1 
Schick Hydro Razor Save $5.00/1 (6/12)
Windex Outdoor All-In-One Glass Clenaing Tool Save $5.00/1 (7/4)
Pedialyte product Save $1.50/1 (8/17)
Butterball Turkey Franks, Turkey Sausage Links, Turkey Dinner Sausage, Turkey Bacon or Turkey Lunchmeat items Save $1.00/2 (6/30)

~Cvs Deals of the week~

Here are a few of my favorite deals for the week Starting 5/9/10.

Carefree Pads  *10/$10  
  - $1.00 Carefree coupon from 4-25-10 Smartsource
      Making this free!

Bayer Low Dose Aspirin  32 ct  *10/$10
- $1.00 Bayer Coupon From  3/21/10 Smartsource
       Making this free!

Gerber Baby Food  *10/$10
Thomas English Muffins 12 pack  *$1.99

Purex Complete 3 in 1  *$8.99   Buy one get one free
 -$2.00 Purex Coupon From 4/18/10 Red Plum
       $2.49 Each when you buy two and use two coupons

Right Guard Sport , total Defense, or Sport Deodorant  *$2.99    get $2.00 Extra Care Bucks
  -Various Coupons   HERE
        As long as free after ExtraCare Bucks and Coupon

 U by Kotex  *$4.99 get $4.99  Extra Care Bucks
  -$1.00 Kotex  Cvs Coupon HERE 
  -$1.00 Kotex Coupon From 4/18/10 Smartsource
         Better then free after stacking both coupons and ExtraCare Bucks

Schick Hydro 3 or Hydro 5 Razor or Cartridge *$8.99 Get $4 ExtraCare Bucks
  -$5 Schick Coupon 5/9/10 Smartsource
     Free After Coupon and ExtraCare Bucks

Huggies  *$8.49 Get $2 ExtraCare Bucks 
  -$1.50 Huggies Coupon From 4/18/10 Smartsource
     $ 4.99 After Coupon and ExtraCare Bucks

Dove Body Wash  2/$13.98 Get $4 ExtraCare Bucks
  -$1.25 Coupon HERE (no longer available)
     $3.74 Each after 2 Coupons and Extra Care Bucks

The Dove is not the best deal in the world on body wash but I know my sister loves it and has been waiting on a sale. Remember to sign your ExtraCare card up on to receive email coupons. I get an email about every other week usually $4 off $20 or similar values, this are awesome to pair of with deals like these to make them even better!  Sign Up HERE if you haven't already :) *These are just a sample of the great deals, check out your local ad for even more!


If you haven't tried Swagbucks here is a good example of why you should!  Check out my previous post about Swagbucks.  I redeem my swagbucks for amazon gift cards. I have been saving for months, I was bound and determined to buy my daughter a car seat all by myself and I did!  I paid for this car seat all with Amazon gift cards I have earned from Swagbucks. 

~CVS Trip~

I have been wanting to try Organix  Coconut Milk Shampoo and Conditioner for a really long time. Cvs has it on sale this week (ending today) Buy one get one free. It also had a try me free rebate on the bottle! Nivea body wash is also on sale and when you buy $15 worth you get $5 Extra Care Bucks. 

(4) Nivea Body Wash   - $4.88 each
(2) Organix Shampoo/Conditioner   $6.99 Each  * Buy one Get one free*
(1) React Gum

(4) $4.00 Nivea Coupons  (5-2-10 Red Plum)
$10 Extra Care Bucks

 Total Before coupons: $34.99
Paid Out Of Pocket: $3.11 

Received   $5.00 In Extra Care Bucks
 Will receive $6.99 Rebate!

Friday, May 7, 2010

~We are proud to announce the launch of our new store .
We are an online gift store with something for everyone. We sell anything from shower gel to hammocks. We also have an extensive amount of products not available on the website but in our catalog. If anyone is interested in a catalog, or looking for anything in particular please just ask.  Join our facebook page for special discounts and promos. Right now if you use the code "facebook"  you will save 15 % .  We appreciate any feedback you may have.

Email me at :

Join us on Facebook  for special discounts and promos!



~I need to apologize for the lack of posts lately. I have had so much going on around here, I have not been able to do any blogging.

Where have I been you ask? 

Well I am super excited to announce we have set the date for our wedding. October 14th 2010 I will marry the greatest man I have ever met . So now its time to test my frugalness , and plan the cheapest wedding I can manage.

I am also proud to announce the launch of   .  Its scary but yet very exciting!  Post to follow soon :)

I promise to start blogging more!