Friday, January 22, 2010

Have you heard of Swagbucks!?!?!?

Search & Win; is an awesome search engine i found. You get rewarded for searching! Why not earn something for doing what do do anyway!
The way it works:
~you search like you normally would
~it is completely random, sometime you win sometimes you dont
~you win swagbucks , and can redeem them in the swagstore!
What you can get:
~You can redeem your swagbucks for great things like:
     ~Gift cards!  A $5.00 amazon gift card is only 45 swagbucks  you wont believe how fast you can earn them.
     ~ Video games
     ~paypal !
 They have tons and tons more things you can get! I have earned over $150.00 in amazon gift cards!  and i didnt even have to leave the couch to do it!
Whats a swagcode?
 ~A swagcode is virtually a free code they "hide" . You can use the widget on the right hand side of my blog to see if there is a code out now. Just hit the swagcode button.  In fact there is one out right now! GO HUNTING! Sometimes the hunts are hard and it takes time to find them but after you get used to what you are doing it becomes easier.  Some times the codes are worth even more then 1 swagbucks, i have even gotten a 5 once.
 Increase your chances to earn more!
~Become a fan of swagbucks on facebook  ~ Sometimes Swagbucks will  use the fan page to announce a code hunt, or you will see fans thanking for the code, then you will know there is one out somewhere.
 ~Make Swagbucks  your homepage,  Often swagcode hunts are posted on the homepage,  Also having it as your homepage, makes it easier to search!
~Download the toolbar, sometimes the codes are posted on there
~Subscribe to the newsletter
~Fridays are mega swagbuck day, which means you can earn even more!  The chances are greater then you will earn a higher amount of swagbucks.
*Please remember there is only one account allowed per household!

Come earn free stuff with me!   They will give you 3 just for signing up! Also with referrals  they match whatever your referral earns up to a 100 swagbucks!  So when they win you win too!

Search & Win

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