Thursday, January 21, 2010

So here i am :)

Hi there , I have been thinking of starting a blog for the longest time but didn't really have the guts or the know how. I love to write although i may not be very good at it. So allow me to tell you a little about myself. 
2008 I was laid off from my job at the factory,  I was barely making it and when that happened I knew I would lose my apartment.  Luckily I had been seeing a wonderful man who had already asked me to move in with him, and i knew we were headed there anyway. So  I sold most of what i owned , loaded up my three cats and off we went to Cincinnati.I am the first to say I'm not very fond of  Ohio, but have grown to like it here in our town. I miss Indiana like crazy, its just  a different world.  I was laid off for 5 months until I found a job making less then  i was at the factory, but we survived .February of last year we found out we were expecting and three month's ago my little Lily was born.  This little girl has changed my life forever. Its amazing how in love I am with her.

Now my boyfriend is supporting our three cats, me , and our lily.  I am a stay at home mom determined to help in any way.  I am fascinated with couponing and free samples. This is my way of contributing  to household and also writing out my triumphs and struggles as a new mom.    Thank you for  joining me!

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