Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~Spring Cleaning Stock up Day~

We went ahead and did our Kmart trip early today (we may go back later too )  My out of pocket was a lot more then I was hoping for but I HAD to get cat food today. I have heard numerous reports that Kmart is actually doubling 6 coupons instead of 5, well Apparently that is NOT true. At least at my store they didnt, and all she did was scan it. I knew that was a possibility so I deliberately put the cat food coupon last so I only lost out on a dollar.   We stopped by CVS on the way home, I didnt plan to go so I didnt have my green bag tag or my extra care bucks with me.
Kmart :)  
(15) Cans Friskies Cat Food  * $.40 each
(1)  Tampax Pearl                  * $4.59
(1) Soft Scrub                        * $2.99
(1) Spot Shot Stain Remover  *$4.29
(1) Endust Free                      *$3.29
(1) Lacross Emery Boards      *$1.49
(1) Lacross Eyebrow shapers  *$2.99

$2/$4 La Cross Beauty Tool   (All You Apr '10)
$2/1 Select Spot Shot Products (All You April '10) 
$1/1 Select Soft Scrub Total Cleaners (All You April '10)
$1.50/1 Endust Free (All You April '10)
$2 Tampax Pearl   (P&G 3-7-10)
$1/15  Friskies Cans   (RP 2-7-10)   NOT DOUBLED

Paid with Gift Card:  $9.83

$25.64 worth of stuff = 62 % savings

(2) CVS Paper Towels:  $1.29 each
(2) CVS Cocoa Butter Skin lotion   $.99 each

(2) $1.00 CVS brand paper product
(2) $1.00 CVS brand skin care item 

Paid : $.60

I got all of these coupons for scanning my Extra Care Card at the scanner in store We are stocked up on paper towels but as long as I keep getting the coupons, I will keep buying them!    :)

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