Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Kroger CARBmaster & Greek yogurt review~


As a BzzAgent one of my newest campaigns was an opportunity to try out Kroger’s exclusive line of CARBmaster yogurts and milk drinks.  CARBmaster yogurts are are lower in carbs, calories and sugar than regular yogurt. I was very surprised with the wide variety of flavors available in the CARBmaster line. I am very traditional in the sense that I really only like strawberry & vanilla yogurt but I ventured out and tried a Kroger CARBmaster carrot cake yogurt. I LOVE carrot cake and was happy that to have an alternative to the unhealthy desert. Overall the taste is exactly like carrot cake, but the spice flavor was  a little to overpowering.


I also was given the opportunity to try Kroger’s Greek yogurt with 14 grams of protein I was excited to try my first Greek yogurt. It also comes in a wide variety of flavors. I picked up some blueberry,vanilla, and plain.  I tried a vanilla and I was NOT a fan. I have never had Greek yogurt before and the texture is not really for me. It also had a bad aftertaste I couldn’t get past. Honestly I couldn’t even finish it.  My daughter insisted on having one herself. I let her try vanilla first , she gobbled it up the first few bites. Then she said “Ew, when I put it in my mouth it leaves an icky taste “    She also tried the blueberry and ate a few bites and then had the same reaction. I have some left but  I think  I will save those for smoothies.

Im still waiting to try the CARBmaster milk drinks ! If you are on a diet or looking to eat healthy. Try the Kroger exclusive line of CARBmaster yogurt and Kroger Greek yogurt.


*I am a BzzAgent – a word of mouth program. I received a gift card & coupons to review Kroger’s exclusive line of CARBmaster dairy blends. *