Saturday, July 30, 2011

~Sunday’s Coupons~

This week is looking like a really great week. We can expect four inserts this week. SmartSource, Two Red Plum , and a P&G . Check out Sunday Coupon Preview for a full preview. Here are a few of my favorite coupons Smile


Listerine/Reach Save $.50/1 Listerine mouthwash 500mL+ or Reach toothbrush or Reach floss or Reach Access flosser (12/31)

Scrubbing Bubbles Buy one toilet cleaning gel, get any fresh brush product free (up to Save $6.99) (9/11)

Splenda Save $1/1 sugar blends, brown sugar blend or 200ct/9.7oz+ sweetener product (9/12)

Splenda Save $3/1 essentials (8/15)

Red Plum

AXE Shower gel or Detailer Buy One get One FREE up to $5.99 (9/24)

Ragu Pasta Sauce, jars Save $.40/2 (8/28)


Cascade Save $1 (8/31)

Crest Toothpaste 4oz+ Save $.50 (8/31)

Ivory Body Wash or Bar or Safeguard bar or liquid hand soap Save $.50 (8/31)

Buy Olay Body Wash, Bar or Hand and Body Lotion, Get free Satin Care Shave Gel to Save $3.99 (8/31)

Scope Mouthwash 710ml+ Save $.75 (8/31)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

~CVS Trip~


I had an issue with a  box of Playtex I opened awhile back and they so nicely sent me THREE free coupons! I NEVER asked for anything just simply wrote and asked a question. I got these coupons just in time for an awesome CVS sale.

Spend $20 on Playtex or Schick products receive $10 in Extra Care Bucks!

(3) Playtex Sport $5.49 each

     Used  (3) FREE coupons

(2) Skintimate Shave Crème $2.49 Each

     Used (2) $1.50 Skintimate Shave Crème (no longer available)

(1) Diet Cherry Pepsi $1.69

Tax $1.51

Total: $5.18

Received $10 for Playtex/Schick and $1.89 (for buying so many Pepsi’s)

I was really hoping to get a $5 email coupon before I went but of course it appeared after I got home Smile with tongue out  That’s ok though I already  have my Sunday trip planned Smile

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

~This weeks shopping ~

I have so many trips I have posted lately, I am just going to post this week’s all in one post and start fresh Smile I post to try and be a better blogger soon Smile with tongue out

Meijer (Three Trips)


Meijer has another great sale this week, 10 for $10 get the 11th item free! Paired with coupons this makes for some great deals and FREE stuff!  Items marked with an * are included in the sale.

1st Trip

(3) *Garden Delight Pasta $1.00 Each

        Used (3) $1.00 Garden Delight Pasta (SS 5-15-11)


(2) Chex Mix $1.00 Each*

         Used $.50 Chex Mix (SS 7-10-11)


(3) *Hamburger Helper $1.00 Each

--         Used $.75/3 Hamburger Helper (SS 7-17-2011)

             =$.66 Each Also received $1.00 OYNO for buying 3

(2) Manwich* $1.00 Each

(1 ) White Bread $1.00

             = FREE for buying 10 items

(1) Fountain Drink $.99

(4) 9 Lives $1.33 Each

          Used $1.00/3 9 LIves (RP 7-10-11)

          =$.75 Each Also received $1.50 OYNO for buying 4

(2) Gerber Lil Entrees $1.79 each

          Used $1.00 Gerber (no longer available)

            =$.79 Each

(1) Gerber lil Meals $.99

           Used $.55 Gerber (no longer available)


(1) Tidy Cat Litter Pads $5.79 (no coupons)

Total: $16.05

I also did the cat food deal again. My total for Meijer was around $20 and I got back $4 in OYNO coupons. *My Meijer doubles coupons up to $1.00 in final value*


I went back to Meijer again and here is that trip.


(The buns and Gerber lil Meal were FREE at Remke)

(2) Kraft Veggie Pasta $1.00 Each

     Used $.75 Kraft  Veggie Pasta (HERE)


(2) Meijer 24 pks Water $2.50 Each

(1) Watercolors $1.00

(3) Toddler Socks $1.25 on clearance each

Used $4 in OYNO coupons.

Total spent $6.06




(2) Boulder Chips $2.00 Each

       Used $1.00 Boulder (no longer available)

           =$1.00 Each

(3) Pillsbury Funfetti $1.00 Each

        Used $.55 (Printable no longer available)


(1) Danimals $1.88

         Used $1.00 Danimals (SS6-5-11)


(5) Crest $1.00 Each

         Used $.75 Crest (P&G 6-5-11 and 7-3-11)

              =FREE!!! and received $2.00 OYNO Coupon

(2) Indicator toothbrush $1.00 Each

         Used $2.00 /2 Indicator (P&G 7-3-11)


(1) Ivory Body Wash $1.00

         Used $.50 Ivory (P&G 7-3-11)


(1) DampRid  $1.94 Clearance

        Used $.50 DampRid (SS7-10-11)


(2) Smart Balance $2.50 Each

        Used $1.50 Smart Balance (SS7-10-11)

              =$1.00 Each

(1) CoffeeMate $2.19

        Used $.50 Coffeemate (Printable HERE)


(1) Ricotta Cheese $2.49

(2) Kraft Cheese $2.50Each

        Used $1.00/2 Kraft Cheese

              =$2.00 Each

(2) Tic Tac $1.00 each

        Used $1.00 Tic Tac


(1) Tide Stain Release $10.79

       Used FREE Coupon from P&G


(1)  American Cheese $2.79

(1) Turkey Bacon $2.49

(1) Skillet $6.49 on clearance !


Total : $40.84

Saved $63.93

This was my shopping for the week, I may go to CVS later but I am done with everything else which means I am $33 under budget for the week!  Smile

Monday, July 18, 2011



(2) Smart Balance Milk $2.59 each

     Used (2) $1.50 Smart Balance Milk (SS 06/05/11 R)

     AND $1.00/2  Smart Balance (Meijer Mealbox)

        =$1.18 for two Cartons!

(3)  9 Lives 4 pack $1.51 each

      Used $1.00/3 9 Lives (RP 07/10/11)

       Also received $1.00 on next order Coupon

         =$3.53 for (3) and $1.00 on next order!

(1) International Delight $1.50

      Used $.55 International (HERE)


(1) Gerber Lil Meals $.99

      Used $.55 Gerber Lil Meals/ pickups (HERE)


(1) Gerber Pick Ups $1.29

     Used $.55 Gerber Lil Meals/ pickups (HERE)

        = $.29

Wish I had more SmartBalance coupons!

~More Mega Event fun~

*This is actually from last week but  Mega prices are still the same for this week*


              *Mega Event items*

(6) Bagel Bites  $1.99 Each

       Used (6) $1.00 Bagel Bites (HERE)

(1) Kraft Salad Dressing $1.99

       Used FREE Coupon (Kroger Mailer)

(1) Stouffers Meal $2.49

       Used FREE coupon (Stouffers Dinner Club)

(4) Whisker Lickins $1.04 Each

       Used (2) $1.00/2 Purina Treats (SS 06/26/11)

(2) Reach Flossers  $1.49 Each

       Used (2) $1.00 Reach (SS 04/17/11)

(2) Reach Flosser $1.49 each

       Used (1) $2.50/2  Reach (SS 04/17/11) 

(1) Reach Floss $.95

       Used (1) $1.00 Reach Floss (SS 04/17/11)   

(1) Colgate Sensitive $2.49

       Used $1.00 Colgate Sensitive (Kroger Mailer)

(1) Propel $.99

(1) Clorox Bleach  $1.79

(1) Lipton Diet Green Tea $.99 (didn’t know this was on Mega)

     Used FREE coupon (old facebook offer)  

-$10 for buying 20 Mega Event items

*Total for all Mega Event items= $3.44!!!!! 

I didn’t know the Tea was on the Mega and the free coupon took off $ 1.54 for some reason so I made money on that and the Stouffers coupon took off $2.78. I am not sure why because the I gave the cashier my coupons before she scanned things so she could write the prices down.

*Other deals*

(4) Brut Deodorants $1.00 each

     Used $1 Brut (SS 06/05/11 R)

               = FREE

(2) Dannon Yogurt $1.88 each

     Used $1.00 Dannon Coupon (SS 06/05/11)

                =$.88 each

(1) 7-up two liter $1.00

(1) Gum Floss $1.29 clearance

      Used $1.00 Gum ( Kroger Home mailer)



My total for this trip was $7.59 ! ( $1.10 being tax)


I got a “wow I'm impressed” from the guy behind me in line Smile  and a “You're  about ready to go on that show” from the cashier.


Walgreens has a great deal on Dove Men’s bar soap.


(Sorry horrible picture Sad smile)

(2) Dove Men + Care 6 pack Bar $6.00 each

Use (2) $4 Dove Men + Care (RP 06/26/11)

= $4 out of pocket and receive $4 Register Reward !

~AWESOME~Lysol Wipes Deal!~

I stumbled upon an AWESOME deal on Lysol Wipes today and just have to share with you! Unfortunately I don’t think I can take advantage of this because I already did my shopping for the week.  Sad smile

My Kroger has Lysol Wipes on the mega event $2.54 each. $2.04 when you buy 9 more participating items. The best part?! They had buy one get one free packages!  (can you tell I'm excited for this deal Smile) Combine this with this rebate to make a KILLER deal! Here’s a breakdown…

Buy (3) Lysol Wipes (Especially marked buy one get one free packages)  $2.04 each (remember you must buy a total of ten participating items to get it for this price)


- Use This coupon $.50 on two Lysol Wipes , if your store doubles= -$1.00

=$5.12 Out of pocket

Submit for this rebate ( $3.00 when you buy 3 lysol )

=$2.12 for 6 packages of Lysol Wipes!!!

=$.35 each canister Smile

Even if you do not have enough items for the Mega Event this is still a great deal, it would be $3.62 for 6 canisters, $.60 each. Still a great deal , and would make a great gift for a teacher Smile

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~A few trips~

I made a few trips I never got to post so here is just the basics .


(6)  Apple Jacks - buy one get one free- $3.19 Each

(4) Rice Krispies -buy one get one free-  $3.66 Each

       Used $5.00/5 Kelloggs (no longer available)

                       = $11.89 or $1.19 each

*Each box has a code for the cars 2 promotion, for four codes you can redeem for a $5.00 gas card. so I can now redeem for 2- $5 gas cards*

I also grabbed some Mega Event items. (4) Wisk Detergents (2) Rice a roni (5) Pasta roni (2) Sunny D (4) Lean Cuisine (1) Skyline (1)Horizon Milk (1)Pep farm garlic bread= $20.54



Meijer has a great deal running with Fruit Of Looms

I did this deal last year too so it must be an annual thing.

Buy $10 worth of Kelloggs get $10 off 3 packages of Fruit Of Loom . I wanted to take advantage of this because Lily is going to be potty training soon and needs big girl underwear.

I got:

(2) Fiber Plus Caramel Pecan Crunch $3.39 Each

     Used (1) $1.50 Kelloggs (RP 07/10/11)

(1) Rice Krispies Gluten Free $3.29

               (1) $.70 Kelloggs (RP 07/10/11)

(3) Fruit of loom $4.99 Each

(2) Chi Chi tortillas $2.00 Each

          Used (2) $.50 Chi Chi Tortillas (I cant seem to find where this came from?)

(1) Hormel Lunchmeat $2.98

        Used get free Hormel Lunchmeat (Meijer Mperks)

-$10 Fruit of Looms

Also had $5.00/$5.00 or more Meijer Mperk coupon!

And another $2.00 Mperk came off the Chi Chi Tortillas but I don’t remember what exactly it was for.

Total: $7.77

Saved : $24.25

Savings of 76%  Savings

I believe this sale (fruit of loom) is good through August so I will be probably be going back to get some stuff for myself Smile


I had to pick up my prescription this morning so I decided to use my raincheck for the Chi Chi Salsa .


(10) Chi Chi Salsa Reg. $2.89 each

       Used Raincheck making them $1.00 each

        Used (10) $.50/1 Chi Chi Coupon (I don’t remember)

              = FREE

(1) Nesquik $1.19

        Used $.50 Nesquik (RP 6-5-11)

              = $.19

(1) Tic Tac $.99

         Used $1.00/1 Tic Tac (RP 6-12-11)


Total: $1.78

Saved $30.99

Savings of 95%


(1) Friskies Crispies $1.49

~Kroger Mega Event~

Hi Everyone!  My husband was on vacation for a few days and I have been enjoying his time off. Now its time to get back into the swing of things. Kroger is having a Mega Event this week and I grabbed a few great deals today,


*Mega Event Items* Buy 10 get $5 off instantly

- (4) Reach Floss $1.49 Each

          Used (4) $.50 Reach (SS 01/09/11 #2)

- (6) Whisker Lickens $.96 Each

          Used (3) $1.00/2 Purina Cat Treats (SS 06/26/11)

*Non Mega Items*

- (4) m&m’s $.50 Each

           Used (2) $.75/2 M&M’s (RP 7-10-11)


- (2) 3 Musketeers $.50 Each

            Used $.50/2 3 Musketeers (RP 6-26-11)


- (2) Barilla Piccolini $1.00 Each

             Used (2) $.55 Piccolini (SS 6/26/2011)


- (2) Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste $1.47 Each

              Used (2) $.50 Colgate Toothpaste (SS 7-10-11)

                     =$.47 EACH (See note at end)

- (1) Kroger Pizza $3.49

- (1) Hydrocortizone Cream $2.16

- (10) Fancy Feast $.69 Each

         Used $1.00/10 Fancy Feast (Kroger mailer)


Total: $14.06

Saved $32.48

Savings of 71%

*My store has new digital price tags and there’s no way to tell if items are on the Mega Event  (some are marked with stickers others are not) the Colgate ended up being on the Mega and I did not know it so it would have been free if I would have known I could have added other things on my list to get. It was on clearance so I just assumed it would be included. However I was getting it anyway because the sensitive kind is hard to get free.*

I have more coupons to get some stuff cheap but wasn’t sure how much money I had today, so I will go back tomorrow or even wait until next week. (as long as it runs next week too)

Monday, July 4, 2011

~Target deals~

I ran into Target to take advantage of a couple good deals.


(2) Cottonelle Flushable Wipes $2.01 Each

       Used . $1.00/2 Tubs (Printable HERE)

       AND $1.25/2 Cottonelle (Target Printable HERE)

            = $.88 Each

(2) Gerber Graduates $1.79 Each

       Used (2) $1.00 Gerber graduates (Printable HERE)

            =$.79 Each

(5) Fancy Feast Cans $.50 Each

        Used –$.50 FREE can when you buy 3 (Box Coupon)

        AND $.50/4 Fancy Feast Cans (Target Printable)

            =$.30 Each

Total: $5.16

Used $5.00 Gift Card

Total Out of Pocket $.16  Smile

~Cvs Trip!~


A few weeks ago Cvs launched a new gas promotion for the summer months . Spend $30 in participating products get a $10 gas card. The past couple weeks there was nothing exciting about the participating products, but this week I saw an opportunity to stock up on some usually expensive favorites. I also had $16 in Extra Care Bucks that were expiring soon , that really made the deal even sweeter. I haven’t been going to Cvs much so using all my bucks on one trip didn’t really hurt me. I am so stocked up on health and beauty items I have even passed free deals up.(Yes I know I can donate , and I do , but if I went and got everything free normal shoppers who NEED “shampoo” that week may lose out.)

My Trip:

* Items participating in Gas Deal*

(1) Bounty 8 pack $5.99

         Used $5.00 any Bounty (facebook offer)


(1) Charmin $9.99

          Used: $.25 Charmin (P&G 7/3/2011)


(2) Pantene shampoo/conditioner $3.48 Each

           Used $3.00/2 Pantene   (SS6/19/2011)

                      =$1.98 each

(2) Milky Way $.75 each

           Used: $.50/2 Milky Way (no longer available)

                      =$.50 each

(1) Tide $5.99

           Used $2.00 Tide (Mailed from P&G)


*Non participating*

Kids chair $5.59


Used $17 Extra Care Bucks

Tax: $1.95

Total out of pocket: $6.24

Received $10 gas card!

I am very happy with this trip, the chair was a last minute add on, we have been talking about getting one for lily.

~Happy Fourth Of July!~



I hope all of you have a safe, fun, family filled holiday! All for Lily would like to thank all of the service men and women  who have fought and served for our country. We are very thankful for our freedom and very grateful for the  sacrifices and loss  our military families have given.


God bless!