Wednesday, July 13, 2011

~A few trips~

I made a few trips I never got to post so here is just the basics .


(6)  Apple Jacks - buy one get one free- $3.19 Each

(4) Rice Krispies -buy one get one free-  $3.66 Each

       Used $5.00/5 Kelloggs (no longer available)

                       = $11.89 or $1.19 each

*Each box has a code for the cars 2 promotion, for four codes you can redeem for a $5.00 gas card. so I can now redeem for 2- $5 gas cards*

I also grabbed some Mega Event items. (4) Wisk Detergents (2) Rice a roni (5) Pasta roni (2) Sunny D (4) Lean Cuisine (1) Skyline (1)Horizon Milk (1)Pep farm garlic bread= $20.54



Meijer has a great deal running with Fruit Of Looms

I did this deal last year too so it must be an annual thing.

Buy $10 worth of Kelloggs get $10 off 3 packages of Fruit Of Loom . I wanted to take advantage of this because Lily is going to be potty training soon and needs big girl underwear.

I got:

(2) Fiber Plus Caramel Pecan Crunch $3.39 Each

     Used (1) $1.50 Kelloggs (RP 07/10/11)

(1) Rice Krispies Gluten Free $3.29

               (1) $.70 Kelloggs (RP 07/10/11)

(3) Fruit of loom $4.99 Each

(2) Chi Chi tortillas $2.00 Each

          Used (2) $.50 Chi Chi Tortillas (I cant seem to find where this came from?)

(1) Hormel Lunchmeat $2.98

        Used get free Hormel Lunchmeat (Meijer Mperks)

-$10 Fruit of Looms

Also had $5.00/$5.00 or more Meijer Mperk coupon!

And another $2.00 Mperk came off the Chi Chi Tortillas but I don’t remember what exactly it was for.

Total: $7.77

Saved : $24.25

Savings of 76%  Savings

I believe this sale (fruit of loom) is good through August so I will be probably be going back to get some stuff for myself Smile

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