Saturday, May 28, 2011

~They paid ME!~

Yesterday I heard Marsh was doing triple coupons, I was so sad our Marsh turned into Mainstreet Market a couple months ago. I found out later on in the evening they were doing triple coupons too! I was so excited I have never done triple coupons. I rummaged through my binder grabbing anything I thought would be a good deal. Since I have never been in a Marsh or Mainsteeet Market store I had no idea what to expect. Their prices seem quite high to me, but with triple coupons who cares!

*Must scan Rewards card, Only the first two identical coupons will triple. Coupon will not exceed product value*


(4) Kraft Slice Cheese  $3.50 Each

(2) KC Barbeque Sauce $1.98 Each

(2) La Looks Gel $2.29 Each

(2) Dole Fruit Crisps $2.49 each

(1) Wishbone Sa;ad Dressing $3.39

(1) Degree Deodorant $2.99

(2) Oreida Sweet Potato Fries $3.79 Each

(2) Ritz Crackerfuls $2.99 Each

(2) Hormel Compleats $2.00 Each

(1) Reynolds Wrap $3.09

(1) Minute Maid Orange Juice $3.25

(1) Fiberplus cereal $2.99

(1) Tidy Ct 20lb Litter $2.99

I am not sure how because the coupon is not supposed to exceed the product value but they paid me $.18!!!! Saved $78.05



The cashier was dumbfounded, I was confused because I was expecting to pay something. He had to call over another cashier who didn’t know what to do, who then called over a manager who said we are not supposed to pay them but told him to anyway.

I really don’t know how he could have messed it up because I was expecting to pay at least $3 , no coupons beeped and all he had to do was hit a button so it would triple so have no idea how that happened!  I am going back for a second trip tonight, I don’t have many coupons left but hopefully I find something Smile

Well after trying to decipher the receipt the only thing I see is that when an item is $2.99 and you have a $1 coupon it should only triple to $2.99 but It is going to $3. I matched all the coupons up and that was the only thing I could find but it still doesn’t make sense . Guess I will see how my trip goes tonight Smile

Friday, May 27, 2011

~Walmart + more~

I have been desperate to find the Pampers Kandoo coupons that were in the April 3rd P&G Insert  (free at Kroger) Finally I decided to try the Trading forum over at We Use Coupons,a wonderful lady traded me TWELVE Pampers Kandoo coupons and Eight Huggies Pull Up Wipes coupons!! I was so excited!  I knew the Kandoo was FREE at Kroger until May 28th, but I wasn’t to sure where to get a deal on the Huggies Pull Up Wipes. So after a quick SwagBucks search I found a great deal at Walmart Smile

I wanted to get them as cheap as possible so I dug through my binder to find any coupons that would give me overage.


(2) Tidy Cat Litter $1.77 each

       Used $2.00 Tidy Cat (Facebook no longer available)=FREE plus $.23 overage each

(4) Reach Floss $.88 each

        Used $1.00 Reach Floss (tearpad) = FREE plus $.12 overage each

(1) Dove Travel Bar $.97

         Used $1.00 Dove (sent from company)=FREE plus $.03 Overage each

(1) Similac $3.84

         Used $5.00 Similac (4-3-11)=FREE plus $1.16 overage

(1) Secret $.97

         Used $1.00 Secret (P&G Booklet)=FREE plus $.03 overage

(1) Gain $.97

          Used $1.00 Gain (P&G booklet) = FREE plus $.03 each

(1) Dora Cup on clearance $.75

(8) Huggies Pull Up Wipes $1.64 Each

          Used : $1.00 Huggies Pull Up Wipes (SS 5-15-11)=$.64 Each

Total: $6.23 (tax was $1.55)

78% Savings

Looking at it now I see the cashier missed a $1 coupon, but Im still happy with my trip.

I also stopped by Kroger and got my Kandoo wipes. Regularly $1.79 on sale for $1.00 used $1.00 coupon=FREE  Savings of 100% =  $12.53

I still have 5 coupons left and will go later tonight and get more. I hate to use that many coupons at once so I figured I would swing by later and get the rest. Now If I wasn’t so scared to start potty training we would ready to start Smile

Thursday, May 26, 2011

~A Couple Trips~

I made a few trips yesterday so I am combining them into one post. We went to PetSmart, Remke,Meijer,and Kroger. That was a major trip for us, mainly because Lily loses interest after one store,especially since I had problems at two stores and had to wait awhile. Smile 



(2) Reynolds Wrap 80 ft $2.00 Each

    Used $1.00 Reynolds Wrap  (SS 05/15/11)=$1.00 Each

(2) Creamette Quick Cook $1.00 Each

    Used $.55 Creamette Quick Cook (?)=FREE

(1) Ball for Lily $1.59

Total: $3.89

71% Savings

*I think the Reynolds Wrap must have been marked wrong, it rang up $3.99 each but they saw it was marked $2.00 so she fixed that but once she did that somehow my coupons came off and I didn’t notice until we were done. I had to go back in and wait to get my money back.*



(2) Chi Chi Salsa $.99 Each

    Used $.55 Chi Chi Salsa =FREE

Total: $0.00

100% Savings


*Picked these up for my mom*



(1) Huggies Refill Pack $5.99

     Used FREE Coupon (Mailed from company)

(2) Huggies PullUps Wipes $2.49 Each

     Used $1.00 Pull Up Wipes (SS 05/15/11)=$1.49 Each

(1) Huggies BabyWipes Tub $2.50

      Used $.50 Huggies Wipes (SS 05/15/11)=$1.50

(1) Huggies Wipes $1.99

      Used $1.00 Huggies (Mailed from company)=$.99

(2) Horizon Chocolate Milk $3.99 each

      Used $1.00/2 Horizon (Printable HERE)

(2) Kroger Milk $2.89 Each

(2) Kroger Ground Turkey $2.50 Each

(1) Tyson Chicken Breasts $4.08

Total: $24.28

42% Savings

*There is a catalina deal advertised spend $15 on Huggies products get $3 on your next order coupon at the checkout. Of course I didn’t get one and they were super busy but 30 minutes later I got my $3 back in cash. This trip was mainly finishing up my grocery shopping for the week,and stocking up on wipes because we are low .I am not really sure how it happened but I only ended up paying a little over $1 for all the wipes.  *

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Kroger Trip~

I made a trip to Kroger to take advantage of the frozen mega event, I had a few FREE coupons which made the mega sale really worth it to me.



(1) Corn Dogs $2.79

(1)Eggs $1.79

(1) Taco Seasoning $.47

(1) Kroger Mac And Cheese $1.50

(1) Kroger Bread $1.19

(2) Coffeemate Creamer $2.99 Each

    Used:(2) $.50 Coffeemate (Facebook HERE)=$1.99 each

(1) Yoplait Kids Yogurt $2.00

     Used FREE coupon (Special offer on a blog)=FREE

(1) Santa Cruz Lemonade $1.25

     Used $.75 coupon (Printable HERE)=$.25

(1) PopChips  $2.99

      Used FREE coupon (Facebook offer)

(10) KoolAid Packs  $.10 each

  Used: (2) $.50/5 KoolAid (no longer available)=FREE


*Mega Event Items* Final price is after the mega savings*

*(3) Sister Schubert Dinner Rolls $2.49 Each

       Used Various Coupons=$.99 Each

*(2) Stouffers Meals $2.49 Each

       Used $1.00 Coupon (Printable HERE)=$.99

*(1) Stouffers Family Size Lasagna $6.49

      Used: FREE Coupon from game =FREE plus $.50 overage from Mega savings

*(1)Ore Ida Sweet Potato Fries  $2.79

       Used: FREE Coupon from Facebook No longer available=FREE (Plus $.50 overage from Mega Savings)

*(1) Magnum Ice Cream Bars $2.99

       Used: $2.00 Ecoupon (HERE)=$.49

*(1) Stouffers Mac And Cheese $2.49

       Used $1.00 Coupon (Printable HERE)=$.99

*(1) Texas Toast $2.49

        Used $.50 Texas Toast (All You May 2011)=$.99

Total after coupons: $18.46

Savings of $44.68


*Not to bad since I got a lot to stock the freezer, now my freezer is almost full.  I need to get some chicken this week and then I am pretty much done for the week. Except for cat food whish I always seem to need Sad smile*

Monday, May 23, 2011

~Meijer Trip~

I have been sick for last week so I have a few trips to post and will try to do to that later tonight but for now here is my Meijer trip.

I have to say while I was there I came across two women with their binders and coupons in hand. At first I was happy to see someone using coupons and saving money, then I looked at their carts…they had to have at least 20 if not more jars of salsa . Ok I know its free after coupon BUT Meijer only doubles the first 2 like coupons, so they had to do at least 5 different transactions  each. This to me is a little much, you don’t need 20 jars of salsa (I really want to say they had more then that but I'm being conservative) even if you did need that much I could never ask a cashier to do 5 different transactions just to get around a coupon policy. Coupon policy’s are there for a reason and the more people who are greedy and work around them, the more trouble we as couponers will have.  Sure enough as I was headed for the checkout they were standing at the end of the line I wanted to get in , practically blocking the checkout with their two carts.  As they were separating their orders I went around them. I wanted to hang around just to see if they really did that many orders but I was feeling pretty rough so we went ahead and left.


(2) Visine Travel Size $2.00 Each

      Used $2.00 ON Any Visine (Printable HERE)=FREE

(1) Clif Z Bar $.79

       Used: $.50 Clif z Bar  (Red Plum 5-22)=FREE

(2) Chi Chi Salsa $.99 Each

        Used : $.50 Chi Chi Salsa (5/15/11 SS)= FREE

(1) Chi Chi Tortillas $1.89

        Used : $.50 Chi Chi Tortillas(5/15/11 SS)=FREE

(6) Ball Park Franks  $.98 Each

        Used (5) $.75 Any Ball Park (Printable HERE)

           (1) $.55 Any Ball Park (no longer available)

               = (3) FREE (3) $.23 Each

(3)Juicy Juice $2.50 Each

(1) Juicy Juice $2.16 

       Used : $2.00/4 Juicy Juice (Printable HERE)

       And $2.00/4 Meijer Mealbox = $1.41 each

(2) Kelloggs Fiberplus Cereal $2.50 each

       Used $.70 FiberPlus (RP 04/17/11) = $1.50 each

(2) Kelloggs Touch of fruit $2.50 each

       Used: Buy one get one free (Vocalpoint coupon)

       =$1.25 each

(2) Ritz Bits $2.50 each

       Used $1.00/2 Ritz  (SS 05/15/11) = $2.00 each

(1) Crackerfuls $2.50

       Used $1.50 Crackerfuls (not sure?) = $1.00

(1) Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.00

(1) Kraft Cheese Block $2.00

       Used $1.00/2 Kraft Cheese (peelie) = $1.50 each

(3) Aunt Millies Buns  Buy one get two free $3.39

(1) Head of Lettuce  $.99

(1) Kashi Go Lean Bar $1.00

(1) Organic Kids Tea  $2.99


Save $3.00 instantly when you buy two Kelloggs and two juicy juice.


Total: $26.32

Saved : $63.60

59% Savings


There is also a rebate for the FiberPlus so will be getting that back also Smile

I could have done separate transactions and got all the Ball Park free but I really hate doing that and $.23 a pack is a really great price.  Also I was hoping I got $3 twice for the juicy juice Kellogg deal since I bought four of each but no only one $3 came off. I kinda figured that but my coupons were off of four so I may go back and do that deal again with different coupons.

*To find the Ball Park $.75 coupon click on the link above and there should be  a Ball Park Banner at the top of the page wait until it says save $.75 then click it and it will take you to the page. If the banner is not showing up keep refreshing the page until I does. That may take a few times.*

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

~Quick CVS Run~

I had $5.00 Extra Care Bucks expiring today so I made a quick trip over to CVS . Nothing to exciting but I spent my expiring bucks and got some back . This also should put me over or at least close to the spend $50 Beauty Club get $5 Extra Care Bucks.


(2) Right Guard Deodorants with bonus Body Wash $2.99

      Used Buy one get one free Right Guard (RP 05/01/11)

(2) Nabisco Snacks $1 Each

(1) Extra Gum $1.29

(1)John Frieda $11.99

      Used FREE coupon (sent from company)

Used $5.00 Extra Care Bucks Expiring

Total after coupons: $.91


$2.00 Extra Care Bucks ($1.00 for each Right Guard)

$2.00 Extra Care Bucks for John Frieda


~Wal-Mart Trip~

I made a trip to Wal-Mart just for a few deals I had heard about.  It was more out of pocket then I would like but still saved 61% so I am happy especially since it was mainly adding to my toilet paper stockpile.


(5) Scott Naturals Toilet Paper $2.68 each

      Used (3) $1.00 Scott (SS 04/17/11 #2)

                (2) $1.50 Scott Naturals (Printable HERE)

(1) Just my size T-shirt $6.00

       Used $5 Just my size (All You Mag May 2011)

(1) Daily’s Strawberry Daiquiri $1.99

      Used $2.00 Daily’s  (Printable HERE)

(2) Kraft Homestyle Mac & Cheese $2.00

      Used (2) $1.00 Homestyle Mac & Cheese (Insert?)

(1) Speed Stick $.98

      Used $.50 Speed Stick (no longer available)

(1) Gerber Pasta PickUps $1.42 

      No coupon Sad smile

(2) Reach Floss $.97 Each

      Used : (2)$1 Reach Floss (tearpad)

(1) Revlon Tweezers $1.87

     Used $2.00 Revlon Beauty tool (tearpad)

(2 Revlon Nail Clippers $1.96 Each

     Used $2.00 Revlon Beauty tool (tearpad)


Total before coupons: $35.52

Tax: $1.98

Total After coupons: $13.98

Not to bad since now I'm pretty stocked on toilet paper.

The Daily’s deal I saw on another blog, but after going and getting it myself I noticed the Strawberry Daiquiri doesn’t actually say mixer on it but I think its all the same? After reading comments on another blog , I'm not to sure so use this at your own discretion .

Saturday, May 14, 2011

~Stamp out the Hunger~

Today is the day! May 14th 2011 the United States Postal Service hosts the nations single day largest  food drive. Just sit your bags or boxes of non-perishables  out by your mailbox and they will pick them up for you!  I love that couponing has made it possible for me to donate. I have four bags ready to go , and waiting on my husband to wake up to see if he is ever going to eat this soup . If not I will have another bag full Smile 

Read more HERE for more information.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

~Kroger Mega Event~

I had another very successful mega trip today. I am always nervous at the checkout, 90% of the time I have Lily with me so its always hard to try and focus on calculating what's in the cart. This trip I was using my cell phone calculator as I was adding to the cart but I was still getting confused and thought for sure I was miscounting something and I would owe more then what I had in my wallet.. However I was wrong and it came out even better then I thought!


(4) Garden Delight Pasta $.99 Each

(4) Smarttaste Pasta    $.99 Each

(4) Ragu Pasta Sauce   $1.74 Each

(2) Clif Kids Chocolate Chip $2.49 Each

(4) Uncle Bens  Rice  $1.79 Each

(20) Quaker Quakes  $1.79 Each

(2) Boulder Chips $1.49 Each

(3) Perdue Chicken Nuggets $2.99 Each



Total after coupons and Mega Savings: $17.98 !

Savings of $86.25       82%!


I bought the coupons for the Quakes off Ebay for $1.50 so adding that in I got over $100 worth of groceries for under $20!

*Sorry I don’t have time to add all the coupons I used but if you have been following my trips the past two weeks, they are pretty much the same. The Perdue Chicken Nuggets are not on the Mega, just love them.*



Friday, May 6, 2011

~Awesome Wal-Mart Trip~

Now you won’t hear those words from my mouth very often. I normally despise going to Wal-Mart . Why in the world do they NEVER have any lanes open? Every time we go , no matter which one we go to there are only two cashiers working. Ugh anyway…but since they have changed their coupon policy to give us overage, I can deal with it…every once in awhile. I had went to Target earlier today specifically to get Lysol Wipes for $.39 BUT I totally walked out of the house without the coupons so I decided to go to Wal- Mart which is closer to my house. Most of the coupons I used are tearpads or printable no longer available .


(2) Scott Naturals Toilet Paper $2.68

           Used : (2) $1.50 Printable HERE

                              =$1.18 Each!

(4) Heinz Ketchup $1.98

           Used : (4) $2.00 Heinz (Facebook Promo)

                              = FREE plus $.02 overage each

(7) Reach Floss $.88

            Used : (7) $1.00 Reach Floss (Tearpad)

                               =FREE plus $.12 overage each

(2) Simliac Formula $3.84

            Used : (2) $5.00 Similac (SS 04/03/11)

                                =FREE plus $1.16 overage each

(2) Nozema Razors $1.97

            Used : (2) $2.00 Nozema ( no longer available)

                                 =FREE plus $.03 Overage each

(2) Revlon Tweezers $1.87 Each

            Used: (2) $2.00 Revlon Beauty Tool (Tearpad)

                                 =FREE plus $.13 Overage each

(1) Nivea Men Body Wash $3.00

             Used $3.00 Nivea Men (RP 4-17)


(2) Degree Trial Size Deodorant $.97

             Used : $1.00 Degree (not sure Sad smile)

                                 =FREE plus $.03 Overage each

(3) Lysol Wipes $2.52 Each

             Used: $1.50 Lysol Wipes ( no longer available)

                                 =$1.02 each

(1) Shirt for daughter not pictured  $4.00

(1)Coffeemate Creamer $2.78

             Used : FREE Coupon from Facebook Promo


Tax: $2.32

Total after coupons: $10.78 !

Savings of almost 80% !

This is a perfect example of how to use overage to get things you normally need anyway. (toilet paper …razors) I went specifically for the Lysol Wipes and ended up with a lot of great donation items! And Lily got  a shirt Smile 


*Thanks to my hubby for going through line and getting the second Similac , this will be perfect for my donation box I am planning on dropping off this weekend. *

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Kroger Mega Shopping:) ~

I headed back to Kroger today to pick up some more good deals. After I got home I realized the Oral B toothbrush must have been the wrong one because it didn’t count towards the mega event , which in turn ruined my mega event participating items so I didn’t get the $5 off. I didn’t notice until I got home simply because my total was so low I just assumed it all came off.  I went back to the store and switched the toothbrush with the correct one and got $5 back. It always pays to check your receipt before you leave.What I love about this trip is everything is healthy! Ok well maybe not all healthy I did have to throw in a bag of Easter clearance candy Smile Sure its not the healthiest but it’s a major step towards healthy for us, and this trip proves you don’t have to eat all junk to use coupons!



*Items participating in the Mega Event are marked with a *

* (4) Healthy Harvest Spaghetti $.99 each

* (2) Ronzoni SmartTaste Spaghetti $.99 each

* (2) Ronzoni SmartTaste Penne $.99 Each

* (2) Mom’s Best Natural Cereal $1.49 each

* (1) Clif Kids Zbar  $2.49

* (4) Reach Toothbrush  $1.00 each

* (4) Boulder Chips $1.49 Each

* (1) Oral B Toothbrush $2.99

(5) Listerine Pocketpaks $1.00 Each

(4) Better Oats $1.19 Each

(2) Palmers Choc Eggs $.45 each

(2lb ) Grapes $2.49

(1) Horizon  organic Chocolate Milk $3.99

*Our Kroger’s doubles coupons under a $.99 in value up to a $1 in final value*

-$10 Mega Event discount

-(4) $1.00/2 Various Ronzoni Coupons (Printable HERE)

- (2) $.75/1 Mom’s Natural Cereal (Printable HERE)

- (1) $1.00 Clif Kids (Printable HERE)

- (2) $2.00/2 Reach Toothbrushes ( no longer available)

- (4) $1.00 Boulder Chips  (Printable HERE)

- (1) $2.00 Oral B (Dentist gave to me)

- (5) $.50/1 Listerine Pocketpaks (Insert from awhile back)

- (4) $1.00 Better Oats (Printable HERE)

Total after coupons and discounts (and after exchanging the toothbrush):  $7.99 !!!     89% Savings !


This has to be the best trip I have had,not because I had 89% savings but because I was able to get natural and organic products. I am very proud this trip Smile


I am already planning my trip for next week, too bad I don’t have more computers to print more coupons Sad smile

~JcPenney Savings~

JcPenney occasionally sends us $10 off of any $10 or more purchase. We get one maybe once every three months , makes for great deals on Lily’s clothes. Pair the coupon with JcPenney clearance to get a even better deal Smile To sign up click HERE


~ Mommy’s little Sweetie Tank Reg. $9.99

          On Sale for $4.99

~Green Ladybug Romper Reg. $9.99

           On Sale for $6.99

Used $10 Coupon

Paid $2.11  Saved $18.00

Monday, May 2, 2011

~Kroger Trip~

Kroger is also having a Mega Event this week. Buy 10 participating items receive $5 off instantly. In past years this came off as a bulk $5 at the end of your checkout but now it comes off as $.50 each individual item. This is supposed to prevent overage but overage was applied to my order today so I’m not really sure how or why. I was fully prepared to pay more then what I did. None of my coupons beeped either .

*Overage is when the coupon you use is for more then the product costs. Example is Nivea Body wash is $2.99 and is on the Mega Event so you get $.50 off  and there is a $3 coupon out so you would make $.51 !*




This trip was so much better then I could have imagined. My original grocery list was $22 and granted I didn’t get one or two items off that list just because I didn’t find what I wanted . I also added four  things to it. So getting  all this for under what my original plan was, is super exciting to me.

Items on the Mega Event are marked with a *


(4) *Ronzoni Smart Taste Penne $.99 Each

(4) *Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $.99 Each

(3) *Nivea Mens Body Wash  $2.99 Each

(3) *Nivea Womens Body Wash $2.99 Each

(1) *Clif Kids Zbar  $2.49

(2) *Mom’s Natural Cereal $1.49 Each

(2) *Quaker Rice Cakes  $1.29 Each

(1) *Downy  $4.49

(2) Extra Large Eggs  $1.39 Each

(2) Banquet Salisbury Steak $2.38 each

(1) Kroger Corn $1.39

(2) Better then Oats Oatmeal $1.19 Each

(2) Ground Turkey $2.79 each

(1) Tea  $2.99

(1) Kroger Grape Jelly  $2.00

(1) Kroger Pizza Sauce $.99

Total Before discounts : $61.27

Used Coupons:

4 Various Ronzoni Coupons (Printable HERE)

(3) $3 Nivea Mens Body Wash (Red Plum 04/17/11 #2 )

(3) $3 Nivea Womens Body Wash (Red Plum 4-17-11 #2)

(1) $1 Clif Kids  (Printable HERE)

(2) $.75  Moms Natural Best (Printable HERE)

(1) $.55/2 Quaker Rice Cakes (Moments to save 5-1-11)

(1) $1 Downy (P&G Brandsaver Booklet)

(1) $.55/2 Cartons of eggs (Printable no longer available)

(1) $.50/2 Banquet Meals (Printable no longer available)

(1) $1.39 Kroger Corn Ecoupon when you buy two Banquet

(2) $1  Better Oats (Printable HERE)

-$10 From Mega Event

Total after all coupons: $21.66

Savings of 74% (off regular price)

~Meijer Trip~

Meijer’s really wasn’t that exciting this week but had some good deals on lunchmeat so we made a quick trip in.



(3) BallPark Franks $1.79 Each

(3) Oscar Mayer Carving Board  $2.69 Each

(1) Oscar Mayer Deli Combo  $2.50

(2) Gerber Graduates Snacks $1.79 Each

(1) Hand Sanitizer $1.00

(1) Dole Fruit in jar $2.00

(1) Chuck of Cheese $3.99

(1) Vit D Milk $2.50

(1) Baby Sunscreen on Clearance $3.19

Discounts and Coupons: *Coupons Under $.99 in value are doubled up to $1 in final Value.*

(2) $.55 /1  Ballpark Product (Printable HERE)

(1) $1.00 BallPark Product (Printable HERE)

(2) $2.00 Oscar Mayer Carving Board  (Printable HERE)

(1) $1.00 Oscar Mayer Carving Board (Home Mailer)

(1) $.80 Oscar Mayer Deli Combo (Home Mailer)

(1) $.55 Gerber Graduates (Home Mailer)


Total: around $23 I have lost my receipt again.. Sad smile 

~Remke/Biggs Trip~

Remke/Biggs is having a mega event this week. Buy 10 participating items and get $5 off instantly at checkout. This trip cost me more then I had originally thought. Most items were not marked as being in the Mega Event , and me trying to hurry decided it wasn’t worth trying to ask a cashier. (my store is very empty, hardly anyone goes there and they only have one or two people working up front. ) Here is what I got *The items with a * are participating items*



*(3) Yoplait Kids Yogurt  $1.99 each

*(3) Duncan Hines Brownies $1.39 Each

*(2) Totino Pizza Rolls $1.29 each

*(2)Totino Pizzas $1.29 each

(2) Sunbeam Bread $1.00 each

(1) Tootsie roll Pops $1.00 (Easter Clearance)


Discounts and coupons: (Coupons are doubled)

-$5.00 off Mega Event Discount

- (3) $.50  Duncan Hines  (SS 04/10/11)

-(2) $.50 Totino Pizza  (Printable no longer available)

- (3) $.50 Yoplait Kids (Printable HERE)

-$.06 for having my own bag

Final Total: $5.24

Savings of $21.87     81%

It would have been cheaper if I would have had my pizza roll coupon with me but those were an add on when something else I wanted wasn’t marked.  Smile  Over all I am happy with my trip, Lily loves the Yoplait  Smile