Friday, May 6, 2011

~Awesome Wal-Mart Trip~

Now you won’t hear those words from my mouth very often. I normally despise going to Wal-Mart . Why in the world do they NEVER have any lanes open? Every time we go , no matter which one we go to there are only two cashiers working. Ugh anyway…but since they have changed their coupon policy to give us overage, I can deal with it…every once in awhile. I had went to Target earlier today specifically to get Lysol Wipes for $.39 BUT I totally walked out of the house without the coupons so I decided to go to Wal- Mart which is closer to my house. Most of the coupons I used are tearpads or printable no longer available .


(2) Scott Naturals Toilet Paper $2.68

           Used : (2) $1.50 Printable HERE

                              =$1.18 Each!

(4) Heinz Ketchup $1.98

           Used : (4) $2.00 Heinz (Facebook Promo)

                              = FREE plus $.02 overage each

(7) Reach Floss $.88

            Used : (7) $1.00 Reach Floss (Tearpad)

                               =FREE plus $.12 overage each

(2) Simliac Formula $3.84

            Used : (2) $5.00 Similac (SS 04/03/11)

                                =FREE plus $1.16 overage each

(2) Nozema Razors $1.97

            Used : (2) $2.00 Nozema ( no longer available)

                                 =FREE plus $.03 Overage each

(2) Revlon Tweezers $1.87 Each

            Used: (2) $2.00 Revlon Beauty Tool (Tearpad)

                                 =FREE plus $.13 Overage each

(1) Nivea Men Body Wash $3.00

             Used $3.00 Nivea Men (RP 4-17)


(2) Degree Trial Size Deodorant $.97

             Used : $1.00 Degree (not sure Sad smile)

                                 =FREE plus $.03 Overage each

(3) Lysol Wipes $2.52 Each

             Used: $1.50 Lysol Wipes ( no longer available)

                                 =$1.02 each

(1) Shirt for daughter not pictured  $4.00

(1)Coffeemate Creamer $2.78

             Used : FREE Coupon from Facebook Promo


Tax: $2.32

Total after coupons: $10.78 !

Savings of almost 80% !

This is a perfect example of how to use overage to get things you normally need anyway. (toilet paper …razors) I went specifically for the Lysol Wipes and ended up with a lot of great donation items! And Lily got  a shirt Smile 


*Thanks to my hubby for going through line and getting the second Similac , this will be perfect for my donation box I am planning on dropping off this weekend. *

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