Wednesday, May 4, 2011

~Kroger Mega Shopping:) ~

I headed back to Kroger today to pick up some more good deals. After I got home I realized the Oral B toothbrush must have been the wrong one because it didn’t count towards the mega event , which in turn ruined my mega event participating items so I didn’t get the $5 off. I didn’t notice until I got home simply because my total was so low I just assumed it all came off.  I went back to the store and switched the toothbrush with the correct one and got $5 back. It always pays to check your receipt before you leave.What I love about this trip is everything is healthy! Ok well maybe not all healthy I did have to throw in a bag of Easter clearance candy Smile Sure its not the healthiest but it’s a major step towards healthy for us, and this trip proves you don’t have to eat all junk to use coupons!



*Items participating in the Mega Event are marked with a *

* (4) Healthy Harvest Spaghetti $.99 each

* (2) Ronzoni SmartTaste Spaghetti $.99 each

* (2) Ronzoni SmartTaste Penne $.99 Each

* (2) Mom’s Best Natural Cereal $1.49 each

* (1) Clif Kids Zbar  $2.49

* (4) Reach Toothbrush  $1.00 each

* (4) Boulder Chips $1.49 Each

* (1) Oral B Toothbrush $2.99

(5) Listerine Pocketpaks $1.00 Each

(4) Better Oats $1.19 Each

(2) Palmers Choc Eggs $.45 each

(2lb ) Grapes $2.49

(1) Horizon  organic Chocolate Milk $3.99

*Our Kroger’s doubles coupons under a $.99 in value up to a $1 in final value*

-$10 Mega Event discount

-(4) $1.00/2 Various Ronzoni Coupons (Printable HERE)

- (2) $.75/1 Mom’s Natural Cereal (Printable HERE)

- (1) $1.00 Clif Kids (Printable HERE)

- (2) $2.00/2 Reach Toothbrushes ( no longer available)

- (4) $1.00 Boulder Chips  (Printable HERE)

- (1) $2.00 Oral B (Dentist gave to me)

- (5) $.50/1 Listerine Pocketpaks (Insert from awhile back)

- (4) $1.00 Better Oats (Printable HERE)

Total after coupons and discounts (and after exchanging the toothbrush):  $7.99 !!!     89% Savings !


This has to be the best trip I have had,not because I had 89% savings but because I was able to get natural and organic products. I am very proud this trip Smile


I am already planning my trip for next week, too bad I don’t have more computers to print more coupons Sad smile

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