Friday, May 27, 2011

~Walmart + more~

I have been desperate to find the Pampers Kandoo coupons that were in the April 3rd P&G Insert  (free at Kroger) Finally I decided to try the Trading forum over at We Use Coupons,a wonderful lady traded me TWELVE Pampers Kandoo coupons and Eight Huggies Pull Up Wipes coupons!! I was so excited!  I knew the Kandoo was FREE at Kroger until May 28th, but I wasn’t to sure where to get a deal on the Huggies Pull Up Wipes. So after a quick SwagBucks search I found a great deal at Walmart Smile

I wanted to get them as cheap as possible so I dug through my binder to find any coupons that would give me overage.


(2) Tidy Cat Litter $1.77 each

       Used $2.00 Tidy Cat (Facebook no longer available)=FREE plus $.23 overage each

(4) Reach Floss $.88 each

        Used $1.00 Reach Floss (tearpad) = FREE plus $.12 overage each

(1) Dove Travel Bar $.97

         Used $1.00 Dove (sent from company)=FREE plus $.03 Overage each

(1) Similac $3.84

         Used $5.00 Similac (4-3-11)=FREE plus $1.16 overage

(1) Secret $.97

         Used $1.00 Secret (P&G Booklet)=FREE plus $.03 overage

(1) Gain $.97

          Used $1.00 Gain (P&G booklet) = FREE plus $.03 each

(1) Dora Cup on clearance $.75

(8) Huggies Pull Up Wipes $1.64 Each

          Used : $1.00 Huggies Pull Up Wipes (SS 5-15-11)=$.64 Each

Total: $6.23 (tax was $1.55)

78% Savings

Looking at it now I see the cashier missed a $1 coupon, but Im still happy with my trip.

I also stopped by Kroger and got my Kandoo wipes. Regularly $1.79 on sale for $1.00 used $1.00 coupon=FREE  Savings of 100% =  $12.53

I still have 5 coupons left and will go later tonight and get more. I hate to use that many coupons at once so I figured I would swing by later and get the rest. Now If I wasn’t so scared to start potty training we would ready to start Smile

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