Monday, May 23, 2011

~Meijer Trip~

I have been sick for last week so I have a few trips to post and will try to do to that later tonight but for now here is my Meijer trip.

I have to say while I was there I came across two women with their binders and coupons in hand. At first I was happy to see someone using coupons and saving money, then I looked at their carts…they had to have at least 20 if not more jars of salsa . Ok I know its free after coupon BUT Meijer only doubles the first 2 like coupons, so they had to do at least 5 different transactions  each. This to me is a little much, you don’t need 20 jars of salsa (I really want to say they had more then that but I'm being conservative) even if you did need that much I could never ask a cashier to do 5 different transactions just to get around a coupon policy. Coupon policy’s are there for a reason and the more people who are greedy and work around them, the more trouble we as couponers will have.  Sure enough as I was headed for the checkout they were standing at the end of the line I wanted to get in , practically blocking the checkout with their two carts.  As they were separating their orders I went around them. I wanted to hang around just to see if they really did that many orders but I was feeling pretty rough so we went ahead and left.


(2) Visine Travel Size $2.00 Each

      Used $2.00 ON Any Visine (Printable HERE)=FREE

(1) Clif Z Bar $.79

       Used: $.50 Clif z Bar  (Red Plum 5-22)=FREE

(2) Chi Chi Salsa $.99 Each

        Used : $.50 Chi Chi Salsa (5/15/11 SS)= FREE

(1) Chi Chi Tortillas $1.89

        Used : $.50 Chi Chi Tortillas(5/15/11 SS)=FREE

(6) Ball Park Franks  $.98 Each

        Used (5) $.75 Any Ball Park (Printable HERE)

           (1) $.55 Any Ball Park (no longer available)

               = (3) FREE (3) $.23 Each

(3)Juicy Juice $2.50 Each

(1) Juicy Juice $2.16 

       Used : $2.00/4 Juicy Juice (Printable HERE)

       And $2.00/4 Meijer Mealbox = $1.41 each

(2) Kelloggs Fiberplus Cereal $2.50 each

       Used $.70 FiberPlus (RP 04/17/11) = $1.50 each

(2) Kelloggs Touch of fruit $2.50 each

       Used: Buy one get one free (Vocalpoint coupon)

       =$1.25 each

(2) Ritz Bits $2.50 each

       Used $1.00/2 Ritz  (SS 05/15/11) = $2.00 each

(1) Crackerfuls $2.50

       Used $1.50 Crackerfuls (not sure?) = $1.00

(1) Kraft Shredded Cheese $2.00

(1) Kraft Cheese Block $2.00

       Used $1.00/2 Kraft Cheese (peelie) = $1.50 each

(3) Aunt Millies Buns  Buy one get two free $3.39

(1) Head of Lettuce  $.99

(1) Kashi Go Lean Bar $1.00

(1) Organic Kids Tea  $2.99


Save $3.00 instantly when you buy two Kelloggs and two juicy juice.


Total: $26.32

Saved : $63.60

59% Savings


There is also a rebate for the FiberPlus so will be getting that back also Smile

I could have done separate transactions and got all the Ball Park free but I really hate doing that and $.23 a pack is a really great price.  Also I was hoping I got $3 twice for the juicy juice Kellogg deal since I bought four of each but no only one $3 came off. I kinda figured that but my coupons were off of four so I may go back and do that deal again with different coupons.

*To find the Ball Park $.75 coupon click on the link above and there should be  a Ball Park Banner at the top of the page wait until it says save $.75 then click it and it will take you to the page. If the banner is not showing up keep refreshing the page until I does. That may take a few times.*

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