Thursday, December 6, 2012

Campbell’s skillet sauces review



As a BzzAgent I signed up for a Campbell's Skillet Sauces campaign. I was a little hesitate because this was little out of my comfort zone, but im trying to be a little more adventurous for my families sake. We received two packages of the Campbell's Skillet Sauces, Masala and Toasted Sesame. My husband and I decided we wanted to try the Masala , so we cooked up some chicken and added the Masala skillet sauce. Reduce heat and cover for another 5 minutes or so until chicken was cooked. Super easy! I love easy. We decided to serve our Chicken Masala on a bed of egg noodles with a side of corn. I have to be honest, I thought it was tasty, but I couldn't eat much of it. Maybe I was just having a bad day or maybe it was to far out of my comfort zone . I am not sure why I didn't enjoy it as much but my husband sure did! My daughter is a little like me, on the picky side, she ate some but not really on her own. I liked it but I think I would try a different flavor, we still have the toasted sesame. Also the fire roasted tomato sounds really good!

What did I love? 1. It was super easy to cook up. 2. It’s an easy alternative to boring ol chicken 3. my husband loved it

What didn’t I love? It just didn’t seem to be for me, I've never had masala before so maybe I'm just no a fan.

Overall I would make it again but probably just for my husband, but I am open to trying another kind.

Wanna learn more about Campbell’s Skillet Sauces? Check out their site for more information HERE

And check out Campbell’s Kitchen for a $.75 coupon HERE

*Im a BzzAgent  and I . #GotitFree *

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Perdue Oven Ready Products


As a member of BzzAgent I was given the opportunity to try Perdue Oven Ready products. Oh my how excited was I to try these!

November 2012 002

Perdue Oven Ready products are pre-seasoned so no need to do any prep work! Just remove the Oven ready bag from the packaging , cut a slit in it, and pop in the oven! Simple as that!

We really wanted to try the Boneless Chicken Breast but my store did not sell it Sad smile so we settled for the Turkey roast.  The turkey was absolutely sooo good and I am really glad I picked it up instead of searching all over town.

November 2012 006

So moist and juicy! We paired ours with the traditional mashed potatoes and peas. Biscuits or croissants would have been so good with it , but I forgot until it was to late.

November 2012 010

Even Lily ate every bite! Definitely putting this on the menu again, it was a very easy HEALTHY  meal for us.


*I am a BzzAgent and received items to review for this campaign. Thanks BzzAgent and Perdue! #GotitFree *

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Intense Hydration-Update


A  week or so ago I told you I was a BzzAgent and was offered an opportunity to try out Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration. I wanted to post an update. I have been so busy the past few weeks I really feel like I have so much on my plate my to do list just keeps growing!  Im ashamed to admit I am horrible at keeping up with the typical “beauty” routines. However I am very proud of myself for keeping to a normal routine with these products. Its been roughly two weeks since I started this “challenge” and I am still very pleased! My face has never felt this moisturized. My favorite thing is still the smell , I absolutely love the smell of this stuff! It is very relaxing. I am noticing my face is not only smoother to the touch but also pores seem smaller & the fine lines are gradually disappearing!

My only complaint is the night cream is very ,for lack of better word, sticky when applied. However it only takes a minute to blend into your skin.

Stay tuned for another update in about a week Smile maybe with pictures!

Check out Burt’s Bees website to get a coupon! Only available for two more days!


*I am BzzAgent and received these products to review. #GotitFree *

Clip P&G coupons & save!




When you download 4 P&G coupons to your Kroger plus card and share with friends they will give you a $2 credit! Super easy way to save! Remember you can not stack digital coupons with paper coupon, so you want to download ones you do not have a paper coupon for or give you a better savings.Smile

Go HERE to clip yours!

FREE Pampers Wipes & More!


Kroger is having an awesome P&G sale this week. Buy 4 save $4…now at first glance I saw nothing exciting about this. However after reading other blogs-mainly KrogerKrazy – I found out we can get FREE Pampers wipes! and some other good deals!

Pampers Wipes $.99 when you buy 4

-Use $.50 coupon from 10/28 P&G insert = FREE

Secret Deodorant $1.29 when you buy 4

-Use $.50 coupon from 10/28 P&G insert= $.29

Scope Mouthwash $1.99 when you buy 4

-Use $1.50 coupon from 11/4 Red Plum insert = $.49

I made a trip last night and bought 4 pampers wipes, 2 scope mouthwash, and 2 Secret deodorants all for under $2! I still have some coupons so I will make another trip sometime this week.

There are lots of other good deals, check them all out HERE.



Thanks KrogerKrazy!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Kroger Mega Event

The Kroger What A Deal mega event continues this week. I've been super busy and still have not been able to sit down and write all the deals I want to take advantage of. But I did get to make  a trip late last night..

blog 003

Mega Items:

(2) International delight $2.99 each

(4) Hormel Cook Off Chili $1.49 each

(2) Hormel Turkey Chili $1.37 each

(6) Mom’s Best cereals $1.79 each

(2) Boulder Chips $1.99 each

(2) Jello Pudding $1.99 each

(2) Dove Men Shower tool $3.49 each

- $10 for buying 20 items

Used coupons:

(2) $2.50 Any Dove men wash or tool (no longer available)

(2) $1.00 Boulder chips (Facebook)

(2) $1.50/3 Mom’s Best (HERE)

(3) $1.00/2 Hormel Chili (Blinkie coupon)

(1) $1.00/2 Jello (Blinkie Coupon)

(2) $.55 International Delight (Blinkie Coupon)

Total: $14.36

Other good deals

blog 006

Sorry for the horrible picture I was so so very tired last night.  I found a few clearance items. The spatulas are normally $7.99 each! Clearance for $2.40 each. Apple peeler was $3.79 on clearance. The cereal & treat bars were  $1.00.

Im hoping to go back tonight. Smile

Monday, October 29, 2012

Kroger Mega Sale

Kroger is having another good mega sale this week. I haven't had time to really sit down and figure out ALL the deals but I had to make a quick run before the storm hit. I think I did pretty good for literally looking at other blog’s matchups and gathering coupons all within 30 minutes.

blog 001 

-Items on Mega Event-

(4) Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $1.19 each

(2) International Delight $2.99 each

(2) ALL detergent $2,99 each

(4) Swanson Broth $1.99 each

(2) Jello Pudding $1.99 each

(2) Mom’s natural Cereal $1.79 each

(2) Crescent Rolls $2.38 each

(1) Domino Sugar $2,99

(1) Ronzoni Noodles $1.19


-Items not on Mega Event-

Tyson Chicken $4.06

Kroger Saltines $1.39

Dt Mt Dew $1.69

-$10.00 for buying 20 Mega event items ($5 for every 10)

-$3.00/2 ALL Detergents (no longer available)

(2) $.55 International Delight (Blinkie coupon)

(2) $1.00/2 Swanson Broth ( PRINTABLE HERE)

(2) $1.00/2 Ronzoni (PRINTABLE HERE)

(1) $1.00/2 Jello snacks (Blinkie Coupon)

(1) $.40/2 Pillsbury Crescents (Better coupon HERE)

Total $28.18

Savings of 58%  $39.12

I think considering the creamer, noodles,and broth were already on my grocery list I did a really good job! Im hoping to get a good list together and go for another trip. I use a lot of broth and Green Giant vegetables are also on the sale for $.49 after the savings. I plan on stocking up.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


I recently discovered BzzAgent , how can I describe something so wonderful!?!  I have been a member for less then 2 months and I have already received so many great campaigns! 

BzzAgent is a social marking company. Pretty much they invite you to campaigns to try products , you try the products and give feedback .  They also include coupons & samples to share with your friends and family!

I hope to be posting a lot more about my Bzzagent duties (or campaigns ) I just got my newest campaign. Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration . I absolutely can not wait until tonight when I lock myself in the bathroom and try it out!


Burt's Bee's

I am a BzzAgent and I  #GotitFree  Smile

Have I told you…

about Smiley360?  I LOVE Smiley360!  So what is Smiley360?  Smiley360 is a special community where people participate in “missions” receiving free products in exchange for their opinions! This gets people talking about the products and brands and gives feedback to the manufacturer.

Personally I have participated in a few missions and I love it! So easy and I love voicing my opinion! Would you like to join? Click here to sign up! 



*This post contains my referral link, I appreciate you supporting AllForLily.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~Kroger Mega Event!~

Kroger is having another great Mega Event, sorry I have had a very busy past two weeks. I had planned on posting days ago Sad smile  I have made quite a few trips to Kroger this week.

Trip 1 (Sorry no picture)

(2) Lunchables with fruit $2.99 each

(8) Kraft Cheese $1.99 each

(1) Yoplait Kids yogurt $2.00

(1) Good and Natural Bar $1.00

(1) Clif Z bar $.69

(1) Clif Z fruit $.69

(1) Dial Soap $.88

(1) Stayfree $1.99

(1) Dole Tropical fruit $2.39

(1) Dole Mandarin oranges $2.95

(1) Hot dog buns

Used Coupons

FREE Good and natural bar –$1.00 *RP 08/12/12

$1.00/2 Lunchables *peelie

(2) $1.00/2 Kraft cheese *blinkie

$.35 Yoplait Kids *RP 9/29/12

$.50 Clif Z fruit *SS 08/19/12 R

$.50 Clif Z bar *SS 08/19/12 R

$.35 Dial soap *Not sure

$.75/2 Dole Fruit *not sure

(3) $1.00 Kraft cheese *no longer available

-$5 Mega event savings

Total $19.87

Received $10.00 Kraft Catalina

* I had a $2.00 Stayfree coupon, which is the only reason I got them (donation item) but I just now noticed it didn’t scan Sad smile 


Trip two

september2012 003

Lunchable $2.99

(2) Hormel Pepperoni  $2.98

(2) Kraft Cheese $1.99

(2) Kraft cream cheese $1.79

(2) Green Giant Steamers $1.99

(1) Kroger Pretzel $1.99

(1) Jtm hoagies $5.59

(2) Boulder Chips $1.99

(4) Clif z bars $.69

(1) Good and natural bar $1.00

(1) Stayfree $1.99 *Donation!

(1) Kroger sugar $3.59

(1) Kroger flour $3.09

(1) Kraft Parm Cheese $3.57

(1) Kroger Pizza Sauce $.99

(2) Kroger Milk $1.19 *Cheaper then buying a gallon!

(1) Poligrip $1.99 *Donation!

(2) Kroger bread $.49

(1) Egglands eggs $2.39

(1) Kroger turkey bacon $2.38

Used Coupons

- $5.00 for buying 10 mega items (Kraft cheese, cream cheese,green giant,parm cheese,lunchables, boulder chips)

-FREE turkey bacon –$2.38  *Kroger mailer

-FREE Good and natural bar *she only took off $.69 Sad smile

-FREE Poligrip *she took off $2.60 ? Smile 

-$2.00 Stayfree *SS 08/26/12

-(2) $.55 Hormel Pepperoni

-$1.00 Lunchable with smoothie *SS 08/19/12 R

-$.50 Philly cream cheese *HERE

-(2) $.50 Green Giant Veggie product *no longer available

-(2) $1.00 Boulder chips *HERE

-$.50 Clif z

-$1.00/3 Clif z bars

$10.00 Kraft catalina from last transaction

Total $21.99

Received $2 Kraft catalina

Now that I am looking at this receipt none of the coupons on it make sense…I think she just put in wrong amounts for the free coupons and then overrode other coupons…so Im not sure if I paid to much or if I can out ahead. Very confusing!


Trip three

september2012 005

(1) Hormel Compleats $1.49

(2) Yabosaba $1.09 each

(2) Pasta sides $1.00 each

(1)Stayfree $1.99 *Donation!

(1) Dial  Soap $ 2.34

(1) potatoes $2.99

Donated $1.00 to Breast Cancer

Coupons used:

$1.00 Hormel Compleats *no longer available

(2) $.50 Yabosaba

(1) $2.00 Stayfree

FREE Dial soap kroger mailer

$2.00 Kraft catalina from last transaction

Total $4.65


Trip four

september2012 007


(1) Brawny $6.49

(4) Green Giant Seasoned steamers $1.99

(2) Boulder chips $1.99

(1) Banquet chicken patties $3.99

(1) Banquet Chicken nuggets $3.99

(1) Skyline $3.49

(1) Cascade $3.87

(1) Frenchs mustard $1.99

(1) Gerber graduates $2.00

(1) Big K $.87

(1) Idahoan potato cup $.89

Coupons used

$5.00 for buying 10 mega items

$3.00 off $15 frozen foods

$2.00 Brawny –Kroger home mailer

(4) $.75 Green Giant  HERE

(2) $1.00 Boulder Chips Here

(1) $.30 French's mustard

(1) $1.00 Gerber graduates –Kroger coupon

Total $19.92


Last trip

septblog 003

(2) Hersheys simple pleasures $3.00

(4) Cereal Bars $1.99

(4) Pringles multgrain $1.49

Coupons used

-$5.00 for buying ten mega events

(2) $2.00 Hershey’s Simple *SS 08/19/12

(4) $.50 GM Cereal bars * SS 09/09/12

(4) $.75 Pringles *RP 09/09/12 R

total: $2.92

*I'm using the candy and pringles for Lily's birthday party! Smile

Monday, August 27, 2012

~Kroger & Kmart Trips~

Kroger’s weekly ad started today, I had to run to Kmart anyway so we walked on over to Kroger to score some deals. LOTS of 50% deals this week!

augustblog 001

(1) Sparkle Paper Towels $3.09

(1) Frigo String Cheese $3.50

(2) Dial Soap $.88 each

(1) Bread $.49

(1) Stayfree $1.99  *Great donation!*

(12) Sobe $1.00 each

(3) Lipton Green Tea $1.00

(5) Kelloggs Fruit Snacks $1.49 each

(3) Duncan Hines $1.19 each

Sale buy 10 Sobe,Lipton tea..etc get 5 free


(1) $1.00 Sparkle (Blinkie coupon)

(2) $.35 dial ( red plum 8/19/2012)

(2) $.35 Duncan Hines product HERE

(1) $.55 Duncan Hines Brownie (No longer available)

(5) $1.00 Kelloggs Fruit Snacks (tearpad)

(1) $.55 Frigo (Smartsource 8-12-12)

(1) $2.00 Stayfree (Smartsource 07/22/2012 )

(5) $1.00/2 Sobe (Blinkie)

$5.00 Kraft foods catalina from last week

Total $10.77

Saved $53.04    84% savings!!

Im very excited for this trip!! Sobe and the green tea are my favorite drinks but I never NEVER have room for them in my budget but with my coupons and this sale I DID!

My Sobe coupons I have been collecting for such a sale, every time I went to the store I would take one or two, I never took them all at once . Ive been collecting them for about a month , very surprised they lasted that long. I have one or two coupons left . I hope I can go back and get more before this sales over.

The fruit snack coupons were from a booklet I believe, I got them off eBay. I don’t recommend buying them but I got 20 for $2 , and this is something we buy very regularly.

The Frigo string cheese is normally $6!!  That’s crazy to me, I'm thinking about getting some more while its cheap .



I forgot to take a picture of my Kmart trip . The cashier told me on my last trip that I had $5 in points expiring today , and then when I got home I had an email saying I was awarded with $5 in points to use in apparel so I guess that was the $5 the cashier was telling me about.  I decided to try and find something for Lily. I refuse to let money expire! I really wanted to find  her shoes for her birthday but settled for a really cute Dora  Shirt and pants for next year, after my points I spent $2.72. Keep an eye on your emails, this is the 3rd or 4th time I have gotten points for doing nothing !


Budget spent: $13.49

Budget remaining: $34.01

Sunday, August 26, 2012

~Meijer Trip~


I made a trip to Meijer to take advantage of the  Kraft Catalina, We use a lot of cheese and it has a long expiration date on it. Even though we do use a lot I really didn’t want to go through line with 10 bags of cheese Smile with tongue out  I mixed a few different items so I could get the Catalina AND get a few items we needed. My husband came with me for this trip so I decided to do two separate orders so I didn’t have to worry about making a special trip up to use it.

August 2012 155

1st transaction

(6) Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.88 each

(2) Deli Fresh lunchmeat $2.50 each

(2) Kraft Singles $2.50 each


     (3) $1.00/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese

     (2) $1.00 Kraft singles

     (2) $1.00 Deli Fresh

Total: $14.28

Received $10.00 Catalina   ------> details HERE


August 2012 156

I picked up a few items we needed for the week , and decided to take advantage of the Catalina again.

(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese $1.88  each

(1) Kraft Singles $2.50 each

(2) Vlastic  Pickles $2.42 each

(1) Meijer Fruit Snacks $1.85

(1) Bath Sponge $.99

(1) Folgers Coffee $8.99

(1) Hidden Valley Ranch $1.43

(1) Apples $4.49

(1) fountain drink $.99

(1) Bic Flame Disk $3.99


$2.00/2 Vlastic (mPerks)

FREE Bic Flame Disk (SS 8-26-2012)

$1.00/2 Kraft Shredded cheese

$1.00 Kraft Singles

$10.00 Catalina from 1st transaction

Total: $ 18.22

Received $2.00 Kraft Foods Catalina 



Budget used $32.50

Budget remaining $47.50

Friday, August 24, 2012

~Kmart Trip~


I took advantage of great deal at Kmart, and got some clearance Lily clothes! !
augustblog 004

(2) Glade Diffuser  Buy one get one free $8.49

(2) Glade air freshener Buy one get one free $4.49

(3) Velveeta Shells and cheese  $2.00 each

(2) Propel Zero $2.50 each

(1) Kitchen towel $1.25

(1) Aristocrats nightgown $4.79

(1) Spongebob shirt $2.39

(1) Princess pajamas $2.99

*Kmart doubles up 5 coupons when you buy $25 or more (this is before coupons!)*

Used $5.00 Kids advantage email coupon

          $5.00 Glade Diffuser  HERE

          $3.00 Glade starter kit HERE

         (2) $1.00 Propel Zero 6pk (insert months ago)

         (3) $1.00 Velveeta Shells and Cheese HERE

Total: $14.19

Received $ 1.00 on your next order from Glade (buy two get $1)

$2.00 on your next order from Kraft foods  info HERE

They have tons of clothes 40% off already clearance prices! The $5 email coupon I have had for awhile and forgot exactly what it was for, I remember it just said kids merchandise.

I had a ton of issues with my coupons scanning, the new barcode NEVER seems to scan at my store.  She had to key in the Velveeta and the Kids advantage coupon. And it took her awhile to do that. She was really nice though so no complaining Smile

She also told me I had $5 in points expiring in next three days so I have to go back soon. Hoping there is a good paper products deal next week.

On another blog I saw you can use two of the Glade coupons even though one is free. I know how much trouble I have at my store so I decided not to try it.

~ HOT Kraft Foods Catalina!~


I have already taken advantage of this at a couple different stores, I'm loving it!

Buy participating Kraft Foods products between 08/19/2012 and 09/15/12 and save up to $10.00 on a future order with coupon,

Purchase requirements:

Buy (3-5) & get $2.00

(6-9) & get $5.00

(10) or more & get $10

On a future order with coupon.

There are lots of participating products, check out all the details HERE

~Kroger Run~


When I saw the hot new coupons I knew I had to make another Kroger run. Luckily I found some of my cash stashed in my wallet so I stayed in my budget!

 augustblog 003

All of my items were Mega Event items

            *Buy ten get $5 off*

(6) Oscar Meyer Turkey Hot Dog $1.99 each

(2) International Delight $2.99 Each

(1) Kroger Singles $1.79

(1) Diet Mt Dew 2 liter $1.50

-$5 for buying ten items

- (3) $1.00/2 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs HERE

- (2) $1.50 International delight HERE

-$4.00 in on your next order (previous transactions)

= $9.21

Received $5.00 on your next order Catalina *this is an awesome Kraft foods deal I will post next Smile 

Hot dogs freeze well, we use a couple packs a month , and the date on these is October so these keep us set for a couple months.

The International delight coupons was available the other day, but it was only printing for some so not real sure if its still available.

~HOT new coupons!!~


There are quite a few HOT new coupons available and I suggest printing them soon. I doubt they last long. The expiration is a short one though so if you do not think you will have time this week to shop, then you might want to sit this one out Smile

There are extremely rare and high value coupons! I was so excited I went shopping ! Smile with tongue out

- $1.00/2 Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs 16 oz

- $1.00 Velveeta shells and cheese Dinner

- $1.00 Capri Sun product 10pk

- $1.00/2 Kraft Shredded Cheese

These are all available on so go clip!!

I already scored with these at Kmart & Kroger. Post coming shortly Smile

~Meijer run~

I had $20 left in my weekly budget (I later found some cash stuffed in my wallet I didn’t realize I still had.) and needed a few more items so while I was there I ran into some awesome clearance deals . I also picked up some birthday presents.

augustblog 002

*The good deals*

Aunt Millies bread $1.50 each

Kraft Parmesan Cheese $3.59

     Used $.50 Peelie & $.35 Mperks

augustblog 001


*Clearance finds*

Polar Wind window fan $21.00

Fruitables 24 variety pack juice $5.00

Cincinnati Reds backpack  $7.87

Cincinnati Reds animal $5.25


I was most excited about the clearance, we LOVE the window fan . We already had one and it really helps cool the house down without AC on. I needed a birthday gift for a huge Cincinnati Reds fan so that was amazing!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

~Mega Event part 2~

I made two trips to two different Kroger stores today to take advantage of some mega event deals. My normal store is a very small store so I went to the bigger one in hopes of finding some ideas my store does not carry.

1st Trip today

August 2012 010

*Trips are combined in the pictures*

(3) Huggies Baby Wipes $2.49 Each

(2) Bisquick  Shake and pour $2.25 Each

(2) Pillsbury Biscuit Sandwiches $1.99 Each

(2) Pillsbury Scrambles $1.99 each

(4) General Mills Treats $2.39 each

(4) Nabisco Snack Paks $1.49 each

(1) Motts Apple Juice $2.29 each

(2) Smart Balance Milk $2.49 each

*Coupons used*

(2)  $.75 Huggies Wipes (online can’t remember where)

(1) $.50 Huggies Wipes (SS 08/12/12)

(2) $.60 Bisquick (HERE)

(2) $.55 Pillsbury Scrambles (GM 08/05/12)

(2) FREE Pillsbury Biscuit Sandwich (not sure where I got these)

(4) $.50 General Mills Treats (GM 08/05/12)

(2) $.75/2 Nabisco Cookies/Crackers (SS 08/05/12 R)

(1) $1.00  Motts Juice (online no longer available)

(2) $1.50 Smart Balance (SS 08/05/12 R)

$2.00 & $1.00 on your next orders from previous orders.

-$10 for buy 20 Mega Items

Total: $7.07

*I also should receive $2.05 in my SavingStar account for various items.

*For some reason the cashier took off $2.69 each for the free coupons, have no idea where she got that from…


2nd trip

August 2012 006August 2012 011

(4) Oscar Meyer Turkey Hot Dogs $2.49 each

(2) Ronzoni Noodles $.99 each

(1) Lysol Wipes $2.68

(4) Nature Valley Protein bars $2.49 each

(2) Fiber one chewy bars $2.49 each

(2) Motts Apple Sauce to go $2.49 each

(1) Mountain Dew 2 liter $1.50

(1) International delight $2.99

(1) Welches Jelly $2.15

(2) Smart Balance Milk $2.49 each

*Other items*

Buns $1.00

Hoagy Buns $1.00

Egglands eggs $2.49

(2) Bread $.49 each

*Coupons used*

$.35 Welches Jelly (RP 07/29/12)

(2)$1.50 Smart Balance Milk (SS 08/05/12 )

$1.00 Lysol Wipes (Kroger mailer)

(4) $.50 Nature Valley (SS 07/15/12)

(2) $.50 Fiber chewy (GM 08/05/12)

-$10 for buying 20 Mega items

Total: $36.21

and received $2.00 on your next order from Kraft foods for buying Oscar Meyer hot dogs.

and $2.00 on your next order for buying 4 Nature Valley bars

I had two $1.00 coupons for the Motts applesauce but I forgot to give them to her Sad smile

~Kroger Mega Event~

The “What a Deal” Mega Event started last week at Kroger and continues this week. This is the best mega event I have seen in awhile, I was so excited !  I stocked up on a lot of things. Some things we wouldn’t necessary use on a regular basic but because it was such a good deal I stocked up. My husband takes his lunch to work everyday to avoid spending so much money at the machines. So most of the snacks will be for his lunches . When I used to work at the same factory he works at I could easily spend $10 a DAY on drinks and food. It was crazy.

August 2012 003

Here is what I got my first trip.

*Mega Event Items*

(4) Mott’s Juice  $2.29 Each

(1) Smart Balance Milk $2.49

(6) Nabisco Sack Paks $1.49 each

(4) Nature Valley Granola Bars/Thins $2.49 each

(2) Oreida Grillers $2.49 each

(1) Lucky Charms Treats $2.49

(4) Betty Crocker Potatoes $2.17 each

(3) Birdseye Corn $1.49 each

(4) Ragu $1.77 each

(1) Welches Jelly $1.65

*Other items*

(1) Manwich $1.07

(4) Del Monte Peas $1.00 Each

(1) Bread $1.00

(1) Buns $1.00

(1) Egglands best eggs $2.49


*Coupons used*

$.35 Welches Jelly (RP 07/29/12)

$.60/2 Ragu (RP 07/29/12)

$.40/2 Ragu (RP 07/29/12)

$1.00/3 Birdeyes Veggies (Kroger Mailer)

(2) $.50/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes (HERE)

$.50 General Mills Treats (GM 08/05/12)

(2) $1.00 Oreida Grillers (Family Fun magazine)

(2) $.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars/Thins (SS 07/15/12)

(3) $.75/2 Nabisco Cookies/Crackers (SS 08/05/12 R)

(1) $1.50 Smart Balance Milk (SS 08/05/12)

(4) $1.00 Motts Juice or Sauce (Two different online coupons no longer available *I think)

-$15.00 for buying 30 Mega items

Total :$37.46

Saved: $52.37   58% Savings

I also received $1.00 on your next order coupon for buying four Del Monte

and $2.00 on your next order for buying four Nature Valley

I am not sure how long these last.

I was really happy with this trip, I was able to get stuff we need, snacks for Lily's birthday party, and my husbands favorite snacks for work.

~Making a Comeback~

I’ve been gone for a few months, as you all could see. I've been struggling balancing everything.  Lily is now almost 3 years old and is pretty much attached to my hip 24/7, which I love most of the time, but I struggle with having time for my hobbies. I am going to try and make myself make time for blogging. So hang on tight, don’t give up on me…I'm back Smile

So since I have been gone deals have been very hard to come by, I got into a bad coupon funk, and I just really didn’t care anymore. I have been having a very hard time staying within my budget Sad smile  We are trying  very hard to eat healthier and eat less processed foods , that just makes my budget seem very unattainable.

However this past week the Kroger mega event and a bunch of really good coupons lately have given me hope Smile  I will hopefully be sharing some of my other adventures I have been exploring. Lots of DIY and crafty stuff coming up!! 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

~Taking a break~

As you have probably noticed, I have decided to take a short break on blogging. I hope it will not be to long of a break but as Lily grows I am finding less and less time to be on the computer. I really enjoy blogging so I hope to find a balance soon. Thank you all Smile

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

~Save $4 at Kroger for telling friends~



Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! Kroger is having a great P&G special this week, Buy 4 save $4, but it gets even better! When you add four P&G ecoupons to your plus card AND tell four friends about the promotion get $4 off any order ecoupon added to your card! Click here to start adding your coupons, after you click load to card it will ask for four friends names/emails. LOVE free money!