Monday, August 27, 2012

~Kroger & Kmart Trips~

Kroger’s weekly ad started today, I had to run to Kmart anyway so we walked on over to Kroger to score some deals. LOTS of 50% deals this week!

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(1) Sparkle Paper Towels $3.09

(1) Frigo String Cheese $3.50

(2) Dial Soap $.88 each

(1) Bread $.49

(1) Stayfree $1.99  *Great donation!*

(12) Sobe $1.00 each

(3) Lipton Green Tea $1.00

(5) Kelloggs Fruit Snacks $1.49 each

(3) Duncan Hines $1.19 each

Sale buy 10 Sobe,Lipton tea..etc get 5 free


(1) $1.00 Sparkle (Blinkie coupon)

(2) $.35 dial ( red plum 8/19/2012)

(2) $.35 Duncan Hines product HERE

(1) $.55 Duncan Hines Brownie (No longer available)

(5) $1.00 Kelloggs Fruit Snacks (tearpad)

(1) $.55 Frigo (Smartsource 8-12-12)

(1) $2.00 Stayfree (Smartsource 07/22/2012 )

(5) $1.00/2 Sobe (Blinkie)

$5.00 Kraft foods catalina from last week

Total $10.77

Saved $53.04    84% savings!!

Im very excited for this trip!! Sobe and the green tea are my favorite drinks but I never NEVER have room for them in my budget but with my coupons and this sale I DID!

My Sobe coupons I have been collecting for such a sale, every time I went to the store I would take one or two, I never took them all at once . Ive been collecting them for about a month , very surprised they lasted that long. I have one or two coupons left . I hope I can go back and get more before this sales over.

The fruit snack coupons were from a booklet I believe, I got them off eBay. I don’t recommend buying them but I got 20 for $2 , and this is something we buy very regularly.

The Frigo string cheese is normally $6!!  That’s crazy to me, I'm thinking about getting some more while its cheap .



I forgot to take a picture of my Kmart trip . The cashier told me on my last trip that I had $5 in points expiring today , and then when I got home I had an email saying I was awarded with $5 in points to use in apparel so I guess that was the $5 the cashier was telling me about.  I decided to try and find something for Lily. I refuse to let money expire! I really wanted to find  her shoes for her birthday but settled for a really cute Dora  Shirt and pants for next year, after my points I spent $2.72. Keep an eye on your emails, this is the 3rd or 4th time I have gotten points for doing nothing !


Budget spent: $13.49

Budget remaining: $34.01

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