Sunday, August 19, 2012

~Making a Comeback~

I’ve been gone for a few months, as you all could see. I've been struggling balancing everything.  Lily is now almost 3 years old and is pretty much attached to my hip 24/7, which I love most of the time, but I struggle with having time for my hobbies. I am going to try and make myself make time for blogging. So hang on tight, don’t give up on me…I'm back Smile

So since I have been gone deals have been very hard to come by, I got into a bad coupon funk, and I just really didn’t care anymore. I have been having a very hard time staying within my budget Sad smile  We are trying  very hard to eat healthier and eat less processed foods , that just makes my budget seem very unattainable.

However this past week the Kroger mega event and a bunch of really good coupons lately have given me hope Smile  I will hopefully be sharing some of my other adventures I have been exploring. Lots of DIY and crafty stuff coming up!! 

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