Saturday, December 10, 2011

~More MainStreet Market Fun~


I made two more trips to Mainstreet Market yesterday and today. See my previous post HERE to get more details.


Yesterday I went ahead and went back to Mainstreet even though I really didn’t feel very good. I was really happy they were still stocked on what I went in for, but I left half my coupons at home Sad smile 

(2) Dt Mt Dew $1.65 Each

       Used $1.00/2 Mt Dew HERE = $.15 each after tripled coupon

(2) Yoplait Kids 2.35 Each

       Used $.75/2 Yoplait Kids = $1.22 Each after tripled coupon

(1) Purell with bonus $3.49

      Used $1.00 Purell = $.49 after tripled coupon

(4) Cambells Gravy $.65 Each

      Used $1.00/4 Campbells Gravy = FREE after tripled coupon

(2) Parm Cheese $2.99 Each

      Used $1.00 Parm Cheese = FREE after tripled coupon

(2) Hormel compleats $2.00

       Used (2) $.55 Hormel Kids = $.35 Each after tripled coupon

(1) Snausages $3.55

       Used $1.00 Snausages peelie = $.55 after tripled coupon

(2) Lysol Wipes $2.65

      Used (2) $1.00 Lysol = free after tripled coupon

(2) Energizer batteries $3.19 Each

       Used $1.00 Energizer =$.19 each after tripled coupon

(2) Sierra Mist $1.11 each

       Used $.55 Sierra Mist = FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Franks hot sauce $1.25

       Used $.50 Franks = FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Purina kit and kaboodle $4.95

       Used $1.00 Kit and Kaboodle =$1.95 after tripled coupon

(1) Gillette Shave cream $2.59

      Used $1.00 Gillette Shave = FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Mr clean eraser $3.09

      Used $1.00 Mr Clean = $.09 after tripled coupon

Total Paid $5.45

Saved $59.83    93%



Today I went to a different store with hopes that they had the Perdue nuggets I wanted. They did! However I only brought one coupon with me…Sad smile 

(2) International Delight $2.19

       Used $.75 Creamer coupon HERE = FREE after tripled coupon

(4) Dt Mt Dew $1.59 each

      Used (2) $1.00/2 Mt Dew HERE = $.15 each after tripled coupon

(2) Seirra Mist $1.11

      Used $.55 Sierra Mist = FREE after tripled coupon

(2) Lysol Wipes $2.65

      Used $1.00 Lysol Wipes = FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Perdue Nuggets $6.49

      Used $1.00 Perdue Item = $3.49 after tripled coupon

(1) Febreeze  Air Effects $2.99

      Used $1.00 Febreeze = FREE after triples coupon

(2) Heinz gravy $1.79 Each

      Used $1.00/2 Heinz = $.29 each after tripled coupon

(1) Franks hot sauce $1.25

     Used $.50 Franks = FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Energizer Battery $3.19

     Used $1.00 Energizer = $.19 after tripled coupon

(1) Huggies baby wipes $3..09

      Used $.75 Huggies = $.84

I paid $4.50

Saved $40.00        91%

Most of the coupons I used were non insert and tearpad coupons. Always keep your eyes open for those, even if you are not using it right then, I always take a couple (not the whole thing!) The Lysol Wipes coupons I had I found them at Walmart and another store, when I found them at Walmart there was 5 pads of the coupons. I took a few since there was so many and then I found them in another store too.

Total Mainstreet Triple Coupon Totals

before coupons = $281.92

After Coupons: $46.63            = 84%


~Thinagain Free Sample~



I'm not sure how much one little free sample will do for me, but I was excited for this one. I desperately need to get my butt in gear after the holidays!

Click HERE to send for your free sample of Thinagain

Thursday, December 8, 2011

~MainStreet Market - Triple Coupons!!~



MainStreet Market is having a triple coupon event again! Today (December 8th) thru the 10th. You can find out more detail HERE. Coupons $1.00 and less will triple , if the tripled coupon is more then the item price it will be adjusted . LIMIT ONE COUPON PER ITEM. Limit of TWO identical coupons for TWO identical items will triple. PLEASE follow these rules! Let everyone get in on the deals!  While we were shopping we met a women, and she shared that there was some pasta sauce in the next aisle that would be free with peelies. We thanked her and went and got some but we noticed she had at least 10 jars in her cart. It was nice of her to leave a couple for others and I am sure she just didn’t read the fine print, I'm not sure if they actually let her get all those free or not.


I am very happy with my trip, we got lots of stuff! I want to go back but its dark so I may go tomorrow.






(1) ALL laundry detergent $4.88

       Used $.75 All coupon = $2.63 after Tripled coupon

(1) Downy $3.99

      Used $1.00 Downy = $.99 after tripled coupon

(4) Diet Mountain Dews $1.65 each

      Used (2) $1.00/2 Mt Dew HERE = $.15 Each after tripled coupon

(1) Cheerios $2.99

      Used $1.00 Cheerios = FREE after tripled coupon

(2) International Delight Creamer $2.19 Each

      Used $.75 International HERE  = 2 FREE after tripled

(1) Smuckers Strawberry Jelly $2.69

(1) Smuckers Grape $2.85

      Used $1.00/2 Smuckers = $1.27 Each after tripled coupon

(2) Nestles Morsels $2.00 Each

      Used $1.00/2 Nestle = $.50 Each after tripled coupon

(1) Mids Spaghetti Sauce $2.99

      Used $1.00 Peelie = FREE after tripled coupon

(2) Brawny (3 rolls) $4.53 Each

      Used $1.00 Brawny =$1.53 Each after tripled coupon

(3) Parm Cheese $2.99 Each

      Used $1.00 Kraft Parm Cheese =FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Celestial Tea $3.69

     Used $1.00 Celestial Coupon =$.69 after tripled coupon

(1) Cascade $3.99

     Used $.75 Cascade = $1.74 after tripled coupon

(1) Purell with bonus $3.49

     Used $1.00 Purell =$.49 After tripled coupon

(1) Jet Dry Rinse $ 3.69

   Used $1.00 Jet Dry = $.69 after tripled coupon

(3) Fruitables $3.99 Each

    Used $1.00 Fruitables Coupon =$.99 after tripled coupon

(2) Minute Maid Juice  $ 3.79 Each

    Used $1.00 Minute Maid Coupon HERE = $.79 Each after tripled coupons

(4) Hormel Compleats $2.00 Each

    Used (2) $1.00/2 Hormel = $.50 Each after tripled coupon

(1) Hormel Kids Compleat $2.00

   Used $.55 Hormel Kids = $.35 after tripled coupon

(2) Lysol Wipes $2.69 Each

  Used  (2) $1.00 Lysol Coupon = FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Chips ahoy $ 3.79

   Used $1.00 Chips ahoy = $.79 after tripled coupon

(1) Pep farm cracker chips $2.99

   Used $1.00 Pep Farm Cracker coupon= FREE after tripled coupon

(1) Kit and Kaboodle Cat Food $4.95

   Used $1.00 Kit coupon= $1.95 after tripled coupon

(1) Speed Stick $2.45

  Used $.75 Speed Stick =$.25 after tripled coupon

(2) Hot wheels $1.39 buy one get one free

*Items not pictured*

(1) Sara Lee apple Pie $5.99

   Used $1.00 Sara Lee = $2.99 after tripled coupon

(2) New York garlic bread $3.29 buy one get one free   

    Used $.40 New York = $1.05 Each after tripled coupon

(3) Oscar Meyer Hot Dogs $ 3.49 Buy 1 get 2 FREE

(1) Curious George fruit Snacks $1.85

My total was $175 something and then  after coupons and everything my total was $36 Smile Most of the coupons I used were tearpads or non insert coupons. My mom got the 3rd juice and 3rd parm cheese for me. My total may be a little off just because I got items for her and she got things for me so that we stayed in the only two identical coupons rule. Again I don’t know for sure if they are sticking by that rule this time or not, last time they didn’t. I am very happy with this!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

~Shopping Today~ Target ,Kroger,Kmart~


Target’s Facebook page has an awesome coupon available! Get a $10 gift card when you buy $50 worth of merchandise , the best part? This can be $50 BEFORE coupons! Just hand over this coupon first. This is only available until Dec 3rd. Lots of issues printing it, I had to use internet explorer and I have heard people saying they had to keep refreshing so If you have issues you can try that. My order was over $50 even after coupons but I had plans on buying the nightgown and tank top anyway. The only thing I would not have bought in the next week would have been the Qtips, and yes they will probably last us quite a few years, but I wanted to take advantage of the gift card deal.  Here is the scoop on my trip…

(2) Arm and Hammer Cat Litter $10.79 Each

          Used (2) $1.50 Arm and Hammer Litter HERE 

          Get $5.00 Gift Card when you buy two

(3) QTips $2.64 Each

(1) Suave  Dry Shampoo $2.74

           Used $.25 Qtips

                    $.50/2 Qtips

                     FREE Suave Shampoo

           Get $5 Gift card for buying 4 

(1) Liz Mange Tank top $12.99

            Used $3 Target coupon   

(1) Nightgown $15.00

            Used $3 Womens Sleepwear Target coupon   

(3) Coffeemate creamers $1.64 Each

            Used (3) $.50 Coffeemate Creamer

                       & $1.00/3 Coffeemate Target coupon

(1) Scotch tape 3 pk  $3

(1) Tags $1.00

Used $10 gift card when you buy $50

My total after coupons was $56 something (I lost the receipt already…) and I received $20 in gift cards!

The nightgown alone normally would have been $20 . Before anyone asks no I am not pregnant I just like how long the maternity tanks are Smile 



I noticed Kroger had Lysol Wipes on sale for $2.79 and they had the special buy one get one free packages. I have a TON of $1.00 I want to use before they expire so I grabbed a couple. I had planned on getting them at Walgreens this week , Walgreens is $3.49 for the buy one get one packages and I think they were little bit bigger containers but this saved me a trip to Walgreens.



   Kmart has Folgers coffee on sale for $2.99 with the ad coupon, I stacked that with $1.00 coupon I have that expires on the 3rd. Somehow I only paid $1.99 for both of these and that was with donating a $1.00 to St Judes..Not sure what exactly the cashier did but all the trouble I had just getting to a register(whole other story)  I wasn’t paying attention.