Wednesday, January 30, 2013

~MorningStar turns boring into fantastic~


As a BzzAgent I was given the opportunity to try MorningStar products. I was excited to be given this opportunity , I have tried their corn dogs before and was pleasantly  surprised. I love the idea of meatless Monday. So this past week we planned ours.

blog 003

We decided to try the MorningStar Crumbles. I fixed up our typical   spaghetti and added the crumbles to the sauce. This turned out beautifully. I gotta say this was the most exciting spaghetti we have had in awhile! Usually spaghetti is a last minute decision because its easy and its always in the pantry . Adding the crumbles we may actually look forward to spaghetti night. Going meatless is much harder on my husband then for me. I am not a meat lover I could do without and be perfectly happy. Using Morningstar products is a perfect compromise , he thinks he is getting his meat and I know I am not :)  Even my super picky Lily who NEVER eats spaghetti LOVED it. She kept asking for more sauce.

This whole meal is also very cheap. Under $9  to feed 2 adults, a 3 year old plus leftovers for the week and that would be without coupons! MorningStar products are included in the Kroger mega sale this week so go stock up! I did!

blog 024

*I am a BzzAgent I received coupons for my honest opinion as part of a word of mouth campaign.*

~Another Kroger Trip~

I made two trips today…yes I am actually getting tired of shopping..My first trip was pretty much the same things I have been getting. Here is my trip I just made..

blog 046

*Mega Items*

(4) Krave Cereal $2.49 each

(4) Fruit Loops $2.49 each

(4) Pop tarts $1.99 each

(1) Diet Pepsi $1.50

(1) I cant believe butter $1.99

(3) Balance bar $.99 each

(1) Armour Meatballs $1.99

(1) Activia $1.99

(3) Johnsonville Chicken Sausage $3.49

Total: $42.31

- $10 for buying 20 items

-$3.49 Johnsonville Chicken Sausage (BzzAgent)

-(4) $.50 Krave Cereal HERE

- (4) $.50 Fruit Loops HERE

- (4) $.50 Pop Tarts HERE

-$1.00/3 Balance bars FACEBOOK

-$.55 Armour Meatballs  (SS1-27-13 )

- $1.00 Activia (SS1-13-13)

-$.50 ICBINB (SS 1-27-13)

- $.50 Diet Pepsi HERE

= $11.82

Other good deal

Craisins Trail Mix on sale for $1!!! Super good deal on those.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

~ More Kroger Mega Event Shopping ~


I made another trip to Kroger  . I NEEDED spaghetti sauce for tomorrows dinner so figured I would grab some mega  deals.


blog 002blog 003

(3) DiGiorno Pizzas $4.99 each

(2) Alexia Waffle Fries $2.99 Each

(3) Birdeye Vegetables $1.99 each

(2) Zatarains Rice $1.49 each

(1) Durex $5.99

(2) Reach Toothbrush $.99 each

(4) Jello Pudding $1.65 each

(2) Ragu $1.68 each

(3) Balance bars $.99 each

(7) Good and Natural bars $.89 each

(1) Mini Wheats Crunch $2.49

Total: $59.43

-$15 for buying 30 mega items

-$.70 Mini Wheats Crunch Ecoupon  HERE

-$3.25 Durex Ecoupon HERE

-$4.99- Buy two get one free  DiGiorno (RP 1-27-13)

-$.89  FREE Good and natural bar (RP 1-6-13 )

-$1.50/6 Good and natural bars (RP 1-6-13)

-(3) $.50 Birdeye Vegetables (SS 1-13-13)

-$1.00/3 Balance bars FACEBOOK

-$3 off $15 frozen food ( Kroger mailer)

-$.40/2 Ragu (RP 1-27-13)

- (2) $.75 Alexia product (Found in store)

-$1.00/2 reach toothbrush

-$.50 Zatarains   (HERE)

Total: $20.30

Received $3.00 catalina from Jello for buying 4

Will receive $1.00 for buying Zatarains from ENDORSE

Saturday, January 26, 2013

~Free Zatarains at Kroger!~


We have  a new coupon for Zatarain’s rice or pasta dinner. Combine this with the mega sale and you get FREE Zatarain’s .

Zatarain rice or pasta dinner mix $1.49

-$.50 when you buy 10 Mega Event Items

$.50 Zatarains Coupon HERE  

FREE when doubled and with participating mega event items.

Even better then free if you use ENDORSE!

You may have to change your zip code to find the coupon. Try 18010 . – To change your zip code click local at the top and a box will be on the left to type in your zip.


Thanks Kroger Krazy!

Friday, January 25, 2013

~ Reminder!!! Kroger Shoppers FREE Egg Beaters coupon~


1-25 ONLY Kroger Shoppers can download a FREE Egg Beaters 100% egg whites coupon. Last week this was available right after midnight. I will set a reminder post up so hopefully we all rememberSmile

~Kroger Shoppers FREE Egg beaters Coupon Today only!



1-25 ONLY Kroger Shoppers can download a FREE Egg Beaters 100% egg whites coupon. Last week this was available right after midnight. I will set a reminder post up so hopefully we all rememberSmile

Thursday, January 24, 2013

~Dress up your nails with Kiss Nail Dress!~


I received Kiss Nail Dress in Leopard print in my Holiday VoxBox . I have never tried these before so I was interested to try them. I am far from a girly girl , but my little Lily is. So last night we had a just us girls nail party. I painted her nails and used Kiss Nail Dress on mine. I also let paint mommy’s toes I mean toenails…..

The Kiss Nail Dress came with a good amount of strips –good for me cause I  mess up a lot! I picked the size sticker I thought would be good , Applied it, smoothed and then filed the excessed down. It was a little hard for me to get these on properly. My nails are short and rugged. I just couldn’t get them to sit very well. I also had trouble filing the excess off, seems it would be easier to trim it then file.


Overall I like them and think it would be easier the next time.

Pros: No dry time , super cute designs, supposed to last up to a week

Cons: little hard to file the excess off, mine seems to be chipping  a little already.

Suggested retail price of $6.99 and these can be found at major retail shops like CVS Target and Walmart among others.

To see all the cute designs check them out on the Kiss website. I really like the camisole print –looks like zebra print.

Check out other Influenster’s reviews too.


*I’m an Influenster and received this product complimentary from Influenster in my Holiday VoxBox !*

~Dr Oz Green Giant Giveaway TODAY 3PM!~


Dr Oz is hosting a Green Giant product coupon giveaway today 1-24 at 3pm. I LOVE Dr Oz giveaways, I have been very lucky to have won quite a few of them, my advice is to go HERE a few minutes before 3 and just keep refreshing until the form comes up. Good Luck!

~Meijer Shopping~

I ran into Meijer to pick up my prescription and needed a few items, Here is what I was able to pick up for close to free! *I had a $10 coupon for using the pharmacy.

blog 002

(2) Strawberries $1.00 each

(1) Organic Celery $1.69

(1) Onion $.99

(1) Klondike Potatoes $2.50

(2) Coffeemate $1.67 each

(10) Friskies Cat Food $.50 each

Used $1.00 Klondike Potatoes Mperks

          (2) $.50 Coffeemate HERE

          $2.00 when you buy Produce (Meijer coupon)

          $10 When you use pharmacy

Total:  $.52 ! 

LOVE those Meijer coupons!

~More Kroger Mega Shopping~


blog 006

I ran into Kroger hoping to pick up some more Kroger Mega Sale deals.  I'm still really hoping to get to stock up my freezer next week, since this is a two week sale. I have heard rumors that this will be the last Mega Sale , I REALLY hope this is not true.

*Mega Sale items*

(4) Reach toothbrushes $.95 each

(4) Reach floss $.95 each

(1) Birdeye’s Veggies $1.99

(6) Good And Natural bars $.89 each

(3) Hungry Jack Hashbrowns $1.55 each

(2) Mom’s Best cereals $1.49 each

Used : (2)  $1.00/2 Reach toothbrushes HERE

            (2) $1.00/2 Reach Floss HERE

            (1) $.50 Birdeyes Chef Favorites (SS 1-13-13)

            (1) $1.50/6 Good and Natural Bars HERE

            (3) $.50 HUngry Jack Hashbrowns (SS1-6-13)

-$10 for buying 20 Mega Event Items

Total for Mega Items : $  4.96

I was supposed to get a $3.00 on your next order for buying 4 Reach Floss but I didn’t …so I am waiting on the catalina company to get back to me. I was a few days early this doesn’t start until the 28th….that’s ok it was still free!

*More Closeout deals!*

(3) Seventh Generation 2pk Paper Towels $1.14 each

Regularly $3.38 each!

Monday, January 21, 2013

~Kroger Mega Sale~

The Kroger Mega Sale started here today, Buy ten participating items and get $5 off at checkout. There are lots of great deals! I was only able to get a few things but I think I did pretty good for not having a plan.

blog 007

(3) Hefty Storage/Freezer bags $1.49 each

Used: (2) $1.00/2 Hefty bags (RP1-6-13)

                  $1.50/2 Hefty Bags (RP 11/11/12)

(2) Kraft Singles $2.19 each

   Used: $.55/2 Kraft cheese (SS 1-20-13)

(2) Finish $3.49 each

   Used: $2.15 Finish (SS 01/06/13 )

(1) I can’t believe its not butter $1.99

   Used: $1.50 ICBINB (Kroger Coupon)

(1) Morninstar Crumbles $3.99

  Used FREE coupon (from BzzAgent)

(5) Freshlike Vegetables $.99 each

(2) Rotel Tomatoes $.99 each

  Used: $.50/2 Rotel (SS 1-20-13)

-$10 for buying 20 items

Total: $7.92   77% savings


More Closeout deals

blog 003

(6) Seventh Generation Paper Towels $.57 each- Normally $2.44 each!

(1) Perdue Chicken $2.13

  Used $.75/1 Perdue strips (In a package I had at home)


There was so many good deals! I cant wait to see what else I can pick up Smile

Friday, January 18, 2013

~Kroger Closeouts & deals~


Kroger has a ton of closeout deals going on, these of course may vary from store to store. Here is what I picked up along with some good deals.

blog 002

Closeout Deals

Horizon Organic Chocolate Milk $1.72 each

Cover Girl Mascara $ 2.10

Cover Girl Eye Liner $.97

    Used $3.00/2 Cover Girl products (P&G insert)

2 Revlon Nail Polish $1.00/ $1.59

Special Purchase deals

Buy four participating General Mills products get FREE milk or half gallon of Organic. – I wanted Organic but I couldn’t find it?

(2) Yoplait Kids $2.00 each

(2) Multigrain Cheerios $2.50 each

Used (2) $..75 Multigrain Cheerios HERE

It would have been a better deal if I would have had my Yoplait coupon on me but this is something we buy fairly often so I can always use it again.

There were a TON of closeouts, I literally walked around for an hour so I didn’t miss out on anything. Budget is a little tight this month so I could only get a few things.The nail polish was a splurge for me. The chocolate milk is Lily’s favorite and it is normally almost $4  so I had to stock up, I’m hoping my other store has some more. 

*Hurry Kroger Shoppers FREE Carnation Breakfast essentials!! January 18th only! *



Today ONLY Head on over to and clip you FREE Carnation Breakfast Essentials coupon! Limit one per household. HURRY! this may be a limited supply thing.

Monday, January 14, 2013

~Kroger Shoppers-Awesome coupons~


There are some really good digital coupons available at Kroger right now.


My favorite is $2.00 off a 12 pack of Dr Pepper, 7UP, or Sunkist. Any Variety. That should make for some cheap drinks!


Head on over and see the other good coupons, keep in mind you can not combine digital coupons and manufacturer’s so pick ones you don’t think you will have a paper coupon for that item.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

~EBOOST Natural Energy- Review~


As an Influenster I received a sample of EBOOST Natural Energy in my Holiday VoxBox. I was so excited to try this! I feel like I am always tired, always worn out….even in the morning! I received the Pink Lemonade packet to try. I am not a huge fan of lemonade but at least it was pink! Smile 

Just a tip when I first put the packet into my water it foamed a lot! So be prepared . The pink lemonade really was not that bad but the aftertaste that followed was horrible. I had trouble finishing it. However I did notice I was a lot more active afterwards, I scrubbed my whole kitchen! Its never been this clean.

Want more information? Check out EBOOST’S website you can pick up a box of 20 packets for $28.

Check out other reviews on the Influenster’s  EBOOST page.


The Pros: I love that this is a NATURAL product I felt energy without having the jitters < Love that

The Cons: The aftertaste… there really are no words for it.  The price seems a little steep for me, but then again I don’t know what the other energy products go for..

Overall: I may try other flavors, but Im not sure this is for me.

* I received this as part of the  Holiday VoxBox from Influenster *