Thursday, August 18, 2011

~Sunday’s Coupons~

This week we can expect only one insert, perfect timing to catch up on my clipping and sorting.  Here are a few of my favorite coupons, Check out Sunday Coupon Preview for the full preview.


Carefree $.50/1 (10/31)

Clorox $.25/1 82oz+ bleach (10/16)

Dole $.75/2 fruit bowls (10/31)

Heinz $.25/1 ketchup (9/30)

Kellogg’s $1/2 8ct Nutri-Grain bars and 12ct Pop-Tarts TARGET coupon (9/24)

Purina $1/1 Friskies Crispies cat treats (11/21)

Wisk $2/1 laundry detergent 45oz+ (10/2)

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~Kroger Mega Fun~


The Kroger Mega Event is always a good way to stock up on family favorites. Our favorite- Skyline Chili-  If you have ever been to Cincinnati then you know exactly what I mean. It is so expensive to go out to eat all the time so this is a great way to have our favorite while still being the cheap people we are Smile

I have gone twice this week, and I also ordered some Skyline coupons off of Ebay  I went to two stores today and they were cleared of the Original Chili so I may preorder for next week, but I have never done that so I am not sure if I will or not. Remke often has it on sale for $2 so if I can not get it at Kroger next week, I may save the coupons for there.

Here is the great deals I got this week.

(2) Kandoo Wipes $1.99  Each

(3) Skyline Chili $2.49 Each

(1) EnviroKidz Cereal $2.49

(1) Hormel Compleats $2.49

(1) Suave Conditioner $1.39

(1) Kandoo Soap $1.99

(1) Motts Fruit Punch $2.49

Saved $5 for buying 10 Mega Items

Used Coupons:

(3) $1.00  Kandoo (Pampers home mailer)

(3) $.50 Skyline Product (8-14)

(1) $.50 EnviroKidz (All you Magazine)

(1) $.55 Motts Juice (Vocalpoint)

(1) $.55 Hormel Compleats

(1) $.50 Suave Product (Home mailer)

total $7.80


Also another great deal is Dial hand soap i s on sale for $.88 until 9-11-11 , using the $.35 coupon that was in the paper a couple weeks ago you can get Dial hand soap for $.18 !!


~FREE Soft Soap and Cheap Purex @Kmart~

Kmart has the Soft Soap hand soap on sale for $1 , there is a coupon booklet at the front of the store (usually with the weekly ads or at customer service) with a  coupon for $1 off Soft Soap so FREE soap for us!!!   The coupon is good for up to two soaps!

I went twice this week and both times I had a horrible time but neither had any issues with the soap. Read about my first trip HERE. The second trip I had to wait once again because my cat food coupon would not scan so the cashier called someone over and she said it was because I could only use one coupon per cat food because it says one per purchase. I didn’t even want to try and explain to her that one per purchase means one per item.  She said I would have to do them all individually, I said that’s fine but none of them were scanning, and I told her we could do that but let’s let the people behind me go first. So we just moved my whole order up to customer service. Of course she couldn’t get the coupons to scan there either so then she decided to just do it all at once, and manually enter the coupons.   Oh how I love Kmart Smile BUT I did get FREE Soft Soap and Cheap Purex!

Purex is on sale for $1.99 with the super coupon (which was on a tearpad next to the Purex) and there was a $.50 coupon in the 8-7 newspaper . You can stack both coupons to get it for $1.49!

Here is my whole trip


(8) Whiskas Cat food $.59 each

     Used Buy one get one free coupons (RP 07/24/11)

(2) Soft Soap $1.00 Each

     Used $1.00 Soft Soap  (Kmart Booklet)

(1) Purex $1.99 with super coupon

      Used $.50 Purex (RP 08/07/11 R)

(1) Pot Holders $1.00

(4) Friskies $.40 each

Total: $7.06

Saved $4.97

I may press my luck and go back for the third time if I find another Purex coupon…I doubt it though.

~Kmart Trouble~

Kmart is really becoming the new Walmart in my opinion..For those unaware of my dislike for Walmart..I really dislike Walmart. Seems every time I go to Kmart they either 1. don’t have what I am looking for 2. Prices are not marked , or ring up wrong 3. Only have one lane open  4. Cashiers don’t seem to care at ALL!  I made a trip the other day and ran into 3 out of 4 of those problems.  I ran in to get FREE Soft Soap and as I walked into the door there was a clearance rack right in front of the door , Jeans for $3.59!!! I had to look, and found a pair I thought might fit (I am never sure with different brands and Im trying to lose weight) so I run back and grabbed my soft soap and head to the checkout line.

There is one line open and customer service had a line also. There was one couple in front of me and soon after I got in line two other people got behind me. It seemed to take the couple in front of me forever!  Finally its my turn I sit my stuff down, my pair of pants and two soft soaps. She scans the soap and then the pants. The pants ring up $21.99.

I say “The pants were on the clearance rack in front of the door for $3.59 ”

Cashier says “They rang up $21.99”

I say “They are on that rack right there” and I point it out to her.

She hits a button on the register and walks away..doesn’t say a word just leaves.  Had to be five minutes later she returns still saying nothing. Finally I say can you just take them off and I will take them up to customer service.  She takes them off and throws them under her register.  She scans my coupon for the softsoap. Of course my total is $0 (more about this later) Then she started pushing buttons, then WALKS away again. Meanwhile the people behind me are getting VERY inpatient and I apologize but I can’t even tell the cashier to just forget the whole order because she is not there!  She comes back and says my register froze…OK….so we wait for it to reboot. Then she says your good you can leave. No receipt or anything!  So I asked for the pants back and went to customer service and waited in that line. The woman there just changed the price on the pants and finally we got to leave. I wasted an HOUR of my life in line at Kmart for two soft soaps and a pair of pants. Did I mention Lily no longer likes to go to the store with mommy ? Sad smile

Saturday, August 13, 2011

~Mainstreet Market Triples!~

I found out late yesterday that Mainstreet Market was doing triple coupons again, but only yesterday and today. I decided last minute to run over and see what I could find. This time they were only tripling coupons up to $.99 so the deals were harder to come by. I didn’t go crazy , really didn’t have any grocery budget left to work with but triple coupons are hard to come by!

My first trip:

*I went so late in the day everything was picked over, but my store was stocking as I went through the aisles.*


(2) Loreal Kids Shampoo $3.29 each

(2) Hormel Compleats Kids $2.29 Each

(1) Kelloggs Poptarts 12ct $2.49

(1) Mr Clean Eraser $3.09

(2) Country Crock Butter $3.48 each

(1) Kleenex Hand Towels $2.99

(1) Skippy Naturals Peanut Butter $3.25

(2) Diet Pepsi $3.50 each

(1) Diet Mt Dew $1.59 (I was thirsty)

Total: 33.44

Used Coupons:

(2) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Loreal Kids

(1) $.55 tripled to $1.65 Hormel Compleats

(1) $.55 tripled to $1.65 Poptarts

(1) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Mr Clean Eraser

(2) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Country crock

(1) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Kleenex Hand Towels

(1) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Skippy Peanut Butter

(2) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Diet Pepsi


Paid $11.88

Saved: 75%  $32.93

My second trip:

*I really didn’t think I would be going back but I received a $5 off $25 coupon in the mail so I hopped in car and went to the other store to see what they had..sorry horrible picture!*


(3) Cottonelle 12pk double rolls $7.99 Each

(1)Swiffer Wet Clothes $4.19

(2) Nabisco Snacks $1.69 each

(1) Scott Flushable Wipes $1.89

(2) Fiber One Brownies $2.50 Each

(1) Tic Tac $1.34

Total: $39.77

Used Coupons

$5.00 off $25.00 Mainstreet Coupon

$.75 tripled to $2.25 Swiffer

$.75 tripled to $2.25 Nabisco Snacks

(2)$.75 tripled to $2.25 Fiber One

$.50 tripled to $1.50 Scott

$.75 tripled to $1.34 Tic Tacs

(3) $.75 tripled to $2.25 Cottonelle

Tax $1.50

Total: $  17.68

Saved: 64%       $30.64

Its not the greatest trips ever but I am very stocked on Toilet paper now and the best part was they have codes on them for the Cars promotion so I am close to getting a $10 gift card . Mainstreet Market is extremely high on some things but others like the Swiffer pads were cheaper the I have ever seen anywhere! I hope they continue to do these triple coupon events, I love the small town feel of the stores.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

~This week’s trips~

Sorry everyone I have once again had no time to blog Sad smile  We started potty training this week and well….it is very time consuming for me .  It is starting storm here but I want to get this done so I am going to break down my best deals this week for you as fast as I can but yet try to give you all the details.


Lysol Products (most?) are 50% this week.

I got four Lysol Wipes and I used $1.00/2 coupons from Lysol  I paid $3.76 for four and I could submit for the Lysol Rebate if I wanted too, but would only get $1.44 back. There was also coupons in this past weeks paper.


I made two separate trips to Walgreens this week so far, and I will probably go again. 

Trip one

Crayola Crayons $1.00 get $1.00 Register Reward

Crayola Markers $.99

Domino Sugar $2.39 with in ad coupon

(2) Computer paper $1.99 Each with in ad coupon

Walgreens 234 ct Wipes  Clearance $1.79

(2) Sunday Papers $1.75 each

(2) Sundrop $.79 each

Used $1.00/2 Crayola Products (Walgreens Calendar coupon)

$.50 Domino Sugar (Found in product package)

Buy one get one free Sundrop (printable no longer available)

(2) -$3.50  Cottonelle Register rewards from last week

Spent $5.30 Received $1.00 Crayola Register Reward


Trip Two


(4) Degree Trial Size Deodorants $1.19 each

(2) Crayola Crayons $1.00 each

Used: $1.00/2 Crayola (Walgeens Calendar coupon)

(3) $.75 Degree (7-31 Red Plum)

Spent 3.95

Received :$4 register reward Degree (when you buy 4)

$1.00 Register Reward  Crayola Crayons



Remke has a special promotion going on buy 5 participating Kraft Items get $5 off immediately. I bought:

(4) Kraft Shredded Cheese touch of Philly $2.79 Each

(1) Kraft Parm Cheese $2.99

(1) Barilla Ziti $1.38

-$5.00 Kraft promotion

-(2) $1.00/2 Kraft Cheese (printable no longer available)

-(1) FREE pasta when you buy Parm Cheese (tearpad)




I noticed a coupon booklet at the front of the store and even though I don’t normally use this kind of cat food I am always looking for a better food for them.

This 3.5 lb bag of kitten food was on sale for $7.99 and there is a $5 coupon in the booklet so $2.99 for GOOD cat food! My cats are no where near Kittens anymore but they were out of all the other varieties however I grabbed two more coupons so I can look next time.