Friday, August 24, 2012

~Meijer run~

I had $20 left in my weekly budget (I later found some cash stuffed in my wallet I didn’t realize I still had.) and needed a few more items so while I was there I ran into some awesome clearance deals . I also picked up some birthday presents.

augustblog 002

*The good deals*

Aunt Millies bread $1.50 each

Kraft Parmesan Cheese $3.59

     Used $.50 Peelie & $.35 Mperks

augustblog 001


*Clearance finds*

Polar Wind window fan $21.00

Fruitables 24 variety pack juice $5.00

Cincinnati Reds backpack  $7.87

Cincinnati Reds animal $5.25


I was most excited about the clearance, we LOVE the window fan . We already had one and it really helps cool the house down without AC on. I needed a birthday gift for a huge Cincinnati Reds fan so that was amazing!

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