Sunday, August 19, 2012

~Kroger Mega Event~

The “What a Deal” Mega Event started last week at Kroger and continues this week. This is the best mega event I have seen in awhile, I was so excited !  I stocked up on a lot of things. Some things we wouldn’t necessary use on a regular basic but because it was such a good deal I stocked up. My husband takes his lunch to work everyday to avoid spending so much money at the machines. So most of the snacks will be for his lunches . When I used to work at the same factory he works at I could easily spend $10 a DAY on drinks and food. It was crazy.

August 2012 003

Here is what I got my first trip.

*Mega Event Items*

(4) Mott’s Juice  $2.29 Each

(1) Smart Balance Milk $2.49

(6) Nabisco Sack Paks $1.49 each

(4) Nature Valley Granola Bars/Thins $2.49 each

(2) Oreida Grillers $2.49 each

(1) Lucky Charms Treats $2.49

(4) Betty Crocker Potatoes $2.17 each

(3) Birdseye Corn $1.49 each

(4) Ragu $1.77 each

(1) Welches Jelly $1.65

*Other items*

(1) Manwich $1.07

(4) Del Monte Peas $1.00 Each

(1) Bread $1.00

(1) Buns $1.00

(1) Egglands best eggs $2.49


*Coupons used*

$.35 Welches Jelly (RP 07/29/12)

$.60/2 Ragu (RP 07/29/12)

$.40/2 Ragu (RP 07/29/12)

$1.00/3 Birdeyes Veggies (Kroger Mailer)

(2) $.50/2 Betty Crocker Potatoes (HERE)

$.50 General Mills Treats (GM 08/05/12)

(2) $1.00 Oreida Grillers (Family Fun magazine)

(2) $.50/2 Nature Valley Granola Bars/Thins (SS 07/15/12)

(3) $.75/2 Nabisco Cookies/Crackers (SS 08/05/12 R)

(1) $1.50 Smart Balance Milk (SS 08/05/12)

(4) $1.00 Motts Juice or Sauce (Two different online coupons no longer available *I think)

-$15.00 for buying 30 Mega items

Total :$37.46

Saved: $52.37   58% Savings

I also received $1.00 on your next order coupon for buying four Del Monte

and $2.00 on your next order for buying four Nature Valley

I am not sure how long these last.

I was really happy with this trip, I was able to get stuff we need, snacks for Lily's birthday party, and my husbands favorite snacks for work.

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