Saturday, May 28, 2011

~They paid ME!~

Yesterday I heard Marsh was doing triple coupons, I was so sad our Marsh turned into Mainstreet Market a couple months ago. I found out later on in the evening they were doing triple coupons too! I was so excited I have never done triple coupons. I rummaged through my binder grabbing anything I thought would be a good deal. Since I have never been in a Marsh or Mainsteeet Market store I had no idea what to expect. Their prices seem quite high to me, but with triple coupons who cares!

*Must scan Rewards card, Only the first two identical coupons will triple. Coupon will not exceed product value*


(4) Kraft Slice Cheese  $3.50 Each

(2) KC Barbeque Sauce $1.98 Each

(2) La Looks Gel $2.29 Each

(2) Dole Fruit Crisps $2.49 each

(1) Wishbone Sa;ad Dressing $3.39

(1) Degree Deodorant $2.99

(2) Oreida Sweet Potato Fries $3.79 Each

(2) Ritz Crackerfuls $2.99 Each

(2) Hormel Compleats $2.00 Each

(1) Reynolds Wrap $3.09

(1) Minute Maid Orange Juice $3.25

(1) Fiberplus cereal $2.99

(1) Tidy Ct 20lb Litter $2.99

I am not sure how because the coupon is not supposed to exceed the product value but they paid me $.18!!!! Saved $78.05



The cashier was dumbfounded, I was confused because I was expecting to pay something. He had to call over another cashier who didn’t know what to do, who then called over a manager who said we are not supposed to pay them but told him to anyway.

I really don’t know how he could have messed it up because I was expecting to pay at least $3 , no coupons beeped and all he had to do was hit a button so it would triple so have no idea how that happened!  I am going back for a second trip tonight, I don’t have many coupons left but hopefully I find something Smile

Well after trying to decipher the receipt the only thing I see is that when an item is $2.99 and you have a $1 coupon it should only triple to $2.99 but It is going to $3. I matched all the coupons up and that was the only thing I could find but it still doesn’t make sense . Guess I will see how my trip goes tonight Smile

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