Monday, May 2, 2011

~Kroger Trip~

Kroger is also having a Mega Event this week. Buy 10 participating items receive $5 off instantly. In past years this came off as a bulk $5 at the end of your checkout but now it comes off as $.50 each individual item. This is supposed to prevent overage but overage was applied to my order today so I’m not really sure how or why. I was fully prepared to pay more then what I did. None of my coupons beeped either .

*Overage is when the coupon you use is for more then the product costs. Example is Nivea Body wash is $2.99 and is on the Mega Event so you get $.50 off  and there is a $3 coupon out so you would make $.51 !*




This trip was so much better then I could have imagined. My original grocery list was $22 and granted I didn’t get one or two items off that list just because I didn’t find what I wanted . I also added four  things to it. So getting  all this for under what my original plan was, is super exciting to me.

Items on the Mega Event are marked with a *


(4) *Ronzoni Smart Taste Penne $.99 Each

(4) *Ronzoni Healthy Harvest $.99 Each

(3) *Nivea Mens Body Wash  $2.99 Each

(3) *Nivea Womens Body Wash $2.99 Each

(1) *Clif Kids Zbar  $2.49

(2) *Mom’s Natural Cereal $1.49 Each

(2) *Quaker Rice Cakes  $1.29 Each

(1) *Downy  $4.49

(2) Extra Large Eggs  $1.39 Each

(2) Banquet Salisbury Steak $2.38 each

(1) Kroger Corn $1.39

(2) Better then Oats Oatmeal $1.19 Each

(2) Ground Turkey $2.79 each

(1) Tea  $2.99

(1) Kroger Grape Jelly  $2.00

(1) Kroger Pizza Sauce $.99

Total Before discounts : $61.27

Used Coupons:

4 Various Ronzoni Coupons (Printable HERE)

(3) $3 Nivea Mens Body Wash (Red Plum 04/17/11 #2 )

(3) $3 Nivea Womens Body Wash (Red Plum 4-17-11 #2)

(1) $1 Clif Kids  (Printable HERE)

(2) $.75  Moms Natural Best (Printable HERE)

(1) $.55/2 Quaker Rice Cakes (Moments to save 5-1-11)

(1) $1 Downy (P&G Brandsaver Booklet)

(1) $.55/2 Cartons of eggs (Printable no longer available)

(1) $.50/2 Banquet Meals (Printable no longer available)

(1) $1.39 Kroger Corn Ecoupon when you buy two Banquet

(2) $1  Better Oats (Printable HERE)

-$10 From Mega Event

Total after all coupons: $21.66

Savings of 74% (off regular price)

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