Sunday, April 11, 2010

~Final Kmart Trip ~

I made my last Kmart trip last night and I gotta say I am glad I wont be going back there for a LONG time.  I was very surprised I didnt have any trouble until the last day.   I went to get in line and of course they had a very long line , they announced "Kmart shoppers if you have 10 items or less you can check out at the Jewerly counter."So I head on over to there,  I had forgotten my rewards card so I asked her to use my phone number, she scans my items and then my coupons and here's the rest of the story
Young Cashier : "Your total is $9.08"
Me: "Oh, Thats not right. Did my coupons double?"
Older Cashier "Double? "
Me: "Yes, its double coupon week"
Older Cashier " I thought it was just a day"
Me: Laugh "No I have been coming all week"
Young Cashier: "Yea they doubled"
Me "Did they all double because it should only be a $1 something"
Older Cashier "Are they on sale?  It wont double if its on sale"
Me: Laugh again..."The  Deodorant is on sale but the others is not , but either way I have been doing this all week" 
Old Cashier" Oh it wont double if its on sale"
Young Cashier "I dont know why it didn't let me see "
Me:  "Can you jsut void it out and I will go to the customer service"
Old Cashier :"Its not going to double if its on sale"
Me: "Ma am Even so if that was true the rest is not on sale, they should have doubled. I have been doing this all week. Can you just void it out and I will go to customer service"
Young Cashier : "Sure"
Older Cashier : "Its not going to double"
This went on for another 10 mins, while the younger cashier was trying to void it out. 
So I walk over to the service desk and of course they double...... 

(2) Allergy Visine  *$3.99 
(1)Dove Deodroant *$3.79
(2) Reach Dental Floss *$1.49

  (2)  $2.00 Visine Coupons
(2)  $1.00 Reach Coupons
(1) $2.00 Dove Coupon

Total Paid Out Of Pocket : $1.33

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