Wednesday, April 7, 2010

~Another Kmart Round~

You are probably wondering how and why I go shopping so often , well this is part of my job. I save us as much money as possible, I do this by stockpiling items when they are cheap or free. Kmart just happens to be within 3 minutes of the house, and Walgreens and CVS are even closer then that.  If I didn't live so close I would never be able to do what I do. We are half way through Double Coupon Week and I am already tired of going. I still have some really good coupons to use, and $8 left on my gift card  so I will keep on going , you don't  come across deals like this everyday. 

(2) Dove Ultimate Deodorant  * $3.79 each
(2) Revlon Tweezers               *$1.99   Buy one get one 50% off 
(1) Suave Deodorant              * $1.99
(1) Tampax Pearls                  * $4.59

(2) Dove Ultimate Coupons HERE
(2) Revlon $1 coupons (Smartsource 3-7-10) (One was NOT doubled)
(1) Suave $1.25  HERE
(1)$2 Tampax Coupon  (P&G 3-7-10)

Paid with Gift Card :  $1.22  ($.64 tax)

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