Thursday, January 28, 2010

~Kroger Mega Event~ Part 1~

 Kroger is having the Mega Event this week (and possibly next week?)  and we love  a good deal   so Lily and I packed up the coupons and headed out yesterday.  If you are not familar with the Mega Event,  its buy 10 participating products and get $5.00 off instantly at checkout.  Our Krogers does not have a limit to how many times you can do this deal , but i have heard that other stores do, it may vary.  Unfortunately they were out of some stuff i had on my list, so i picked up some cheap items ( Kraft macaroni and cheese) that were participating in the deal.     Here is what i scored on my first Kroger trip.

Kroger  1-27-10

Mega Event

Solo Cups     
(2)Kraft Shredded Cheese
(2) I cant believe its not butter sticks
(2)I cant believe its not butter  tubs
(5)Toaster Strudel   
(2)Kraft mac+cheese  
(1) Frenchs Mustard      
(1) Wheat thins           
(1)New york pizza stick 
(1)Finish dishwasher det.
(2)Dt Mt dew 2 liters
(1)20 oz dt mt dew          
(1)Rice cereal          
(1) Kelloggs frosted flake
(2) Big K 12 pack      

Total: 46.53
 Minus coupons :
   $5.00 mega event   
   $5.00 mega event
   Free  Rice cereal coupon (received in mail from Beechnut)
   $1.00 toaster strudel (printable)
   $.30 Frenchs mustard
   $1.00 toaster strudel
   $.75 solo cups
   $1.00 toaster strudel
   $.55 toaster strudel /2
   $1.00 Nabisco Cracker
   $1.00 i cant believe its butter sticks
   $.75/2  i cant believe its butter  tubs
   $.50 texas toast
   $2.50 electrosol
   $1.00 I cant believe butter sticks
   $1.00/2  kraft cheese

Total out of pocket : $23.74

Total saved  with card and coupons : $42.68

 Savings of 64%
*My Kroger also doubles coupons up to a $1.00 total value.

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