Thursday, January 28, 2010

~Kroger Part 2~

We decided to make another trip to Kroger last night, We have three Krogers within 3 miles of our house so we went to a different one this time to see if they had the items that were missing from the first store.  Here is what we got this time.

2nd Kroger Trip
(5) Dt Mt Dew 2 liters
(2) Kraft shredded cheese
(4) Toaster Strudel
(1)Frenchs honey mustard
(1)Franks red hot sauce
(2) Frozen skyline chili
(1) wheat thins
(4) Hormel chili
(1) Silk milk
(1) 12 pack bud light
(1) Jello mousse
(2) tootsie roll bags
-$5.00 mega event
-$5.00 mega event
-$1.00/2 Kraft coupon
-$.55 Silk milk coupon
-$3.29 Jello mousse coupon
-$.55/2 toaster strudel coupon
-$.55/2 toaster strudel coupon
-$1.00 Nabisco coupon
-$.55/2  Hormel coupon
-$.55/2  Hormel coupon
-$.50 Franks hot sauce coupon
-$.50 frenchs mustard coupon
 Total out of pocket : $34.07
Total saved with coupons,card and sale: $ 34.37
Savings of 50%
My sister joined me on this trip and she got more high dollar items but did really awesome!   Here is what she got.

(2)Silk Soymilk
(20) Propel Waters
(1)Case of Ice Mountain Water
(1)Digorno’s Pizza
(2) Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
(2) Bagel Bites
(1)Bagel Bites Family Size
(2) Kleenex Tissues (184 count)
(1)Ziesta Crackers
(3) Hungry Man Entrees
(2) Tyson Chicken Tenders (bags)
(2) TGIF Skillet Meals
(1)Tostitos Cheese Dip
(1)Kroger Turkey Breast
(1)Farmhouse Cheese Sticks
(1)Birds Eye Skillet Meal
(2) Kraft Shredded Cheese
(1)Hawaiian Punch (jug)
(1)Goldfish Crackers
(1)Solo Cups
(1)Kroger Bread
(1)Kroger Buns

$5.00 Mega Event

$5.00 Mega Event

$5.00 Mega Event
$5.00 Mega Event

$2.00 off Bagel Bites
$2.50 off Bagel Bites
$0.55 off Silk Milk
$1.00 off Propel
$0.55 off Tostitos Dip
$1.50 of Birds Eye Meal
$1.00 off Solo Cups
$1.00 off Quaker Chewy Granola Bars
$1.00 off Tyson Chicken
$1.00 off Tyson Chicken

OOP $91.11
Total Savings $74.17 (44%)

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