Tuesday, September 7, 2010

~Last minute CVS trip~

My fiance had a $5 off  $30 email coupon that expired yesterday. It took me awhile to figure out a deal good enough for me to go but at the last minute I did. I had some Extra Care Bucks expiring next week, I thought I would go ahead and use them to take advantage of the diaper deal.

Huggies Box Size 3 Diapers  * $20.00
Johnson & Johnson Cornstarch *$2.50
Johnson &Johnson Lotion         *$2.50
Huggies Travel Wipes              *$2.00
(4)SoBe*Buy One Get One Free* $1.59 
         Used Coupons :
$2.50 Huggies Diapers  (HERE)
$1.00 J&J Powder 
$1.00 J&J Lotion
(2)SoBe  Buy One Get One Free (HERE)
$4.00 off when you buy Huggies diapers and wipes CRT (red coupon machine)
$7.99 Extra Care Bucks
$4.00 ExtraCare Bucks
$5 off $30 Email coupon

Tax: $1.64
Total $3.00
Saved : $39.77
Earned $10.00 Extra Care Bucks for buying $20 in participating baby products.
This came out to be over a $1.00 less then what I figured and still don't know how but oh well!  

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