Friday, June 3, 2011

~Quick Cvs Trip~

I got an email coupon for $4 off of $20 so I quickly got a list of items that would make good deals and ran over to my local CVS. I always like to try and make the most out of the email coupons by buying one item that we really need and then buying other items that I have coupon for and come with extra care bucks. The Pampers easy ups were my main purchase with everything else just being stockpile/donation items. I just had a root canal so the candy will probably sit around for awhile before it gets eaten lol. Also always look for the products with bonuses attached, the Bic Soleil Razor came with a free pair of headphones $18.99 value!


(1) Pampers Easy Ups $8.99

       Used $2.00 Easy Up Coupon (Home Mailer)

(1) Bic Soleil $6.99

       Used $3.00 Bic Coupon

(3) M&M’s / Snickers $.50 Each

       Used Buy 2 get 1 Free (tearpad)

(1) Pep H Wipes $3.99

       Used $2.00 Pep H coupon

Used $4.00/$20 Email coupon

          $4.00 Extra Care Bucks from previous weeks


Total: $6.54


Extra Care Bucks received:

                 $3.00 Bic

                 $2.00 Pampers Easy Ups

                 $3.99 Pep H

                 $1.00 M&M/Snicker

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