Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~A few good deals, Meijer and Kroger~

I wanted to share some good deals I got shopping yesterday , my trips were nothing super special so I thought I would just show you the best deals.

At Meijer:


*Buy four Kelloggs Cereals get $2 off instantly.*

Froot Loops $2.50

Rice Krispies $2.50

Mini Wheats $2.50

Raisin Bran Crunch $3.34

-$2.00 instantly

-$1.00/3 Kellogg Cereals (Redplum6-5-11)

-$.70 Raisin Bran (HERE)

Total: $6.84

This is not as good as I thought because the Raisin Bran was more then I thought It was, I guess it was in the wrong spot, but it’s the kind my husband likes so its ok.

What makes this deal even better is Kelloggs has a new promotion with Cars 2. Specially marked boxes have codes in them, and for four codes you can redeem for a $5 Gas card!  I already had one code, and three of these are marked so I get a $5 Gas card! Click here for more information! I think I may go back and do this again Smile but I have no where to store the cereal Sad smile  A maximum of 30 codes may be redeemed during the whole promotional period. This promotion doesn’t end until 6-30-2012 so you have plenty of time Smile




(2) Suave Deodorant $1.06 Each

(1) Snuggle $2.99

Used Coupons:

(2) $.50 Suave Deodorant (Red Plum 5-22-11)

(1) $1.00 Snuggle (I think this was a facebook offer)

The Suave ended up being $.06 after doubled coupon and the Snuggle was $1.99 . I am allergic to different laundry products and have to use the free and clear . Finding a deal on that version is very hard so whenever I see it cheap I pick some up. I think I have some $.75 coupons I may have to go pick some more up.Last time I had to buy laundry detergent I paid close to $5 for downy and that was on sale and with a coupon Sad smile

*Just a tip when stockpiling deodorant, Keep in mind deodorant does have an expiration date on it (usually on the bottom) When I first started couponing I went crazy and got a ton of Dove deodorant FREE and I honestly didn’t think about it expiring. In fact I just realized it a couple weeks ago! I went through all mine and luckily only had two or three expiring any time soon so I threw some into the donation box and then asked family if they needed any. I did have one secret that expired in 2008 and I know I bought it recently so maybe something even to check before you buy Smile  I have noticed its usually 2 to 3 years after you buy it.  If you do find some free or super cheap but don’t really need it, Donate it! or share with family Smile*

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