Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Super Cheap Playtex Sippy Cups~


I made another trip to Walgreens to get some more sippy cups. The cashier had a major issue while ringing me out. First the cups rang up as $4,49 instead of the sale price $3.99, so after I noticed it , I showed him the ad, he voided it out well so we thought.  Then the coupons were giving him trouble… my receipt is very confusing and very wrong. I ended up paying $8.22 and not until I was outside did I realize I paid way to much. So I went back in and we had to decipher what in the world went wrong. They didn’t spend to much time on it just concluded that the first void didn’t come off so they refunded me $4.78 , so this above cost me $3.22.   Technically I think they gave me back to much, but honestly I am not really sure how or what he did. I felt really bad for the guy though he was just giving someone a break. 

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