Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ Cars 2 Mega Event Kroger Trip~



I made another trip to Kroger last night to take advantage of the Juicy Juice deal. I didn’t take a picture but wanted to share with you anyway.

(5) Juicy Juice Multipack $2.99 Each

(1) Kroger Mac and Cheese $1.52

(1) Kroger Ground Turkey $2.50

-$5.00 for buying 5 Juicy Juice (Cars 2 Promo)

Used Coupons:

(5) $.55 Juicy Juice (HERE)

Total: $8.97

Saved $16.79

Juicy Juice is normally $4.30 ! We are not very stocked up on juice and probably won’t have to buy any for at least 6 months Smile

I am waiting on some Huggies coupons my family is sending me and I will be making another trip. Smile

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