Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Target- Lots of SoBe~


I very rarely drink anything but water, however I love SoBe so I jumped at the chance to get this deal.

I did two transactions. I used to work at this Target so I knew they really wouldn’t mind. 

Buy 10 SoBe get a $5 gift card

(10) SoBe  $10

   Used  (2) $1.00/4 SoBe (tearpad)

=$8.00  Used $5 gift card I already had (think I won it?)

= $3.33 with tax

2nd transaction

(10) SoBe $10

    Used (2) $1.00/4 SoBe (tearpad)

=$8.00 Used $5 gift card from previous transaction


Received $5 gift card Smile


Total out of pocket $6.66

Received $5.00 gift card

= $1.66 for 20 SoBe’s!!!

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