Tuesday, June 14, 2011

~Kroger Trip~

I made another trip to Kroger yesterday, this was because the store I went to earlier in the day was out of a lot of items I needed. (all of my Krogers are very close so its not really a big deal to run to Kroger.)They were out of Sobe too but I got a raincheck and might wait until the sale is over to go get it just because the customer service lady said Pepsi is in everyday but with the sale it has been going like crazy. Just in case you don’t know the sale is buy 10 get 5 free so in the end it is like paying $.67 each.  That’s not the greatest deal since we mainly drink water , but I have $1.00/4 coupons and its nice to have something else to drink in the summer time. Here is my trip today.



Kroger also has a great promotion going with Cars 2. Since Cars is my favorite movie I am a sucker for any kind of promotion with it.  Also makes for FREE baby wipes!

(2) Boulder Chips $1.67 Each

(2) Kroger Bread $1.00 Each

(1) Luna Bar $1.00

(1) Beechnut Stage 4 baby food $2.49

(1) Kroger Steak Hoagy Buns $1.89

(1) JTM meatball Sub Kit $11.79

(1) JTM Philly Cheese Steak Chicken Kit $11.79

(5) *Huggies Baby Wipes $1.99 Each

(*Buy 5 participating items get $5 off instantly at checkout)

-$5.00 Instantly for buying 5 Huggies Baby Wipes

Used Coupons:

FREE –$11.79 JTM Meatball Sub Kit (Won from contest)

FREE-$11.79 JTM Philly Cheesesteak (won from contest)

FREE –$2.49 Beechnut (sent from company)

$.75 Huggies baby Wipes (Home Mailer)

$.50 Luna Bar ()

$.35 Huggies Wipes (Home Mailer)

$.50 Huggies  Wipes ( Smartsource 6-12-11)

$1.00 Huggies Baby Wipes (Sent to me from company)

$1.00 Boulder Chips (no longer available)

$1.00 Boulder Chips (no longer available)

$.50 Huggies Baby Wipes (Home Mailer)

Total: $5.73

Saved: $40.55

88% Savings

I am trying to find more huggies coupons cause I can always use free baby wipes! So if you know me and are reading this and have some send them my way! I am planning another trip tonight or tomorrow to get Juicy Juice which is also on the Cars 2 event. (Juicy Juice is $2.99 buy 5 get $5 off instantly and there are $.55 whish will double on the Juicy Juice website .If you can print 5, you can get Juicy juice for $.99 each. Or if you don’t have that many coupons you can mix and match the participating items.

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