Friday, June 24, 2011


As you all know I am not the biggest Walmart fan, just because our stores around here seem to be a little dirty and cluttered. I had a shopping assignment I had to do for one of the groups I am in and I had some coupons expiring I wanted to use so we headed off to Walmart.


(2) Tidy Cat Litter $1.77 Each

      Used $2.00 Tidy Cat (facebook offer)

               =FREE plus $.23 Overage each

(2) K-Y Jelly $2.62 Each

       Used $3.00 Coupon ( no longer available)

                =FREE plus $.38 overage each

(1) Always Liners  $.97

         Used $1.00 Always (P&G booklet)

                = FREE plus $.03 Overage

(2) Advil Pocketpaks  $1.84 Each

           Used $4.00/2 Advil (SS 5-22-11)

                =FREE plus $.16 Overage each

(1) Pert 2-1 Shampoo $.97

            Used $1.00 Pert 2-1 (SS 5-15-11)

                 =FREE plus $.03 Overage

(2) Benadryl Itch relief $2.28 each

             Used $2.00 Benadryl Topical (6-19-11)

                   =$.28 each

(2) Beechnut Toddler Food $2.50 Each

              Used $1.00 (Printable ?)

                    =$1.50 each

(2) Scott Naturals Toilet Paper $2.68 Each

              Used $1.00 Scott Naturals (SS 5-22-11)

                     =$1.68 Each    

Tax: $1.58

Total: $6.86

Saved $22.42   Savings of  77%

Most of what I got was mainly to get the overage so I could get the things I needed cheap Smile  I had a total of 5 Scott coupons and planned on getting them all but Lily fell asleep so I had to use the stroller and they wouldn’t all fit ! So I will be going back this week.

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