Wednesday, December 8, 2010

~CVS Trip~

I am trying to get back in the game and I think I did a pretty good job today. I had $6 in expired Extra Care Bucks and a $5 off $30 Email coupon I needed to use, so I came up with what I thought was a brilliant plan. In order for it to work the store HAD to have exactly what was on my list, well after going to 3 stores I finally found the toothbrush I was looking for. Here is my first trip.


AZO $6.99

Oral B Vitality Toothbrush $32.99

Planters Flavor Grove Almonds $2.50

Total $42.48

*Had raincheck for the Vitality for $22.99 get $13 ExtraCare Bucks back.*

Used Coupons: $2.00 AZO HERE

$10.00 Vitality (P&G)

$2.50 Planters Flavor Grove (Printed from CVS Coupon Machine)

$6 Expired Extra Care Bucks

$5 off $30 Email Coupon

Total: $8.67 plus $1.74 Tax

Total $10.41

Received $18 Extra Care Bucks

Saved $33.00

($!3 from rain check of Vitality and $5 from AZO)

I didn’t really NEED any of this but it will be added to my stockpile and since I earned more Extra Care Bucks it was basically free and will help with my next plan.

Tomorrow I will do my second trip , I may or may not do my third depending on the prices at that store.

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