Monday, December 6, 2010

~Target Shopping~



Sorry for such a horrible picture, I couldn't figure out how to display the clothes. Anyway we went to Target hoping to find Mother in Law’s Christmas gifts but no such luck . However I did find some FREE clothes.

(1) Up Brand Bottle Liners $5.94

(1) 2 Pack Gloves (It was FREEZING) $1.50

(1) Tootsie Pops (My guilty pleasure of the week) $2.29

(1) Gillian O Malloy Sleep Shirt $2.24

(1) Gillian O Malloy Sleep Tank $3.24

(1) Xhiliration  Sleep Shorts $2.48

Tax Embarrassed smile $.35

Used $10/3 Target Sleepwear no longer available HERE

$.05 for using my own bag

Total : $7.99

*The clothes all rang up different then what they were marked, I fully expected to have at least $10 worth of clothes so that I could use the coupon, but it went through with no problems so I got $2 overage so My tootsie pops were pretty much free Smile  *

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