Friday, December 31, 2010

~Babies R Us~

I had a few really great trips today . Yesterday I told you about the great deal on Huggies Baby Wipes. Well they canceled one of my orders and have since changed it to the tubs of wipes and it is not eligible for in store pick up. I also told you about the stuff your bag clearance sale. I am lucky enough to live within a mile or two of a store so I headed over there to see what kind of deal I could come up with, unfortunately they do not do in store pick up so I also went to another store to pick up my wipes. So here is what I picked up.


(3) Huggie Baby Wipes Refill  Regularly $6.99 Each

Sale 3 for $6.99    Saved : $13.98


Prices are after the additional 40% off Clearance

(2) Bandanas - Reg. $6.99 ----Paid $1.02 Each

(1) Girls Sandals- Reg. $12.99—Paid $1.20

(1) Mom Loves me Carters Onesie -Reg. $10-Paid$3.60

(1)I love Daddy Carter Onesie -Reg. $10--- Paid $1.20

(1) White Capri- Reg. $7.99---Paid $1.20

(1) Blue Koala Kids Tank- Reg.11.99 -- Paid $1.20

(1) Koala Kids Overall Skirt Reg. $16.99—Paid $3.00

2-Pk Sport Sippers---- Reg $4.98—Paid $3.98

(Used 20% Coupon on Sippers)

Total: $18.55  Saved : $70.37


(1) Koala Kids Pink Pants-Reg.$9.99-Paid $1.74

(1) Koala KIds Pink/Silver Pants-Reg. $9.99-Paid $1.74

(1) Koala Kids Pink Flower Pants-Reg $9.99 –Paid $1.74

(1) Koala Kids Purple Floral Shrug-Reg.$16.99-Paid $1.50

Total: $7.16  Saved $39.80

I also received two FREE reusable bags-Saved $2.98

Total Saved at Babies R Us today---$127.13

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