Saturday, December 18, 2010


Yesterday I told you I was retiring my card along with my husbands so we can merge ours into one. Well today I used up all his extra care bucks.


I was really just burning the extra care bucks so I got things we needed or wanted anyway.  We needed the chips for Christmas and the Prancer is a stocking stuffer.

(2) Lays Potato Chips $3.99 Buy One Get One Free

(1) Huggies Diapers $8.99

(1) Prancer  $4.99

Total: $17.97

Used : 25% off regular priced items Email Coupon 

$3.00 CVS Huggies Diapers (Home Mailer)

$2.00 Huggies (12-12-10 paper)

$10 Extra Care Bucks

The 25% coupon didn’t ring right so I got the refund for that, but then After I got outside I realized she rang me up for three bags of chips so I had to go back inside for that refund too. So I actually paid $2.63 after both refunds.

Year to Date Savings $1200.67

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