Thursday, August 19, 2010

~Trouble with SoBe~

I have gone to CVS quite a few times this week mostly having no trouble at all getting my free SoBe. Well the last couple trips the cashiers have made odd comments. One cashier told me I couldn't use the coupons with the buy one get one free sale, and then another told me that CVS was going to stop allowing the use of more then one coupon. Her logic was that the coupon says one per purchase, which in my eyes means one coupon per sobe not per transaction. I emailed CVS to ask but it was returned saying they no longer monitor that email. So it looks like my fun with couponing at CVS may be getting harder. Anyway I have still had a few good trips ,

(6) SoBe LifeWaters $1.59 Buy One Get One Free
(1) Huggies Jean Diapers $8.99 
(1) Gillette Proglide $9.99 
(1)Blink Tears         $7.99

$5.00 Off $25.00 Email Coupon
$4.00 Gillette Proglide (P&G 08/01/10 )
$1.50 Blink Printable
$4.00 Huggies Jeans (from red coupon machine)
$2.00 Huggies (Not sure where)
(3) $1.59 Buy One Get One Free SoBe HERE
$6.00 ExtraCare Bucks Expiring this week
Tax : $ 1.55
Total Out Of Pocket : $ 6.02
Received : $ 12.99 in Extra Care Bucks
Total Saved: $40.04

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