Thursday, August 19, 2010

~SoBe at Kroger~

Kroger is having a mega event this week, buy 8 participating products receive $4.00 off instantly. SoBe is on sale for $.99 if you buy 8 that makes them $.49 each . There is an e-coupon  on save $2.00 when you buy 10 SoBe Lifewaters. Here is how you get a great deal:

Buy 10 SoBe's = $9.90
Minus $2.00 E-coupon = $7.90
Minus $4.00 off for buying 8= $3.90
Use 4 B1G1 Free Coupons=  FREE plus .06 OVERAGE!

This will only work if the cashier puts in $.99 for the B1G1 Coupons.Even if they put $.49 you will still get 10 Sobe's for under $2.00.   Truthfully you could use 5 B1G1 coupons and get even more overage but that's a little more risky. I only had 4 coupons with me so I did it this way. Make sure you buy other stuff to soak up the overage. I have more coupons so I will go back and buy some more for cheap since I give up on CVS. :)

My Trip:

Bleach $1.47
(10) SoBe's $.99 each
(3) BeechNut Baby Food  $.47 Each

$4.00 off for Mega Event
$2.00 SoBe E-Coupon
$1.00 Coupon from last shopping trip
(4) SoBe B1G1 Free  

Total Out Of Pocket: $ 2.27
Total Saved: $16.96

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