Sunday, August 1, 2010

~My Mistake =Confusion @CVS~

Im still trying to figure this trip out . I made the mistake of thinking all Schick razors were buy one get one free, really it is just the disposables. So here is what I was hoping to get.

SoftSoap Coconut Body Wash $3.00
Kotex U $4.99
Schick Extreme Razors $7.69
(2) Cvs Sunscreen 2.2 ounce $2.19
       Buy one get one 50%     $1.09
Schick Quatro Razor     $9.99

Used Coupons 
$4.00 Off $20 Email Coupon
$1.00 U by Kotex Coupon (Sample Coupon)
$1.00 SoftSoap Coupon (7-25-10 SmartSource)
$2.00 Schick Razor (All You)
$2.00 Schick Quarto (SmartSource 07/18/10)
(2)$1.00 Cvs Sunscreen from red coupon machine 
$1.00 Kotex Coupon from red coupon machine
$4.99 in extra care bucks
My total came to $12.39  and  reaceived $4.99 ECB for the Kotex

I paid then stepped to the side to see why my total was so much, that is when I saw the razors didn't ring up buy one get one  so I waited for the line to go down and then went and asked. I was lucky the manager was working as cashier that day. After a few minutes of trying to figure it out we both realized it was because the Quarto is not disposable, I then asked if I could switch it for the right kind. It took him a few minutes to figure out how to do that without totally screwing us both up. So he ended up returning both razors, handing me the $18 dollars and some change that they cost and then re ringing the correct razors up I then paid $8.19 . So then I pocketed the $10 and change. So in the end the whole transaction cost me less then $2.00!!  There was peelie coupons on the razors , he took them off and said since I was coming out ahead he would use those coupons to make it right for the store.  I was extremely surprised how nice and helpful he was. There was two customers in front of me that was using coupons not meant for the extracare cards they were using and he got very irritated with them. I think I may right corporate a letter letting them know how helpful he was to me.  All in all a really great trip!

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