Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Awesome Cvs Deal!

I am so sorry I didnt get to post this yesterday!   It appears there was a glitch in CVS's computers, The Huggies wipes are on sale for 2/$5 , this is supposed to be just the tubs of wipes, but the big refill packs are also ringing up as 2/$5 !!! I feel kinda bad now that I know it was a glitch , when I first heard about it I thought it was just an unadvertised deal.  After reading a couple forums, it seems CVS knew about it and was trying to fix it yesterday so Im sure it is back to normal pricing now.  I ran to the store down the block from me and grabbed 5 packs, I didnt want to take all that was on the shelf.  I had  coupons from home mailers, some were $.75 off, and a couple were $.50 off. They were getting ready to expire too! I was so excited about this deal I literally skipped out of the store!    We have another store down the road so i went  on over there and picked up another 4 packs. Here's my breakdown.

1st store

(5) Huggies Refill Wipes  *Regularly $7.99* Sale $2.50*
(1) Tresemme Frizz         *Regularly $4.99 *Sale $2.50*

         (5)  $.75 Huggies home mailer coupons

Subtotal $11.25
Tax: $.78
Total Out of pocket: $12.23
            Saved $33.69

2nd Store
(4) Huggies Refill Packs *Regularly $7.99  Sale $2.50*
(1) Diet Mountain Dew  *$1.59*

      (4) $.50 Huggies home mailer Coupons
      $2.00 Extra Care Buck
      $7.59 Extra Care Buck
Total :    $.76  (Tax)
       Saved $33.55

Thats a savings of  $ 67.24  In one day!!!!!!  We are set for awhile !

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