Wednesday, February 10, 2010

~Aveeno Free Full Size Sample! ~

It is so rare to see a full size sample , especially of such a great product. Aveeno is giving out samples of their stress relief lotion.   I love Aveeno !  Fill out the form and hit submit.   The site has been getting hit hard with requests , and I had quite a lot of trouble getting it to go through but eventually it did.  My suggestion is if you get an error screen keep  hitting F5 or refresh and eventually you will get the thank you screen BUT I must warn you it does take awhile, it took me about 30 times, but its such a great freebie its so worth it.    I also heard it works best on firefox.  

Click here to sign up!

Update:  According to Aveeno's facebook page,   this was a mistake and The stress relief was discontinued awhile ago, so we will not be seeing this free sample :(

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