Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Let’s go Krogering!~

Yesterday I told you I was extremely excited about my Kroger trip this week, and I am so proud to say it worked perfectly! I have to think my husband for giving me the go ahead on this trip. At the start of the year we decided to buckle down and stick to a budget each week, $80 a week and that’s for anything we need that week including diapers . *We do give ourselves treats every once in awhile and certain things are in the treat category.*  As I grow our stockpile that weekly figure should go down hopefully…Anyway I was scared to even try the Kroger Mega event this week, afraid I would go over budget. So I was just going to get the few things we needed this week and forget trying to get any deals. My husband said go for it so off me and Lily went. I gotta say we rocked it!!  AND stayed under budget Smile


*My Kroger doubles coupons up to a $ $.50 is $1….$.65 is $1….$.30 is $.60 and so forth*


*The Necessities *

Kroger Large Eggs 18 ct  $1.79

Kroger Buns                     $1.00

Kroger Bread                    $1.00

Kroger Brown Sugar        $2.49

Kroger Egg Whites           $1.99

Kroger Tea Bags              $3.39

Kroger Choc Milk              $1.34

Kroger Vit D Milk               $2.49

Kroger Oats                      $1.19

Lettuce Head                    $.99

Kroger Tortillas                 $1.49

Kroger Spag Sauce          $1.00

Kroger Garlic Bread          $2.08

Manwich (dented can)      $.69

Bush's Baked Beans        $1.97

Knorr Rice                         $1.10

Kroger Taco Seasoning    $.43

Jiffy CornBread Mix            $.44

(2) Splenda with Fiber        $3.99 Each

Bud Light                             $9.99

(2) Candy Bars                    $.50 Each

Gladware                             $1.88

(4) Gerber Lil Meals             $1.03  each

(2) Gerber Lil entrees          $2.10   each

(4) Gerber Pick Ups             $1.49 each

(2) Beechnut Jars                $.66 Each

Just for fun Necessities total:  $63.25

* Kroger Mega Event *  Buy 10 participating Items get $5 off instantly at checkout *

(5) Hunt’s Tomatoes          $.99  Each

(2) Rotel Tomatoes            $.92 Each

(3) Red Baron Pizzas        $3.49 each

(1)Del Monte Peas             $.99

(1)Del Monte Corn              $.99

(4) Hormel Chilimaster       $1.29 Each

(1)Heinz Ketchup               $1.99

(3) SObe Lifewaters           $1.25 Each

(1)Advil                                $3.00

(1)Excedrin                          $7.00

(2) Kraft singles                   $1.99 Each

(2) Philly Cream Cheese    $1.48 each

(4) Lean Pockets                $1.99 Each

(3) Birdeyes Veggies          $1.99 each

(2) Uncle Bens Rice           $1.49 Each

(1) Pampers Wipes            $1.99

(2) Skyline Chili                   $2.29 Each

(2) Finish Electrasol            $3.49 Each

Just for fun total of Mega Event:  $77.54

And now for  the coupons:

-$20 off for Mega Event

-$3.00 FREE Advil Coupon (Promotion from awhile ago)

-$7.00 FREE Excedrin Coupon (was on )

(3)-$1.25 FREE SoBe Lifewater (Head or Tails game)

-$3.99 Buy One Get One Free Splenda (SS 01/09/11)

-$1.34 FREE Choc Milk WYB Milk (No longer available)

-$.50 Buy one get one free Hershey Candy Bar

-$.30 Rotel Tomatoes   (1-23 )

-$.30 Rotel Tomatoes (1-23 )

- $1.00/3 Hunts tomatoes ( Ecoupon)

-Buy one get one free Hunt’s ( Ecoupon)

-$1.00/3 Hunt's Tomatoes (All You January  Magazine)

-$.75 Hormel ChiliMasters HERE

-$.75 Hormel ChiliMasters HERE

-$.75 Hormel ChiliMasters HERE

-$.75 Hormel ChiliMasters HERE

-$1.00/2 Philly Cream Cheese (Book found near chips)

-.$75 Uncle Bens Rice  (RP 01/09/11 )

-.$75 Uncle Bens Rice  (RP 01/09/11 )

$.50 Birdseye's Veggie (From Facebook promotion )

$.50/2 Birdseye's Veggie (not sure?)

$1.00 Pampers Wipes ( Ecoupon)

$1.25/4 Lean Pockets  (Coupon from register)

(2) $1.00 Kraft 2% Singles HERE

(2) $2.25 Finish (SS 01/02/11)

$.55 /4 Gerber Lil Meals (Home mailer)

$.55/2 Gerber Lil Meals   (Home mailer)

$.55/4 Gerber Pasta Pick up (Home mailer)


My total was $172  before all discounts, I almost fainted!! 


Tax: $.95

Total out of pocket: $76.43

Saved…..$94.51 !!!

I am very happy and proud of myself, I stayed under budget and that includes beer which is in our treat category. PLUS I have a rebate buy $10 worth of pizza plus a 12 pack of bud light Receive a $10 Prepaid visa gift card!

I have a few more coupons to make for free stuff so I may go back and get some more!

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