Thursday, January 6, 2011

~A Couple More…~



(2) John Frieda Smoothing Lotion $1.79 Each

(1) Organix Conditioner $1.79

(1)Celsius $3.99

Used: (2) $2.00 John Frieda Styling Aid (SS 12/05/10 )

$1.50 Register Reward from Finish Earlier in week.

Total: $4.47

Received $3.00 Register Reward



(2) AcaiBerry 60 ct   $11.49 Buy one get one free

(1) Sweettart  $.59

(1) Peanut Butter Snickers $.69

Used Coupons: $5 off Natrol Acai (in January Booklet) (Takes off $5 for each one= $10)

$3.00 Register Reward from Celsius earlier

Total: $.52 Cents (tax was $.75)

*This order got screwed up (that’s why the tax is higher then my out of pocket) because I originally had a Tim Mcgraw Cologne gift set in my order that was 50% off and I had a $5 coupon but they wouldn’t let me use the coupon so I asked to just remove it which took me in the negative so I grabbed a Snickers.  *

I made a couple other trips also but didn’t take any pictures.

Dove Conditioner $1.59

Used $1.00 Coupon (From free sample)

Total: $.69 (Tax $.10)


John Frieda Shampoo $1.69

Used Coupon $1.00 John Frieda (12-5-10 Smartsource)

Total: $.80 (tax $.11)


Celsius  $3.99

Received $3.00 Register Reward


Lots of cheap Shampoo/ Conditioner on Clearance and lots of make up too. Every time I went to the store I was going for the Celsius and Finish but they were out so I got rain checks.

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