Thursday, January 6, 2011

~A few trips~

I have made quite a few trips over the past few days and haven’t had time to blog ANY of it so here it goes Smile


First up is Cvs……

(2) South Beach Living Bars   $2.50 Each

(1) Mt Dew 2 Liter  $.88

(1) Huggies Pull Ups   $8.99

Used Coupons:

(2) $2.00 South Beach (No longer available)

(1) $2.00 Huggies Pull Ups

(1) $3.00 Cvs Coupon Huggie Diaper (Cvs Home Mailer)

Total: $ 6.52  ($.65 Tax) *Used Gift Card so nothing out of pocket*

Received : $1.00  Extra Care Bucks for Huggies

And $1.00 Extra Care Buck For my Fall Spending

*Not the greatest trip ever but I wanted to get the Pull Ups , and originally wanted to scan my card before hand to get my fall spending extra care buck but I forgot ….I should have done the pull ups first then get the rest and use the extra care bucks*


Cvs again

(2) Excedrin Extra Strength $4.79

(1)Excedrin PM $4.99

(1) Excedrin Migraine $5.29

(1) Stride Gum $.96

(1) Santa Candy $.38

Used Coupons:

(2) $4.79 FREE Excedrin Extra Strength

$4.99 FREE Excedrin Migraine

$3.50 Off Excedrin PM

Total: $4.43 ($1.30 Tax ) *Used gift card so no out of pocket*

Received: $10 Extra Care Bucks (Buy $20 worth of Excedrin get $10)

*Cashier put in the wrong price on the Excedrin Migraine so I lost out on $.30 but Again I didn’t notice until later but its only $.30…These Free coupons were available from Excedrin site and some on but are no longer available I have more Free coupons but wanted the Excedrin PM .I actually have enough coupons to do this again but I think I will hold off because I really want to get rid of my other card. *

….To be continued Smile

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