Wednesday, January 30, 2013

~MorningStar turns boring into fantastic~


As a BzzAgent I was given the opportunity to try MorningStar products. I was excited to be given this opportunity , I have tried their corn dogs before and was pleasantly  surprised. I love the idea of meatless Monday. So this past week we planned ours.

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We decided to try the MorningStar Crumbles. I fixed up our typical   spaghetti and added the crumbles to the sauce. This turned out beautifully. I gotta say this was the most exciting spaghetti we have had in awhile! Usually spaghetti is a last minute decision because its easy and its always in the pantry . Adding the crumbles we may actually look forward to spaghetti night. Going meatless is much harder on my husband then for me. I am not a meat lover I could do without and be perfectly happy. Using Morningstar products is a perfect compromise , he thinks he is getting his meat and I know I am not :)  Even my super picky Lily who NEVER eats spaghetti LOVED it. She kept asking for more sauce.

This whole meal is also very cheap. Under $9  to feed 2 adults, a 3 year old plus leftovers for the week and that would be without coupons! MorningStar products are included in the Kroger mega sale this week so go stock up! I did!

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*I am a BzzAgent I received coupons for my honest opinion as part of a word of mouth campaign.*

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